Whitepaper: How Big Data fights back against APTs and malware

Cyber Chief Magazine brings you the tactics to uncover and neutralize the insider threat

This whitepaper is essential reading for CEOs, CTOs, Network Security Professionals, and everyone else who needs to know why “Big Data = Big Protection” in today’s threat landscape.

APTs and malware threats are getting harder to spot, as adversaries step up their attacks, and aim to go undetected for months – or even years – while they carry out their illegal economic, political or social aims. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that your organization isn’t powerless! The whitepaper How Big Data Fights Back Against APTs and Malware covers:

  • Why Big Data is an indispensable tool to counter malware threats
  • The importance of machine learning to Big Data
  • How Big Data addresses the long-tail nature of Internet Data
  • How to keep Big Data analysis from slowing down the network
  • Why it’s essential to choose a service provider who has malware expertise.