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Script-based attacks and overall malware on the rise

Research revealed massive increases in scripting attacks and overall malware attempts against midsize companies throughout Q3 2017. In fact, WatchGuard Technologies found that scripting threats accounted for 68 percent of all malware during the …

2017 Forrester Wave

2017 Forrester Wave: DDoS Mitigation Solutions report

In their 36-criteria evaluation of DDoS mitigation providers, Forrester identified 11 of the most significant ones — Akamai Technologies, Arbor Networks, Cloudflare, F5 Networks, Fortinet, Huawei Technologies, Imperva, Neustar, Nexusguard, …


Preventing good containers from going bad

Containers go bad everyday, and often without warning. All it takes is one CVE impacting an image, and now all containers deployed using this image are at an increased level of risk of compromise. As the use of containers becomes a standard …

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