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How to secure your digital transformation

Organizations are demanding and implementing new solutions that enable them to streamline operations, cultivate new business opportunities and provide better service to their customers. These new solutions require CSOs /CISOs to maintain …


One third of executives have blockchain on their mind

In a study among C-Suite executives seeking their perspective on blockchain, one third of almost 3,000 executives surveyed are using or considering blockchain in their business. Blockchain’s first adopters press their advantage According to the …


Protecting your cloud from ransomware

For enterprises that use the cloud, the key to being protected starts with understanding the layers that make up the components of their cloud stack. These different layers create multiple potential targets, and for the informed, they each …


Software security assurance: Everybody’s invited

As more and more things in this world of ours run on software, software security assurance – i.e. confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities (either intentional or not) and functions as intended – is becoming more …

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