1Password 7: A new design and added security features

AgileBits has released 1Password 7 for Mac and Windows. The password manager is among the most long-lived and popular offerings of its kind out there. Both the Mac and Windows version sport a new design that puts the important things (i.e. the user’s items, the most important information) into focus and a new custom font that makes it easier to type passwords into another device. The Mac version continues to support Touch ID and the … More

1Password Travel Mode protects passwords from border agents

1Password has created Travel Mode, a new feature that will allow users to protect their 1Password data from unwarranted searches when they travel. The need for such a feature US border agents are increasingly asking travelers to unlock their electronic devices for a search and give them access to passwords for various accounts. For some travelers, saying no comes with disastrous consequences (e.g. being denied entry into the country). And, unfortunately, this kind of privacy … More

Released: 1Password Teams for Windows

AgileBits, the company behind popular password manager 1Password, has finally released 1Password Teams for Windows (6.0). 1Password Teams works just like the individual version, but unlike it, it allows members of a team (or office) to securely share items and documents with each other. Also, a team manager can decide what other team members can access or modify through and administration console. “In version 6 we have re-written 1Password from the ground up so literally … More

1Password 4 for Android released

AgileBits has released 1Password 4 for Android, a pixel-to-bit reinvention of its industry-commanding password manager and secure wallet for Android phones and tablets. As a secure wallet, 1Password for Android securely stores website Logins, Identities for filling forms, Credit Cards for checking out, Secure Notes, memberships, driver’s licenses, and much more. It can sync your vault with sister apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad, and all your data is encrypted with your Master Password. … More

1Password 4.2 includes 30 new features

Popular OS X password manager 1Password reached version 4.2, which includes over 30 new features and improvements. 1Password mini You can now edit items directly within 1Password mini! Edit generated passwords in 1Password mini, too Greatly improved URL matching makes logging in to sites with sub domains easy Configure URL matching for sub domains in 1Password > Preferences > Browser Improved support for multiple Chrome profiles By popular request, 1Password mini now shows Secure Notes! … More

1Password 4.1 for Mac adds new password updating, better search

Popular password manager 1Password for Mac reached version 4.1 that comes with some long-requested features, the most notable being a new Login (password) updating process. If you update your password for an existing Login (ideally using the Strong Password Generator), the 1Password extension now has an all-new experience for updating your existing Login. If you have multiple Logins for the current site, you can pick which one to update, and you can tag and file … More

1Password 4 for Mac released

1Password, the most popular password manager for the Mac, has been updated today with the launch of version 4. Great news for Mac App Store customers as all of them will receive 1Password 4 as a free upgrade. Furthermore, all website customers who purchased 1Password for Mac in 2013 get version 4 for free as well. New features include: Redesigned interface – crafted with Mavericks and simplicity in mind Multiple and Shared Vaults – create … More

1Password coming to the iPad

1Password is the de facto choice for password safekeeping on the Mac. While there’s an iPhone application that complements the desktop version, the makers of this tool are gearing towards releasing a version tailored for the upcoming Apple iPad. Since this is going to be a device almost everyone is going to use largely for browsing the web, having all your passwords at hand is essential. As you can see, the mockups Agile Web Solutions … More

Q&A: 1Password

Carl Slawinski is the Chief Evangelist for Agile Web Solutions, the company behind 1Password, a hugely popular Mac software title. In this interview he takes us down memory lane and talks about how the idea for 1Password was born, he introduces some of the features that are coming in version 3.0 later this year, and also offers advice for Mac software developers. 1Password is the de facto choice for password safekeeping on the Mac. Can … More