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OSI Layer 1: The soft underbelly of cybersecurity

As traditional cybersecurity solutions improve, they push cyberattackers toward alternative paths. Layer 1 of the OSI model (i.e., the physical layer) has become a fertile ground for attacks and, effectively, the soft underbelly of cybersecurity. What forms do attacks on the hardware level take? Cyberattacks on the physical, hardware level happen when, for instance, a disgruntled employee plants a rogue device within the organization’s infrastructure and runs off with his now-former company’s proprietary information. There … More


3 ways to protect yourself from cyberattacks in the midst of an IT security skill shortage

With COVID-19 variants on the rise, widespread remote work may be sticking around longer than IT leaders would like, which comes with a heightened risk for cyberattacks that could expose customer data, steal company information, or take control of internal operations. The rise in attacks comes at a time when cybersecurity experts are in short supply — in 2020, over 3 million cybersecurity positions needed to be filled. Enterprises face a catch-22 situation: Security is … More


Why companies should never hack back

After major cyberattacks on the Colonial Pipeline and on meat supplier JBS, the idea of allowing companies to launch cyberattacks back at cyber criminals was proposed. This prompted a hot debate amongst government and industry leaders on the feasibility and risks of adopting a retaliatory stance. The idea of hacking back is very tempting. It’s human nature to want justice when you’ve been wronged. However, while hack back is gaining traction as a hot topic … More

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Debunking myths about consumer expectations around mobile apps security

Appdome has released a global consumer survey which provides comprehensive insight into the complex and sophisticated security, malware and threat-defense expectations of mobile consumers in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The findings provide a rare glimpse into the voice of the consumer, debunking common myths about consumers’ mobile app security expectations with significant implications for CISOs, security teams and others charged with protecting mobile app users. The survey queried a demographically diverse … More


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server earns Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification

SUSE announced its flagship Linux distribution has earned Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 SP2 is now EAL 4+ level certified for IBM Z, Arm and x86-64 architectures, signifying compliance with the most-demanding security requirements for mission-critical infrastructure. SUSE’s Common Criteria EAL 4+ software supply chain certification includes secure production, delivery of updates, and protection of critical digital assets. SUSE is currently the only provider of a recent general-purpose Linux … More


How do I select a CPaaS solution for my business?

A Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solution is very practical and functional because it allows to communicate without using standalone apps, but since it’s connected to the cloud, it can easily become compromised, putting organizations and customers at risk. To select a suitable CPaaS solution for your business, you need to think about a variety of factors. We’ve talked to several industry professionals to get their insight on the topic. Venky Balasubramanian, CEO, Plivo If you’re considering … More


The challenges healthcare CISOs face in an evolving threat landscape

Organizations in the healthcare sector – and especially those engaged in delivering healthcare services – have always been juicy targets for cyber attackers. But while in the past they were mostly after patients’ personal, health and financial data these organizations store to be able to provide services, the advent of ransomware has dramatically changed the threat landscape they must face. The current state of affairs Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and healthcare … More


Protect your smartphone from radio-based attacks

By now, most of us are aware that smartphones are powerful computers and should be treated as such. It’s not a coincidence that most of the security tips given to smartphone users – such as refraining from opening suspicious links or downloading untrusted apps – also apply to PCs. But unlike PCs, smartphones contain a plethora of radios – typically cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) – that enable wireless communication in a … More

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Week in review: 5 popular cybersecurity exploitation techniques, new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and interviews: (IN)SECURE Magazine issue 69 released (IN)SECURE Magazine is a free digital security publication discussing some of the hottest information security topics. Issue 69 has been released today. It’s a free download, no registration required. U.S. Government sets up ransomware task force, offers $10 million reward for info The U.S. Government has set up a cross-agency ransomware task force, a hub for … More

PureID appoints Jeremiah Grossman as board advisor

Jeremiah Grossman, the world-renowned web security expert, has added a new title to his cv, taking on an advisory role at PureID, the startup on a mission to make cyberspace more resilient and simpler by eliminating passwords. With 20 years of experience in the security industry, during which he founded WhiteHat Security and built the world’s largest professional “hacking army”, Jeremiah is considered one of the leading authorities on security strategy. His insight and advice … More


A more dynamic approach is needed to tackle today’s evolving cybersecurity threats

For decades, the cybersecurity industry has followed a defense-in-depth strategy, which allowed organizations to designate the battlefield against bad actors at their edge firewall. The shift to the cloud has slowly reduced the dependence on network isolation, as businesses move critical services such as email, helpdesks, and intellectual property from behind their firewall into areas covered by software-as-a-service providers. Cloud technology has become a key enabler of the remote working shift. When the pandemic hit, … More


62% of consumers believe hyperscale computing will have a positive impact over the next five years

A majority of consumers believe hyperconnectivity driven by hyperscale computing will positively impact them within five years, according to a report from Cadence Design Systems. The survey was conducted to determine consumer awareness and impressions of hyperconnectivity and hyperscale computing and their impact on people’s lives. Many consumers have a basic knowledge of hyperscale computing Three key themes consistently emerged when speaking with consumers about hyperconnectivity: confidence, convenience and collaboration. Manufacturers should focus on increasing … More