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Ermetic extends its CNAPP with cloud workload protection capabilities

Ermetic has extended its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with cloud workload protection capabilities that enable customers to detect, prevent and remediate security risks in virtual machines, containers and serverless functions. Using context that spans infrastructure configurations, network, access entitlements and other settings, Ermetic identifies and prioritizes threats on AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure that require immediate attention. This full stack approach automates cloud workload protection against breaches, while allowing organizations to satisfy compliance … More

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The loneliness of leading a cybersecurity startup

Linor spends her days working with cybersecurity founders at her Venture Capital firm. Gaining insight into their experiences over the course of building these relationships and supporting the brick-laying of their visions, she shares observations on the tough – and often undiscussed –impact their startup journey has on emotional wellness and self-care. The world of well-invested startups is a glamorous beacon to highly motivated entrepreneurs across the cybersecurity industry, and the ultimate responsibility for reaching … More


Conceal joins forces with Thousand Guards to improve web-browser security

Conceal has unveiled that it is expanding into the Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal MSSP markets through a strategic partnership with Thousand Guards. “Thousand Guards services are aimed at IT security managers and cybersecurity services companies that need to find solutions to new or future problems,” said Juanjo Martinez, Founder and VP of Sales of Thousand Guards. “We see a compelling opportunity with Conceal, service providers and millions of endpoints across Europe to provide an … More


Cloudflare and Microsoft expand partnership to strengthen zero trust security

Cloudflare has expanded its relationship with Microsoft to help customers easily deploy, automate, and enhance their organization’s zero trust security. Working from anywhere is more common than ever, and critical applications have moved to the cloud—no longer residing inside an office protected by a secure perimeter. This fundamental shift in where and how people work has caused enterprises to rethink legacy tools and abandon the traditional castle-and-moat approach to security, looking towards zero trust instead. … More

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Cloudflare unveils several email security and data protection tools

Cloudflare announced several new zero trust email security solutions, compatible with any email provider, to protect employees from multichannel phishing attacks, prevent sensitive data being exfiltrated via email, and help businesses speed up and simplify deployments. Now, Cloudflare is providing organizations with its simple and robust phishing and malware protection that is deeply integrated with its Zero Trust platform, helping to secure all of an organization’s applications and data. “You can’t have a complete Zero … More

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ConcealBrowse protects users against browser-borne attacks

ConcealBrowse, secure browser extension, performs pre- and post-processing of code on a computer to protect against browser-borne attacks including RATs, trojans, worms, ransomware, browser hijacking, and more. “The proven success of our platform is enabling Conceal to embark on an aggressive global growth strategy,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal. “With the release of ConcealBrowse in the app store, we’re not only introducing the extension, but are also increasing overall accessibility to our growing global … More

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Wiz releases PEACH framework for cloud applications

Wiz has unveiled its newest project, The PEACH framework, a tenant isolation framework for cloud applications. This framework will enable industry-wide collaboration and provide cloud customers and cloud application developers with the necessary guidance to build cloud services securely and prevent critical risks in the implementation process. “Over the past year and a half, Wiz researchers and other members of the cloud security community discovered several cross-tenant vulnerabilities in various multi-tenant cloud applications,” said Wiz … More


DH2i partners with Red Hat to accelerate container application deployments

DH2i’s DxEnterprise multi-platform smart high availability clustering software has earned Red Hat OpenShift certification on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This certification verifies that DxEnterprise is a containerized solution that is fully supported on Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to accelerate the delivery of intelligent applications across hybrid and multi cloud environments. “By combining Red Hat OpenShift with DxEnterprise, organizations can use containers to create lightweight execution environments for applications to help deploy … More


Cloudflare offers zero trust security tools for free to at-risk public interest groups

Cloudflare announced that the Cloudflare One suite of zero trust security tools is available at no cost to at-risk public interest groups that are part of Cloudflare’s Project Galileo, as well as local and state election sites part of Cloudflare’s Athenian Project. These organizations will now have access to the comprehensive and deeply-integrated zero trust tools that have typically only been available to large enterprises and are used by over 10,000 customers today. Cloudflare is … More


Preventing a ransomware attack with intelligence: Strategies for CISOs

Bad news first: Ransomware isn’t going anywhere. The good news? The right intelligence can help organizations dramatically reduce risk surrounding a cyber extortion event. In fact, when organizations are armed with intelligence that’s timely, relevant, and actionable, they can bolster their own cyber defense measures and even prevent a ransomware attack from occurring in the first place. Knowledge is power More good news: We know how ransomware “gangs” work and, for the most part, what … More


DH2i unveils DxEnterprise v22 featuring a new container sidecar

DH2i launches DxEnterprise (DxE) version 22 (v22) featuring a new container sidecar to enable application-level high availability (HA) clustering for stateful containers in Kubernetes (K8s). Today, Kubernetes is one of the world’s leading open-source systems for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. The DxE v22 sidecar delivers a separate container that can run alongside an application container in a Kubernetes pod. For database architects and developers the DxE sidecar delivers three key deployment … More


TP-Link introduces Wi-Fi 7 networking solution for homes and businesses

TP-Link has unveiled Wi-Fi 7 full home networking solution and business Wi-Fi 7 product line. TP-Link’s line features Deco Wi-Fi 7 systems, Wi-Fi 7 routers, Omada EAPs and Aginet products for ISP markets that cover all usage scenarios. Whole home multi-gig mesh wi-fi: Deco whole home mesh wi-fi 7 system The Deco line now comes with next-gen wi-fi 7 and can provide multi-gig mesh wi-fi to every corner of users’ homes. The flagship BE33000 quad-band … More