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Beachhead Solutions RiskResponder protects endpoint devices containing sensitive data

Beachhead Solutions released RiskResponder. The automated sentinel delivers predetermined responses to any environmental or behavioral risk that exceeds acceptable thresholds set by business’ IT and security teams. As part of the BeachheadSecure platform, RiskResponder provides endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that enable organizations to prepare, customize, and execute powerful risk mitigation responses across a comprehensive list of potential threat conditions. All businesses must protect endpoints against a range of ever-growing risks. Preventing data breach … More

Veeam updates support for cloud adoption and data protection

Veeam Software announced the new update to its flagship product, Veeam Backup & Replication, as well as multiple updates to its product portfolio that deliver enhanced cloud-native capabilities. Veeam Backup & Replication v11a follows the release of V11 in Q1’21. Veeam continues to innovate and expand with the focus on furthering its ecosystem of integrations with Veeam Backup & Replication v11a. Veeam extends its platform increasing value for customers as they move to the cloud, … More

Open Systems expands its executive team with new appointments

Open Systems announced the expansion of its executive team with the additions of Michael Davis and Chris Raniere as the company’s Chief Architect and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), respectively. These industry veterans have a deep understanding of the needs of mid-maturity organizations and how to deliver world-class managed security services. They are joining as adoption of the company’s Microsoft Cloud-native MDR service has grown 200 percent over the last year and continues to gain traction. … More


91.5% of malware arrived over encrypted connections during Q2 2021

The latest report from the WatchGuard shows an astonishing 91.5% of malware arriving over encrypted connections during Q2 2021. This is a dramatic increase over the previous quarter and means that any organization that isn’t examining encrypted HTTPS traffic at the perimeter is missing 9/10 of all malware. Researchers also found alarming surges across fileless malware threats, a dramatic growth in ransomware and a big increase in network attacks. “With much of the world still … More

ActZero MDR delivers detections and response actions for cloud-based services

ActZero launched its managed detection and response for cloud-based services. “I’m thrilled to debut our MDR for Cloud Services solution to deliver more comprehensive threat detection to our customers,” said Chris Finan, Chief Operating Officer of ActZero. “The reality is most cybersecurity solutions haven’t kept pace with the dynamic nature of how we live and work. Businesses are being impacted by attacks that not only shut down and compromise physical devices and networks, but also … More


Cloudflare announces free email offerings to prevent phishing and increase security

Cloudflare announced its entry into email security with new offerings to help solve email challenges in an easy-to-use way that gives customers more control. Now, users will be able to create custom email addresses, manage incoming email routing, and prevent email spoofing and phishing on outgoing emails—all for free. Cloudflare also announced that customers can sign up for early access to its Advanced Email Security Suite, tightly integrated with all of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solutions. … More


SaaS security is becoming a primary concern for businesses

One of the frequently touted advantages of using software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is their maintenance-free and supposedly inherently secure nature. These services are maintained by their providers and users do not have to worry about configuring, troubleshooting, and updating them. Things are not as simple as that, though. SaaS solutions are far from invulnerable and they can become serious cybersecurity problems. While it can be said that securing them is mostly not the responsibility of users, … More

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure protects MSPs and their clients’ data in the public cloud

Datto announced the commercial availability of Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution that protects MSPs and their clients’ data in the public cloud in the event of malicious ransomware attacks, security breaches, and vendor outages. Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure is architected to leverage the secure Datto Cloud to address a critical and unmet need for MSPs–the added protection and recovery of data in the public cloud … More


Phishing attempts: Employees can be the first line of defense

33% of emails employees report as phishing attempts are either malicious or highly suspect, according to new research. The finding comes from an analysis of emails reported by employees from organizations across the globe during the first half of 2021, and highlights the efficacy of employee-led efforts in preventing cyberattacks. Approximately one third of people working for organizations using F-Secure’s email reporting plugin for Microsoft Office 365 submitted over 200 000 emails for analysis during … More


Attackers are exploiting zero-day RCE flaw to target Windows users (CVE-2021-40444)

Attackers are exploiting CVE-2021-40444, a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability in MSHTML (the main HTML component of the Internet Explorer browser), to compromise Windows/Office users in “a limited number of targeted attacks,” Microsoft has warned on Tuesday. About CVE-2021-40444 and the attacks CVE-2021-40444 is a set of logical flaws that can be leveraged by remote, unauthenticated attackers to execute code on the target system. The current attacks were detected by Microsoft, Mandiant, and Expmon researchers. … More

Anomali XDR features extend visibility over a wider range of threat information sources

Anomali announced availability of its quarterly portfolio update. New XDR features and enhancements provide customers with the ability to align global threat intelligence with organizational security goals, extend visibility and integration over a wider range of threat information sources, detect threats with greater precision, and further optimize their response. “Organizations facing talent shortages are burdened with resource-intensive false positives and non-stop cyberattacks. These conditions make it virtually impossible for disconnected teams that are dependent on … More


Getting ahead of a major blind spot for CISOs: Third-party risk

For many CISOs and security leaders, it was not long ago that their remit focused on the networks and digital ecosystems for their organization alone. In today’s digital world, those days are a thing of the past with a growing number of businesses relying on third-party vendors to scale, save time and outsource expertise in order to stay ahead. With this change, new security risks affiliated with third-party vendors are more prevalent than ever before. … More