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Adaptiva unveils OneSite Cloud, speeding software deployment and increasing distribution reliability

Adaptiva announced OneSite Cloud as enterprises accelerate digital transformation and the move to modern management. This latest OneSite offering enables users to receive software and other content updates at unprecedented speed and scale from wherever they are without overwhelming the corporate VPN and WAN/SD-WAN links or compromising network performance — only an internet connection is required. OneSite Cloud debuts as leading enterprises increasingly recognize the benefits of cloud-based solutions, including greater flexibility, lower costs, and … More

Trustgrid’s Zero Trust platform extends software-defined perimeter to roaming end users

Trustgrid announced an extension of their leading Zero Trust software-defined perimeter platform to include agents for roaming end points. The software-defined connectivity company has deployed more than 1,000 end points, transferred more than $1 trillion in transactions through its fintech deployed connections, and is now extending its highly secure connectivity between any system, application, or device. The newly released Mac and PC agents address the growing demand for secure connectivity between remote end users and … More

Checkmarx SCA: New SaaS-based software composition analysis solution

Checkmarx announced the launch of Checkmarx SCA (CxSCA), the company’s new, SaaS-based software composition analysis solution. CxSCA leverages Checkmarx’s source code analysis and automation capabilities, empowering security and development teams to easily identify vulnerabilities within open source software that present the greatest risk and enable developers to focus and prioritize remediation efforts accordingly. This dramatically reduces time spent from the point of vulnerability detection to remediation and increases developers’ overall productivity. Existing approaches to securing … More

CloudBolt Software acquires SovLabs to help customers simplify their journey to the hybrid cloud

CloudBolt Software announced it has acquired SovLabs, an innovator of codeless integration technologies for hybrid cloud. This acquisition enables CloudBolt to better serve its growing base of global customers and the thousands of VMware vRealize customers as enterprises increasingly adopt new tools like HashiCorp Terraform, Kubernetes, ServiceNow, and more. With SovLabs, CloudBolt instantly doubles its customer base, increases its employee headcount by 50%, and acquires SovLabs’ award-winning technology to advance CloudBolt’s cloud management vision. Coming … More


Agile security helps software teams deliver quicker and better software

Agile adoption improves key capabilities needed to respond to current business challenges, especially those resulting from the pandemic, according to With 60 percent of survey respondents saying Agile has helped increase speed to market, 41 percent agreeing they are better able to manage distributed teams, and 58 percent saying they have improved team productivity it is clear these practices are invaluable during these challenging times. “Our all-in move to the cloud in recent years … More

Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition: Delivering software to thousands of endpoints with speed and scale

Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise customers, announced the groundbreaking Adaptiva OneSite Intune Edition. This new product makes Adaptiva the first and only third-party software delivery system for Microsoft Intune, enabling Intune to scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints per enterprise. This single-download solution dramatically speeds software deployment, increases distribution reliability, and reduces network impact by leveraging Adaptiva’s industry-leading peer-to-peer technology. OneSite Intune Edition also eliminates the … More

Quest Software announces new KACE offerings for endpoint management

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, announced new feature updates for several of its KACE solution offerings. KACE, a solution-set available from the Quest Unified Endpoint Management business, empower organizations to take control of their network-connected devices and automate endpoint management tasks to ensure license compliance and a secure network. The newest KACE offerings include KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) 10.2, KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM), and KACE … More


With increased DevOps adoption, roles in software development teams are changing

Roles across software development teams have changed as more teams adopt DevOps, according to GitLab. The survey of over 3,650 respondents from 21 countries worldwide found that rising rates of DevOps adoption and implementation of new tools has led to sweeping changes in job functions, tool choices and organization charts within developer, security and operations teams. “This year’s Global DevSecOps Survey shows that there are more successful DevOps practitioners than ever before and they report … More


New software enables existing sensors to detect ransomware

Engineers from SMU’s Darwin Deason Institute for Cybersecurity have developed software to detect ransomware attacks before attackers can inflict catastrophic damage. Ransomware is crippling cities and businesses all over the world, and the number of ransomware attacks have increased since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Attackers are also threatening to publicly release sensitive data if ransom isn’t paid. The FBI estimates that ransomware victims have paid hackers more than $140 million in the last … More

Trustgrid and WireGuard integration allows for wide-scale enterprise adoption of software-defined perimeter

Trustgrid, a pioneer and leader in connecting centralized applications to distributed data sets, announced it now supports WireGuard, making Trustgrid one of the first data connectivity platforms to implement this new feature. Integration of WireGuard into Trustgrid’s software-defined connectivity platform allows hosts and users to connect to cloud-based and on-premise applications via a cost-effective and highly secure software-defined perimeter (SDP). WireGuard is a simple, highly performant VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. Designed to run everything … More

Gurobi improves utilization of mathematical optimization within SAP’s software

Gurobi Optimization announced that it has been selected by SAP SE as the premier, enterprise-wide supplier for mathematical optimization technology, and has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with SAP to enhance and expand the use of mathematical optimization across SAP’s enterprise application software suite. As a result of the partnership, SAP and Gurobi will be able to more effectively collaborate on innovations that will improve the utilization of mathematical optimization within SAP’s software. “Mathematical … More

Vigilant Ops InSight Platform V1 automatically generates device software bill of materials

Vigilant Ops, an innovator in medical device cybersecurity, announced the immediate availability of InSight Platform V1, enabling medical device manufacturers to begin automatically generating, updating, and monitoring device software bills of materials. FDA’s draft version of their premarket guidance refers to these as CBOMs (Cybersecurity Bill of Materials)1, given the original desire to include hardware components in device bills of materials. Since the original draft guidance, FDA and others have begun referring to the documents … More