VMS Software launches OpenVMS First Boot on x86 architecture

VMS Software (VSI) is pleased to announce OpenVMS First Boot on the x86 architecture. This important achievement is a major step towards giving OpenVMS users the ability to operate on modern x86 hardware or in the Cloud. “It has been a long journey to get here and we will now be moving rapidly to the V9.0 Early Developer Kit and then to full system operation said Clair Grant, VSI’s CTO. Grant continued, “There is still … More

Microsoft updates break AV software, again!

Microsoft’s May 2019 security fixes have again disrupted the normal functioning of some endpoint security products on certain Windows versions. Current problems “We have had a few customers reporting that following on from the Microsoft Windows 14th May patches they are experiencing a hang on boot where the machines appear to get stuck on ‘Configuring 30%’,” UK-based Sophos explained. “We have currently only identified the issue on a few customers running Windows 7 and Windows … More

QuintessenceLabs to extend support for RSA Data Protection Manager software customers

QuintessenceLabs has announced a partnership to allow customers of RSA Data Protection Manager software (DPM) to receive extended support beyond the RSA DPM End-Of-Life date of September 30, 2019. As part of this agreement, QuintessenceLabs will provide the same level of enterprise-class support, Service Level Objectives and product quality as RSA provided. RSA DPM customers can renew their DPM maintenance contract directly with QuintessenceLabs to benefit from long-term DPM support. QuintessenceLabs is also providing a … More

Thirdwayv’s AppAuth software provides layers of security to mission-critical IoT apps

Thirdwayv, a leading provider of end-to-end connectivity and security solutions for IoT applications, announced it has added AppAuth software to its growing suite of patented products that provide essential layers of security-by-design protection in a wide variety of mission-critical commercial and enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Consisting of three software modules that bring trust to a system’s IoT devices, smartphone apps and cloud, AppAuth works seamlessly with Thirdwayv’s SecureConnectivity platform that is already being … More

SwiftStack’s new software appliance provides simple provisioning of hybrid cloud storage

SwiftStack, the leader in multi-cloud data storage and management, announced the new SwiftStack Software Appliance, featuring 1click Application Profiles that simplify the provisioning, tuning, and ongoing management of storage for leading data-driven enterprise applications. SwiftStack’s first generally available 1click Application Profile is for Splunk Enterprise with SmartStore, Splunk’s optimized data architecture that reduces infrastructure costs and operational complexity. The SwiftStack Software Appliance automates the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all software components on the storage … More

Software and apps running on RedHat Enterprise Linux to touch $10 trillion of business revenues this year

Software and applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux are expected to contribute to more than $10 trillion worth of global business revenues in 2019, powering roughly 5% of the worldwide economy as a cross-industry technology foundation, according to the IDC study. When deployed in support of business activities, Red Hat Enterprise Linux users are expected to see economic benefits of more than $1 trillion each year through 2023, thanks to both increased revenues or … More

NGINX enhances its enterprise-grade software application delivery through the cloud

NGINX, the company behind the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites, is announcing new offerings for public cloud deployed versions of its industry-leading NGINX Plus and NGINX Open Source platforms. In addition, new modules are available in an expanded developer marketplace. “Our partnerships with leading technology companies, like Red Hat, AWS, and Arm showcase our commitment to investing in our joint ecosystems,” says Christine Puccio, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances … More

Flaw in pre-installed software opens Dell computers to remote hijack

Dell computer owners should update the Dell SupportAssist software as soon as possible to close a high-risk remote code execution vulnerability. What is Dell SupportAssist? SupportAssist is software that comes pre-installed on most Dell laptops and computers running Windows. It has administrator-level access to the operating system and uses it to identify issues, run diagnostics, driver-update scans, and install drivers. About the vulnerability (CVE-2019-3719) CVE-2019-3719 is not deemed to be critical as it can’t be … More

Trustwave unveils new database security scanning and testing software

Trustwave unveiled new database security scanning and testing software that helps organizations better protect critical data assets hosted on-site or by major cloud service providers from advanced threats, configuration errors, access control issues, unauthorized privilege escalation, missing patches and more. “Databases are the proverbial ‘bank vaults’ cybercriminals aim to crack leveraging malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, savvy social engineering and other sophisticated means,” said C.J. Spallitta, senior vice president of product management at Trustwave. “As businesses continue … More

NEC Corporation unveils HCI solution powered by Scale Computing’s H3C software

NEC Corporation of America and NEC Enterprise Solutions (EMEA), announced a new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution powered by Scale Computing’s HC3 software. The new platform, NEC HCI, provides a complete virtualized solution in a single appliance, designed for rapid deployment, ease-of-use, seamless scaling, high performance and cost effectiveness. “As the HCI market continues to expand significantly, we wanted to offer a competitive solution that provides value to our partners and customers,” said Ram Menghani, Senior … More