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Businesses struggle with data security practices

43% of C-suite executives and 12% of small business owners (SBOs) have experienced a data breach, according to Shred-it. While businesses are getting better at protecting their customers’ personal and sensitive information, their focus on security training and protocols has declined in the last year. This decline could pose issues for businesses, as 83% of consumers say they prefer to do business with companies who prioritize protecting their physical and digital data. The findings reinforce … More


Most companies have high-risk vulnerabilities on their network perimeter

Positive Technologies performed instrumental scanning of the network perimeter of selected corporate information systems. A total of 3,514 hosts were scanned, including network devices, servers, and workstations. The results show the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities at most companies. However, half of these vulnerabilities can be eliminated by installing the latest software updates. The research shows high-risk vulnerabilities at 84% of companies across finance, manufacturing, IT, retail, government, telecoms and advertising. One or more hosts with … More

Data I/O offers simple, cost-effective and integrated method to deploy IoT security

Data I/O announces the release of its next generation SentriX security deployment service and the SentriX Product CreatorTM tool suite. The next generation SentriX service simplifies end-to-end the provisioning and deployment of robust IoT and automotive security, and enables an outsourced as-a-Service business model. SentriX Product Creator is a powerful software suite that enables OEMs to securely, quickly and easily define the security deployment for their products, and to securely deliver their product security definitions … More

Rambus IPsec Packet Engine secures 5G network traffic at data rates from 1 to 10 Gbps

Rambus announced the availability of a high-performance IPsec Packet Engine with integrated DPDK and companion key negotiation toolkit capable of securing 5G network traffic at data rates from 1 to 10 Gbps. A complete IPsec solution, the packet engine can be easily integrated into SoCs for a broad range of 5G devices from base stations and cloud, to gateways and end devices. This new engine is optimized to support the required protocols up to 10 … More

Calix GigaSpire BLAST u6x: A Wi-Fi 6 system that offers CSPs operational simplicity and efficiency

Calix announced the GigaSpire BLAST u6x to offer communication service providers (CSPs) a premises system that will enable unmatched operational simplicity and efficiency while delivering the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 experience. The unique all-in-one architecture of the BLAST u6x will enable a field technician to select from swappable 1GB, 2.5 or 10GB Ethernet, GPON or XGS PON SFP modules to support a wide range of network deployment scenarios. The BLAST u6x will radically simplify field deployment … More

AST TaaS 3.0 enables orgs to accelerate release, patch, and upgrade test cycles across Oracle Cloud apps

Applications Software Technology (AST) announced the version 3.0 release of AST’s automated Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS), powered by the unique and proprietary AST Autonomous Cloud Tester (ACT) tool. The latest series of enhancements enables organizations to further accelerate their release, patch, and upgrade test cycles across the full breadth of Oracle Cloud applications. Within the 3.0 release, both new and existing customers benefit from the most recent advancements of the automated testing service, including: Up to 85% … More

Trenton Systems and FUTURA Cyber provide encryption key management of FIPS 140-2 SEDs

Trenton Systems has partnered with cybersecurity solutions company FUTURA Cyber to provide customers with access control security management for FIPS 140-2 self-encrypting drives (SEDs). FUTURA Cyber’s Drive Security Manager (FC-DSM) manages the access control security operations of TCG-enabled storage drives. FUTURA Cyber is a leading provider of intelligent, scalable solutions to complex cybersecurity problems. The company’s offerings include storage access control and key management solutions, cybersecurity advisory services, security orchestration and automation solutions, and incident … More

Stairwell secures $4.5M to help security teams defend against the most sophisticated threats

Stairwell announced $4.5 million in seed investment led by Accel with participation from Sequoia Capital, Gradient Ventures, Allen & Company LLC and other angel investors. Mike Wiacek, founder of Google’s Threat Analysis Group and co-founder / former Chief Security Officer of Alphabet moonshot Chronicle, leads the company as its CEO and founder. Wiacek is joined by Jan Kang, former Chief Legal Officer at Chronicle, as COO and General Counsel. There were close to 4,000 confirmed … More

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How to apply data protection best practices to the 2020 presidential election

It’s safe to assume that we need to protect presidential election data, since it’s one of the most critical sets of information available. Not only does it ensure the legitimacy of elections and the democratic process, but also may contain personal information about voters. Given its value and sensitivity, it only makes sense that this data would be a target for cybercriminals looking for some notoriety – or a big ransom payment. In 2016, more … More


76% of applications have at least one security flaw

The majority of applications contain at least one security flaw and fixing those flaws typically takes months, a Veracode report reveals. This year’s analysis of 130,000 applications found that it takes about six months for teams to close half the security flaws they find. The report also uncovered some best practices to significantly improve these fix rates. There are some factors that teams have a lot of control over, and those they have very little … More

GrammaTech CodeSentry: Identifying security blind spots in third party code

GrammaTech announced CodeSentry, which performs binary software composition analysis (SCA) to inventory third party code used in custom developed applications and detect vulnerabilities they may contain. CodeSentry identifies blind spots and allows security professionals to measure and manage risk quickly and easily throughout the software lifecycle. “Using third party components rather than building applications from scratch is an accepted practice for accelerating time to market and is fueling a massive growth in reusable code,” said … More

Index Engines announces new release of CyberSense to help orgs tackle cyberattacks

Index Engines announced the latest enhancements to its ransomware detection and recovery software, CyberSense, to help organizations win the war against cyberattacks. CyberSense provides advanced data analysis software that scans backup data to check integrity, monitors files to identify changes indicative of cyberattack, and provides forensic reporting to diagnose and recover from corruption. “Cyberattacks continue to evolve to be more aggressive and more stealth-like than ever before, so we’ve continued to improve CyberSense to tackle … More