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Security awareness programs: The difference between window dressing and behavior change

CISOs are responsible for pursuing cybersecurity purchases that align with the overall health of their organizations. All investments must drive tangible value and ROI while also contributing to the organization’s overall security posture. Security awareness training is a hotly debated topic for this reason. Historically, cybersecurity awareness has been either compliance-mandated or something a business that recently experienced a data breach or ransomware attack purchases.Part of the reason for this is that it’s difficult to … More


Digital-first lifestyle opens consumers to potential risks during tax season

Consumers have faced a lot of change over the past year with the shift to a digital-first lifestyle, and tax season with increasing risks is no exception. McAfee’s 2021 Consumer Security Mindset study revealed that while roughly 2 out of 3 Americans (63%) plan to do their taxes online in 2021, 12% of Americans will be doing them online for the first time. With the increase in activities online, consumers are potentially exposed to more … More


Risky business: 3 timeless approaches to reduce security risk in 2021

Since the COVID-19 pandemic drove workforces home, we’ve seen an increase in security risk across the board: from an increase in phishing and spear phishing attacks to an increase in reliance on third-party DNS-over-HTTPS resolver use and sophisticated nation-state attacks like the one that hit SolarWinds. The gap between what organizations are trying to protect against and where the threats are lurking continues to widen and threatens to overwhelm security teams. In response, I see … More

CrowdStrike Falcon platform enhancements improve SOC efficiency

CrowdStrike announced enhancements to the CrowdStrike Falcon platform that significantly improve Security Operations Center (SOC) efficiency and effectiveness, allowing security teams to focus on critical priorities and fortify their organizations’ proactive stance against cyber threats. CrowdStrike customers can accelerate their security operational response with new notification workflows and Real Time Response (RTR) capabilities within the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, automating full-cycle incident response. These advancements are complemented by new user interface (UI) enhancements that let analysts … More

Unbound Security CORE enables enterprises to reimagine cryptographic infrastructure security

Unbound Security unveiled Unbound Security CORE (Cryptographic Orchestration Reimagined for Enterprise), a new all-encompassing platform that enables businesses to manage all cryptographic keys from multiple environments in one single place. Unbound Security CORE is a key orchestration platform that delivers business agility by virtualizing enterprise cryptographic infrastructure. The platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure organizations meet the highest level of security for all critical business information, identity management, and financial transactions. … More

OSSA introduces Camera Cyber Security Specification and App Developer Council

The Open Security & Safety Alliance announced two important developments as part of its mission to pave the road towards trustworthy and innovative security and safety solutions. First, a new specification is now available to members that focuses on camera cyber security measures. OSSA also introduces a new App Developer Council designed to attract and involve app developers in the Alliance’s ever-growing ecosystem of security and safety industry players. Implementing trustworthiness thresholds The newest technical … More

IOTech Edge XRT: A time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere

IOTech announced the launch and availability of Edge XRT, its time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere. Designed and optimized for resource-constrained environments, Edge XRT delivers out-of-the-box device connectivity and edge intelligence for microcontroller units (MCUs), gateways and smart sensors at the IoT edge. It reduces time-to-value from weeks to hours. Azure Sphere is a secured, high-level application platform with built-in communication and security features for the connected devices. It comprises a connected crossover microcontroller … More

IBM expands executive team for NewCo

IBM announced key members of the executive team to lead the independent company that will be created following the previously announced separation of IBM’s Managed Infrastructure Services business (NewCo). The leadership appointments represent an important step toward establishing an independent NewCo, which will be a global leader in the management and modernization of IT infrastructure. The company’s new name will be announced in the coming months, and the separation is expected to occur by the … More


Security starts with architecture

The battle against hackers and threats is an arms race against highly motivated opponents, and with the number of attacks and threats continually growing, it’s impossible to achieve security by simply patching up a broken architecture with single, niche tools. The way security groups are typically structured to defend against and respond to threats is similarly flawed. There is an invariable disconnect between where and how security policies are framed, security is enforced, and security … More


Businesses trust their remote employees are sufficiently skilled to mitigate cybersecurity risks

80% of businesses worldwide are confident their remote employees, specifically those working with finance software or participating in official company transactions, have the knowledge and technology to mitigate cybersecurity risks, according to ESET. This could possibly be due to increased education around cybersecurity in recent years, but could potentially indicate a false sense of security as well. Yet, this general sense of confidence comes as 73% of these businesses also think they are likely to … More

BitDam ATP+ protects Office 365 users from unknown threats

BitDam announced the availability of BitDam ATP+, its upgraded Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution, offering comprehensive defense against malware, phishing, business email compromise (BEC) attacks, account compromise and spam filtering. Designed as cloud-native software, BitDam ATP+ is the only solution that protects Office 365 users from unknown threats at first sight. The solution is suitable for enterprises, SMEs, managed service providers (MSPs) or other service providers. The need for advanced threat detection is at an … More

Infocyte inspects and exposes security risk within Microsoft 365 environments

Infocyte announced its Microsoft 365 Security Module. This solution quickly inspects, hardens and monitors Microsoft 365 environments for mid-market customers and Infocyte partners. Based on information from the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, phishing, credential theft and misconfiguration actions continue to rise and led to more than 50 percent of the breaches last year. As a result of this, Infocyte aimed to provide a simple solution for Microsoft 365 to combat these highly successful … More