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Alert Logic and Sungard AS expand partnership to provide customers with MDR solutions

Alert Logic announced an expansion of its decade-long partnership with Sungard AS to bring Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions to customers in North America and Europe. By extending Alert Logic MDR to their entire security solutions portfolio, Sungard AS enables customers to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity with a focus on delivering a meaningful security outcome that addresses both pre-breach and post-breach concerns. As ransomware attacks continue to increase, businesses must take … More


72% of organizations hit by DNS attacks in the past year

Domain name system (DNS) attacks are impacting organizations at worrisome rates. According to a survey from the Neustar International Security Council (NISC) conducted in September 2021, 72% of study participants reported experiencing a DNS attack within the last 12 months. Among those targeted, 61% have seen multiple attacks and 11% said they have been victimized regularly. While one-third of respondents recovered within minutes, 58% saw their businesses disrupted for more than an hour, and 14% … More


Noname Security appoints Matt Tesauro as API Security Evangelist

Noname Security announced the appointment of Matt Tesauro as its API Security Evangelist. Tesauro will engage with Noname customers and the security industry at large, contributing to standards bodies and sharing his experience, insights and strategies on API security. As a veteran white hat hacker and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Foundation leader and contributor, Tesauro comes to Noname Security with deep experience in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and wireless security. “Matt is a … More

New infosec products of the week: October 22, 2021

Here’s a look at the most interesting product releases from the past week, featuring releases from SecLytics, SecurID, Splunk, ThreatConnect and ZeroFox. ThreatConnect launches Risk Quantifier 6.0 to bring cyber risk quantification for businesses ThreatConnect Risk Quantifier (RQ) enables companies to see the financial risks they face from cyber attacks and also prioritize investments that provide ROI. RQ’s calculations are informed by your internal environment, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, operations and response data found within … More


Fraud detection and prevention market size to reach $62.7 billion by 2028

The global fraud detection and prevention market size is expected to reach $62.7 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 15.4%, according to ResearchAndMarkets. Rise in incidences of mobile payment frauds, phishing, and card frauds, and their subsequent impact on businesses and resultant financial losses are anticipated to drive market growth over the forecast period. Digital transformation exposing businesses to online frauds and scams Digital transformation is the new buzzword, as businesses transform the way … More


Many organizations lack basic cyber hygiene despite high confidence in their cyber defenses

SpyCloud released an analysis of IT security leaders’ perceived threat of ransomware attacks and the maturity of their cybersecurity defenses. The report found that while 81% of those surveyed consider their security to be above average or exceptional, many lack basic cyber hygiene – 41% lack a password complexity requirement, one of the cheapest, easiest forms of protection, and only 55.6% have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA). “The loss of data and resources due to ransomware … More


Siloed security data hamper the ability to achieve collective defense

Cyware revealed a research detailing the challenges affecting modern security operations teams and the negative business impact of siloed security operations. According to the study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, 71% of security leaders report their teams need access to threat intelligence, security operations data, incident response data, and vulnerability data, yet 65% of respondents find it very challenging to provide security teams with cohesive data access. “With today’s evolving threats, security operations teams cannot succeed … More

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Why virtual desktops make sense for a virtual workforce

Across the country businesses and public agencies alike are holding virtual job fairs and summits and talking about the effects of the virtual workforce. Faced with skilled labor shortages and the pandemic-driven move to remote working, the public and private sectors are addressing the fact that virtual workforces are part of the long-term future. How to enable the workforce to be productive and secure is a primary concern, given new employees may not be familiar … More


Organizations lack basic cybersecurity practices to combat the growing tide of ransomware

Organizations are not equipped to defend against ransomware due to deficiencies in implementing and sustaining basic cybersecurity practices, including managing privileged administrator credentials and ensuring visibility of supply chain risk, an Axio reserach report reveals. “Ransomware is everywhere, dominating headlines, corporate board meetings and even the Biden administration’s agenda,” remarked the report’s co-author David White, President of Axio. “And with high-visibility attacks continuing to unfold, companies more than ever require ransomware readiness measures in place … More


Mobile application security guide, from development to operations

Mobile application security is about delivering leakage-free, vulnerability-free, tamper-proof and self-protecting mobile apps. Applications are the cornerstone of our mobile-first world. Over the last decade, they have effectively bridged the gap between organizations and their end-users, and now offer advanced services and personalized experiences. But often, mobile applications’ time-to-market is rushed by urgent business needs and their conception is not conducted as thoroughly as developers and security teams would want. Pradeo’s latest mobile security report … More

SecLytics Augur pXDR reduces risk while streamlining SOC operations

SecLytics unveils its Augur pXDR (Predictive Extended Detection and Response Platform). Building off SecLytics’ patented Augur predictive intelligence technology, Augur pXDR adds core TIP, SIEM, and SOAR functionalities to create a unified, streamlined SOC workflow. Augur raises the bar by predicting attacks, attributing attacks, and automatically adjusting your security perimeter to block threats before they get to your network. Augur reduces risk while streamlining SOC operations and reducing infrastructure and HR costs. “Meeting with security … More

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Checkmarx Application Security Platform allows CISOs to address the growing security challenges

Checkmarx launched the Checkmarx Application Security Platform to help CISOs, AppSec teams, and developers address the growing and dynamic security challenges they face. With groundbreaking capabilities, the platform integrates into any workflow or tool, delivering security with the speed, scale, and flexibility to support the latest development requirements. It seamlessly works with all modern frameworks and development infrastructures through webhook integrations, a standard set of APIs, or command line interface. Offering one-click scanning across many … More