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Veza Open Authorization API boosts security across enterprise data systems

Veza has unveiled that its Open Authorization API (OAA) is now public on GitHub for community collaboration, extending the reach of identity-first security across the enterprise. Developers can now create and share connectors to extend the Veza Authorization Graph to all sensitive data, wherever it lives, including cloud providers, SaaS apps, and custom-built internal apps, accelerating their company’s path to zero trust security. Security professionals espouse the principle of ‘Least Privilege’ to secure enterprise data, … More

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Absolute announces new product innovations to strengthen zero trust approach

Absolute Software announced new product innovations, empowering customers with deeper visibility and intelligence, expanded software integrations, and a refreshed user experience through its latest updates to Absolute Secure Endpoint and Absolute Secure Access. These product releases continue the company’s investment in bringing together the combined power of Absolute Secure Endpoint and Absolute Secure Access with our unique, firmware-embedded self-healing capability, enabling customers to achieve truly resilient Zero Trust environments and deliver an optimal user experience. … More

Brad Jones

The cybersecurity trends organizations will soon be dealing with

In this interview with Help net Security, Brad Jones, VP of Information Security at Seagate Technology, talks about cybersecurity trends organizations will be dealing with soon, particularly concerning cloud misconfiguration, data classification, software vulnerabilities, and the cybersecurity skills gap. Cybersecurity risks are an ever-evolving issue for all organizations. What are the main ones we are going to be dealing with in the near future? There will be a spotlight on cloud misconfiguration. It is already … More

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Cloud security starts with zero trust

In this interview for Help Net Security, Mark Ruchie, CISO at Entrust, talks about cloud security and how zero trust should be implemented to guarantee overall cloud protection. Organizations are increasingly moving their operations to the cloud, thus making security a top priority to make sure employee, personal and customer data is safe. Are organizations up to date with the security requirements? Many organizations today are not close to where they need to be in … More


Many Global 2000 companies lack proper domain security

CSC released its third annual Domain Security Report that found three out of four Forbes Global 2000 companies have not adopted key domain security measures—exposing them to high risk of security threats. These companies have implemented less than half of all domain security measures. In addition, lookalike domains are targeting those companies as well—with 75% of homoglyph registrations being registered to unrelated third parties. That means many of the world’s largest brands contend with maliciously … More


Overcoming unique cybersecurity challenges in schools

A school’s ecosystem is far different from that of the typical enterprise. Not only does a school district face the monumental task of educating our upcoming generations, but they must do it at the scale of a Fortune 500 enterprise with a fraction of the budget! With ransomware attacks rising, administrators must find ways to prevent their schools from becoming the next victim, while preserving the integrity of the learning process. Furthermore, unlike companies who … More


5 cybersecurity predictions for 2023

The cyber game is now an entire underground economy wrapped around cyberattacks. Thanks to increased international friction and the activity of groups such as Lapsus$, cybercriminals have upped the ante on cybercrime in order to turn a profit. Atakama outlines its top cybersecurity predictions for 2023. IoT blends with shadow IT to make a security headache With 43 billion devices connected to the internet in 2023, attackers have no shortage of targets. Although IoT devices … More

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The emergence of zero trust consumers

A survey report from Daon shows 92% of consumers believe that cybersecurity threats will continue to outpace cybersecurity technology, with 91% willing to take extra security measures to prove their identity on an ongoing basis to protect their information and accounts. These and other findings in the report reveal that consumers are acknowledging a high-risk environment when conducting different aspects of their lives online. These attitudes signal an emergence of zero trust consumers. The report, … More

Anubhav Arora

5G can reduce – but also create – security risk

In this interview with Help Net Security, Anubhav Arora, VP of Security Engineering at Cradlepoint, talks about the most common 5G security misconceptions, how to make sure the network is safe, but also how 5G can benefit businesses. As 5G connections are rapidly spreading, more and more questions and misconceptions are arising. What are the most common ones and how can they affect security teams? 5G is a comparatively new technology and many cybersecurity teams … More


Cyber risk focus areas for portfolio companies

IT management is a top concern, with many portfolio companies struggling with IT hygiene, potentially leaving them susceptible to costly breaches, according to a report from BlueVoyant. “When it comes to private equity portfolio companies, we see a wide range of cyber defense postures,” said Dan Vasile, VP, strategic development at BlueVoyant. “Cybersecurity as a subset of risks is sometimes overlooked. This analysis confirms the need to prioritize cyber defense in order to protect portfolio … More

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Week in review: 5 Kali Linux tools, Spotify’s Backstage vulnerability, Cybertech NYC 2022

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: As trust in online spaces degrades, Canada bolsters resilience against cyber attacks In this Help Net Security interview, Sami Khoury, Head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, talks about how Canada is addressing today’s top threats, touches upon his long career and offers tips for those new to the industry. Russian hacktivists hit Ukrainian orgs with ransomware – but … More

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Appgate unveils Zero Trust platform to strengthen enterprise defenses

Appgate has unveiled its cloud-native, cloud-delivered Zero Trust platform and built-in risk engine designed to help enterprises deploy and maintain a cohesive security ecosystem, maximize existing investments and accelerate their zero trust security maturity. Appgate’s multi-tenant Zero Trust platform is fueled by the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, Appgate SDP, and partner integrations. It speeds Appgate SDP deployment with an as-a-service approach that retains customer control of network traffic and reduces infrastructure management overhead. … More