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New Version of Norman Internet Control Released

Norwegian security company Norman, started the business year with the release of a new version of their product Norman Internet Control. This software has the functionalities of Norman’s flagship products – Norman Virus Control and Norman Personal Firewall. The latest release introduces many improvements to simplify the installation and continued ease of use to make the program a solution that is available to users at all levels. Some of the key features of Norman Internet … More

Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security, 2/e

Aside it’s pure technical value as a practical guide to computer security, I just love the sociological part about hacking. It will bring you a bit closer to the hacker’s mind and maybe explain how it functions, therefore allowing yourself to prepare better for possible attacks and countermeasures. More

St. Bernard’s Open File Manager to Be Included With Attix5 Backup

Bernard’s Open File Manager Solution Into New MarketsSt. Bernard Software Inc., a global provider of security solutions that protect against data loss, system threats and Internet abuse, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Attix5, a leading international provider of remote, managed backup and retrieval solutions. Per the agreement, Attix5 will include a customized version of St. Bernard’s Open File Manager for use with every copy of Attix5 Backup Professional. The combined solution adds the … More

Lirva starts to spread faster as two new variants emerge

Panda Software’s tech support services have continued to receive reports of incidents caused by the new worm Lirva (W32/Lirva). Over the last 24 hours, it has been spreading steadily and is now ranked as the third most frequently detected virus by Panda ActiveScan. Lirva now accounts for just over 6 percent of all infections detected and removed by Panda’s free, online virus scanner. It is most active in Europe and the US, although it has … More

Interview with Joshua Wright, Network Engineer for Johnson & Wales University

Joshua Wright is a Network Engineer for Johnson & Wales University. He’s been investigating wireless security and one of the results of his research has been the whitepaper “Layer 2 Analysis of WLAN Discovery Applications for Intrusion Detection“. The paper reviews some of the tactics used in wireless LAN network discovery and attempts to identify some of the fingerprints left by wireless LAN discovery applications, focusing on the MAC and LLC layers. In your opinion, … More

Panda Software reports the appearance of the ‘N’ variant of W32/Explorezip

Panda Software has reported the appearance of the ‘N’ variant of W32/Explorezip, an e-mail worm designed to spread rapidly and massively. For this reason the antivirus software developer is warning users to treat all e-mails received with caution. W32/Explorezip.N mails itself out using MAPI commands in MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express and MS Exchange. It reaches computers by e-mail in a file called zipped_files.exe. Unlike its predecessor, this worm is compressed using UPX and the … More

Panda Software reports the appearance of Lirva, a new and potentially fast-spreading worm

Panda Software’s Virus Laboratory has detected the appearance of a new worm Lirva (W32/Lirva). This new malicious code has the capacity to spread using various means of transmission, including e-mail, the file swapping tool KaZaA and the IRC and ICQ chat programs. When Lirva is sent via e-mail, it exploits a known vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer to run automatically when the message carrying the malicious code is viewed in the Preview Pane. The characteristics … More

Avril Lavigne Worm Needn’t Be So Complicated, Says Sophos

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, has received a number reports of a new worm called Avril or Livra (W32/Avril-A) circulating in the wild. The worm, which is a tribute to Canadian skater chick, Avril Lavigne, will open Microsoft Explorer on her website, on the 7th, 11th and 24th of the month. The worm also takes advantage of a year old vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook, which allows it to forward itself to all … More

Medepass Deploys Microsoft Software and Chrysalis-ITS Hardware to Ensure Security in Verifying Physician Identities

San Francisco, CA and Ottawa, Ontario – January 6, 2003 – MEDePass, the leading provider of authenticated digital identities for healthcare professionals and medical staff, has combined Certificate Services in Windows 2000 Advanced Server from Microsoft with Luna CA3 from Chrysalis-ITS, a leading provider of hardware security modules, to create a digital identity service for physicians and healthcare professionals. Microsoft’s Certificate Services software provides the engine for managing certificates; while Chrysalis-ITS’ Luna CA3 provides hardware-based … More

Datacard and Datakey join forces to offer solution for secure enterprise authentication and identification

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6, 2003 – Datakey Inc. (Nasdaq: DKEY;, a trusted developer of smart card solutions for securing e-business, and Datacard Group today announced that they have signed a reseller agreement, enabling Datacard to integrate and sell Datakey Model 330 cryptographic smart cards, CIP client software and Datakey smart card readers as part of its secure authentication solution for enterprise ID. The smart card technology developed by Datakey was a natural fit for Datacard … More

Sophos And Red Networks Deliver Virus Protection To Lynx Express

Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus protection, announced today that its award-winning virus finding technology has been deployed by LYNX Express, the UK’s largest independent parcel carrier. The deal with LYNX Express was completed in conjunction with Red Networks, one of Sophos’s partners. LYNX Express is using Sophos Anti-Virus, MailMonitor and Enterprise Manager at 40 sites throughout the country to protect its workstations, servers and email gateway from more than 78,000 viruses, Trojan horses … More

Weekly Virus Report – ‘L’ variant of the Lentin worm appears

This week’s report deals with the appearance of the ‘L’ variant of the Lentin worm, which can terminate various processes in affected computers. Lentin.L spreads rapidly in a file attached to an e-mail message which is difficult to spot as it varies from infection to infection. The name of the attachment which causes the infection is selected at random from a list, but it has an SRC, EXE or COM extension. The ‘L’ variant of … More