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Detection of a File Virus

Article provided by Kaspersky Lab. As already mentioned, viruses are divided into resident and non-resident. Resident viruses found so far stood out for their much greater craftiness and sophistication in comparison with non-resident. Therefore, we shall discuss the simplest case for starters – attack of an unknown non-resident virus. Such a virus activates itself upon starting of any infected programs, does all it has to, passes control to the host program and afterwards (unlike resident … More

TA Associates invests £41 million in Sophos

US investors back UK firm’s increased assault on the American market Sophos, a world leader developer of corporate anti-virus protection, has announced that TA Associates, one of the leading private equity and buyout firms in the United States, has completed a minority investment of £41 million (US$60 million) in the company. Two TA Associates senior executives have been appointed, one to the Sophos Plc board in the UK and the other to the board of … More

Corporate Security Overview: 15-20 May 2002

A number of security companies send us their company press releases, which we republish in the press section of Help Net Security. This is an overview of interesting developments in the corporate security world during the past week. 15 May 2002 – Application Security, Inc. announced the availability of AppDetective for Sybase, which is an application security scanner designed to perform network-based penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. Application Security, Inc. extends AppDetective’s revolutionary methodology and … More

Evolution of Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

It seems today that Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) holes in popular web applications are being discovered and disclosed at an ever-increasing rate. Just glancing at the Bugtraq security mailing list archives over the first half of 2002 shows countless postings of XSS holes in widely used websites and applications. The security community has already developed numerous proof-of-concept demonstrations in which XSS holes in websites such as Hotmail, eBay, and Excite and in software like Apache Tomcat, … More

Virus Writer Tries To Cash In With The New P2P Virus

F-Secure warns computer users about a new worm which has quickly spread in the Kazaa file sharing networks. The virus, which is known as Benjamin, masquarades as popular music, video and software files to make it more likely users will download it. The Benjamin worm uses Kazaa p2p (peer-to-peer) network to spread. Much like Napster, The Kazaa network allows its participants to exchange files with each other, using dedicated Windows-based software. Kazaa typically has more … More

Information and Removal for Benjamin Kazaa Worm

The KaZaA network is one of the most popular file exchange networks using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology. Millions of people from all around the world are active users of the network that allows them to quickly dig up files they seek (such as MP3 files) and give other users access to data contained on their own computers. On an infected computer “Benjamin” creates a directory accessible to other users of the KaZaA network and regularly copies … More

Sharing Files Networks Under Attack

Peer-to-Peer technologies are vulnerable to viruses… Bucharest, ROMANIA – May 20, 2002 – BitDefender Response Team today discovered a threat to endanger Kazaa software and immediately developed a disinfection tool to stop the worm spreading in the wild. The virus called Win32.Worm.Benjamin is an “advertiser”, displaying advertising banners from an anonymous site as a payload. “After Gnutella being attacked almost a year ago, it was to be expected that other fast growing P2P networks will … More

nCipher Teams with Netegrity to Secure Enterprise Networks

nCipher’s nShield Protects Cryptographic Keys for Netegrity SiteMinder Access Control Software Woburn, Mass., and Waltham, Mass., Â? May 20, 2002— nCipher plc (LSE:NCH), a leading provider of cryptographic IT security solutions, and Netegrity, Inc. (Nasdaq: NETE), the leading provider of solutions for securely managing e-business relationships, announced today a technology partnership which has resulted in nCipher’s hardware-based encryption products being integrated with Netegrity’s industry-leading access control software, SiteMinder?’. The combination of these two products provides … More

Your IT launched – the Information Resource for IT Security is a new web site that offers the latest information on IT security products, both hardware and software, services, news and the latest virus updates. As well as providing information, the site also offers evaluation software downloads and the ability to have contact from the vendor’s sales staff on request. A useful feature is a facility for the user to be automatically contacted if the product or service they are interested in is subsequently … More

“Worm” Crawls Into The KaZaA Network

The KaZaA file exchange network takes its turn as a virus victim. Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, announces the detection of the network worm “Worm.Kazaa.Benjamin” – the first malicious program to spread through the KaZaA file exchange network. The KaZaA network is one of the most popular file exchange networks using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology. Millions of people from all around the world are active users of the network that allows them to quickly … More

Trend Micro ServerProtect Completes Testing Under IBM’s TotalStorage Proven Program

First antivirus solution to ship with IBM NAS systems Cupertino, Calif. -May 16, 2002 – Trend Micro, Inc. (Nasdaq: TMIC; TSE: 4704), a worldwide leader in network antivirus and Internet content security solutions, today announced that its ServerProtect(tm) antivirus solution has successfully completed interoperability testing with IBM’s TotalStorage Network Attached Storage (NAS) 200, 300, and 300G series servers using the testing principles of the recently announced IBM TotalStorage(tm) Proven program. The IBM TotalStorage(tm) Proven program … More

Kaspersky Labs Releases a New Version of Its Palm OS Anti-Virus Software

Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, announces the release of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2.0 for Palm OS. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2.0 for Palm OS includes an array of new and improved features making the defense of Palm devices even simpler and comprehensive. Included in version 2.0 are an improved system of virus defense, full control over all possible virus threat sources, a new user interface, centralized control of virus database updating and a significantly enhanced anti-virus … More