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Netskope enhances Netskope Cloud Firewall capabilities of its SASE platform

Netskope has enhanced its Netskope Cloud Firewall, the firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) component of its converged SASE platform. New security capabilities for Netskope Cloud Firewall help customers simplify operations, prevent threats, and provide consistent firewall coverage worldwide—anywhere their users are located. Businesses and governments are adopting SASE architecture to enable hybrid work, safeguard data wherever it moves, support digital transformation efforts, and realize better efficiency and return-on-investment from their technology. The Netskope converged SASE platform includes Netskope’s … More


AlertEnterprise collaborates with Sentry to offer cyber-physical IAM

AlertEnterprise has partnered with Sentry to provide SentryCard as part of their cyber-physical identity access management and security solutions. Redefining security and trust The SentryCard empowers organizations with assured proof-of-identity for employees, while overcoming common privacy and hygiene risks associated with other biometric solutions. By offering the SentryCard alongside Guardian cyber-physical identity access management software, AlertEnterprise will help organizations to: Prove employees are who they say they are when they access facilities and systems. NON-TRANSFERABLE: … More


May Mitchell joins Open Systems as CMO

May Mitchell, as Open Systems‘ chief marketing officer (CMO), will lead the company’s global marketing strategy, branding, messaging, communications, demand generation, and partner marketing development efforts. Her specific goals include scaling new business growth and increasing customer retention by aligning and executing with sales and partners to deliver value for next generation MDR services. Mitchell’s storied career includes senior- and executive-level marketing roles with Symantec, Cylance, IronKey, Forcepoint, and McAfee. Her achievements include launching over … More


Google acquires Mandiant to deliver an end-to-end security operations suite

Google has completed its acquisition of Mandiant. Mandiant will join Google Cloud and retain the Mandiant brand. Google and Mandiant share a long commitment to security. Over the past two decades, Google has innovated to build some of the most secure computing systems in the world. Google Cloud customers and partners benefit from these security capabilities including threat intelligence, zero trust architecture, and planet-scale analytics for security operations. Mandiant, which is known for delivering frontline … More


Westcon-Comstor signs EMEA distribution agreement with Proofpoint

Westcon-Comstor has signed a new distribution agreement with Proofpoint to extend the reach of Proofpoint’s cybersecurity and compliance solutions in the EMEA market. The initial focus will concentrate on certain high-growth countries and is set to expand, with a phased approach, to additional regions that would benefit from Westcon’s cybersecurity capabilities. Long-term hybrid work coupled with continuous employee turnover is creating risks for business leaders. In turn, managing and protecting data is a growing challenge … More


Modernizing data security with a zero trust approach to data access

In a world where we can no longer trust anyone, zero trust security has picked up momentum, especially since 2018 when NIST published Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture. With breaches at all time high and ever-increasing sophistication in cyberattacks, it is no wonder that Gartner estimates that by the end of 2022 spending on zero trust will hit $891.9 million, and projects that by 2026 it will reach $2 billion. There is a practical zero … More


Bad bots are coming at APIs! How to beat the API bot attacks?

API or Application Programming Interface is a de facto building block for modern-day applications, necessary for both building and connecting applications and websites. But APIs are poorly protected and have become one of the prime targets for attacks, especially bot attacks. 75% of login attempts from API (Application Programming Interfaces) endpoints are malicious – according to perimeterx. Hackers systematically use bots for malicious login attempts. How can you protect your APIs from bots and bot … More

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Week in review: Free online cybersec courses, Signal post-quantum upgrade, Patch Tuesday forecast

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: September 2022 Patch Tuesday forecast: No sign of cooling off September is here, and for most of us in the northern hemisphere, cooler temperatures are on the way. Unfortunately, the need to maintain and update our computer systems remains hot. DeadBolt is hitting QNAP NAS devices via zero-day bug, what to do? A few days ago – and smack in … More


RackTop Systems partners with Merative to reduce cyber risk across the healthcare sector

RackTop Systems has partnered with Merative. This partnership integrates RackTop’s BrickStor SP cyberstorage product, the data storage solution that can defend against ransomware, into the Merative Merge imaging solution stack to further minimize cyber risk, combat ransomware, and help preserve patient safety and privacy. When combined, RackTop and Merative will offer a medical imaging and security offering that operates within a zero trust architecture for end-to-end protection of critical healthcare data assets. “This partnership marks … More


Appgate Technology Alliance Partnership program helps organizations adopt zero trust

Appgate has launched its Technology Alliance Partnership program and four of the program’s featured partners are: Illumio, Menlo Security, CrowdStrike and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Appgate’s Technology Alliance Partnership program is designed to help organizations unlock greater performance from their cybersecurity investments and accelerate zero trust security adoption. This growing ecosystem of partners demonstrates Appgate’s vision and commitment to build product integrations that enable its customers to automate cybersecurity processes, optimize operations, reduce risk and … More

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Nation-state attacks are a growing threat to video conferencing

Zerify announced the findings of a survey that indicate that IT professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about the growing number of cyber threats and foreign attacks capable of impacting video conferencing. The survey, executed by Propeller Insights in July of 2022, involved 1,000 IT professionals – most of whom are at the director or C-Level (83.8%). With the White House’s executive order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, video conferencing still has not been given the … More

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Elevate Security delivers risk-adjusted security controls at the individual worker level

Elevate Security has unveiled new SaaS offerings building on Elevate’s cyber risk intelligence capabilities to deliver risk assessments, visibility to company-wide internal cyber risk, and the ability to deliver risk-adjusted security controls at the individual worker level. No other technology delivers Elevate’s detailed user risk analysis, which is based on millions of independent data points. While many organizations have implemented external security measures, the need for aggressive management of internal threats is now taking prominence. … More