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Avast Secure Browser for Android

Avast Secure Browser for Android released, includes a built-in VPN

Avast has released an Android version of Avast Secure Browser to extend its platform support beyond Windows and Mac on desktop to mobile. Avast Secure Browser for Android Avast Secure Browser for Android was developed following Avast’s 2019 acquisition of Tenta, a private browser backed by Blockchain pioneers ConsenSys, and has been built from the ground up by privacy and cybersecurity engineers focused on total encryption. At its core is strong encryption including AES-256, ChaCha … More

NCP Secure Enterprise Management Server now supports 2FA through a web interface

NCP engineering released version 5.30 of the Secure Enterprise Management Server (SEM), a central component of the NCP Next Generation Network Access Technology that serves as a single point of administration. Using this technology, companies can manage their remote access network conveniently from a central location rather than relying on a multitude of isolated applications. In version 5.30, administrators and users can benefit from the new NCP Authenticator App for generating Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP), … More

Privafy unveils cloud-native, security-as-a-service application to protect data-in-motion

Privafy unveiled a fundamentally new approach to data security that protects organizations against modern Data-in-Motion threats while disrupting the cost associated with complex, archaic network solutions. The company’s cloud-native application will secure Data-in-Motion as it moves across locations, clouds, mobile and the IoT. Additionally, the company announced it received $22 million in minority investments to date from prominent private investors to continue scaling its cloud-based security business. The company was founded by Verizon and NXP … More

LogMeIn updates its LastPass Identity solution with passwordless login for business customers

LogMeIn announced the next major update to its recently released LastPass Identity solution that introduces new ways for an employee to access their work without needing to type a password. This release marks the next phase in the company’s longer-term strategy to redefine cloud identity and expand LastPass for Business into a complete identity offering. Building on its industry-leading enterprise password management technology, LastPass Identity now delivers a complete passwordless login experience for employees across … More


Cybersecurity in the age of the remote workforce

With the advent of cloud services and the proliferation of high end mobile devices (think iOS devices and Android phones), the workforce is moving inexorably to a mobile one where managers and employees are no longer tied to the office. What initially started as a movement to the mobile phone/tablet work style has spilled over into full remote computing solutions. Users want to be able to take any device and work from anywhere with no … More


Protect privacy and provide secure mobile access to corporate data

In this Help Net Security podcast, Mike Campin, VP of Engineering at Wandera, talks about how their solution solves a problem that every business is facing today, which is how to fully embrace the mobile and cloud revolution, whilst ensuring that their sensitive corporate data remains safe. Here’s a transcript of the podcast for your convenience. Hello. I’m Mike Campin. I’m VP Engineering at Wandera, and on this Help Net Security podcast I’m going to … More

Sectigo Private PKI: Augment your Microsoft CA and protect non-Windows devices

Sectigo, a commercial Certificate Authority and a provider of purpose-built and automated PKI management solutions, announced its Private PKI service for issuance and management of SSL certificates, private PKI, and identity certificates for users, servers, devices, and applications. Sectigo Private PKI enables enterprises to augment or replace their Microsoft Active Directory Services (Microsoft CA) by managing non-Microsoft devices and applications, including mobile, IoT, email, cloud, and DevOps, all in a single platform—making it the most … More

SailPoint Predictive Identity platform

New infosec products of the week: May 31, 2019

SailPoint Predictive Identity platform: The future of identity governance SailPoint unveiled the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform, the intelligent cloud identity platform of the future that accelerates the industry to the next generation of identity governance. The solution automates identity processes using AI-driven recommendations while finding new areas of access and bringing them under governance with auto-discovery. Zyxel SD-WAN gets security, usability and speed boost Zyxel SD-WAN provides a reliable and secure WAN through an annual … More

Android Q

Android Q: Enhanced security for consumers and enterprises

The upcoming, newest version of Android – still only known as “Android Q” – will have many new and improved protections for user privacy. Google has now also outlined the changes aimed at enhancing the security of the devices running the new OS, as well as the data residing on or traveling to and from them. Better encryption In February, Google presented Adiantum, an alternative disk and file encryption mode for low-end Android devices that … More

smartphone isolation

Employee cybersecurity essentials part 2: Lost devices and unsafe connections

Security is only as strong as its weakest link, and as we have seen, that includes your employees. Faulting workers for behavior they’ve become accustomed to in their private lives is tricky. It can reinforce ITs added challenge of protecting company assets by having to address employees’ daily habits, some of which can jeopardize the organization’s security posture. First, employees need education – for example, those who regularly use public Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB drives … More

Android Q

Android Q will come with improved privacy protections

Android Q, the newest iteration of Google’s popular mobile OS, is scheduled to be made available to end users at the end of August. While we still don’t know what its official release name will be, the first preview build and accompanying information released by Google give us a peek into some of the privacy improvements that we can look forward to. Stronger protections for user privacy 1. The platform will stop keeping track of … More

GlobalSign joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association providing safer mobile authentication

GMO GlobalSign, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and a leading provider of identity and security solutions for the enterprise, announced it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, a collaborative initiative to help organizations worldwide defend against increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats. The relationship between GlobalSign and Microsoft Intune, a leading unified endpoint management solution, will help protect corporate resources from unauthorized access while removing the need to enter username and passwords as enterprise users access … More