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Cloudflare Magic WAN Connector helps organizations increase their operational agility

Cloudflare announced Magic WAN Connector, the open source software-defined software package that makes it easier for businesses to connect and secure their network with Cloudflare. With Magic WAN Connector, Cloudflare One is now a true integrated SASE security and networking solution to protect and accelerate the performance of enterprise devices, applications, and networks. Additionally, Cloudflare announced new participants in the Network On-ramp partner program as well as OEMs to give customers flexibility and freedom of … More


NetSPI acquires nVisium to scale its offensive security solutions

NetSPI has acquired nVisium to further scale its offensive security solutions and address heightened demand for human-delivered penetration testing. nVisium will support NetSPI’s continued efforts to deliver strategic security testing solutions to enterprises. With the acquisition, NetSPI now has over 450 offensive security experts globally who can support and scale to meet the needs of current and future clients. “Our decision to acquire nVisium comes down to one core factor: acquiring amazing talent,” said Aaron … More

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Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring measures and analyzes mission critical apps and services

Cloudflare has released Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring, an all in one dashboard that helps CIOs understand how critical applications and Internet services are performing across their entire corporate network. Cloudflare Digital Experience Monitoring, part of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, will provide IT leaders with predictive, historical, and real time intelligence around application outages, network issues, and performance slow-downs to keep employees productive wherever they are working. “IT teams have been working in the dark for … More

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Codenotary extends immudb to store SOC and SIEM data with cryptographic verification

immudb has a connector to store events and data gathered by Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools from Splunk, Elastic, plus IBM QRadar XDR and Microsoft Sentinel. “It’s important to store logs and events data and know that it can be trusted in six months, one year, or even five years from now, which is essential in the event of a security issue discovery and then audit and forensic … More


How to improve your incident response plan for 2023

You may already have an IR plan but regardless of how thorough you might feel it is at this moment, the evolving cyber threat landscape and shifting circumstances within your organization demand regular changes and improvements. What are the attack vectors most popular with threat actors today? The 2022 Unit 42 Incident Response Report found that business email compromise (BEC) and ransomware attacks are widespread, collectively making up 70% of cases handled by the Unit … More


Why FIDO and passwordless authentication is the future

In this Help Net Security video, Jason Kent, Director at Open Seas, explains why FIDO and passwordless authentication is the future. He dives deep into the technical reasons and explains why physical FIDO authentication is safer than other software/app/SMS solutions.

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Trend Micro establishes new subsidiary for 5G cybersecurity

Trend Micro has established CTOne, a new Trend Micro subsidiary focused on advancing 5G network security and beyond. The group’s intellectual capital and leadership come from Trend Micro’s culture of innovation and is the latest incubation project to launch as a standalone business. “Trend Micro has been at the forefront of network transformations for over three decades. The 5G network technology has enabled new capabilities and applications requiring new cybersecurity infrastructure. With our foresight and … More


Cloud-native application adoption puts pressure on appsec teams

Oxeye revealed five predictions expected to shape enterprise security spending in 2023. The predictions follow industry-wide research, which shows the industry is shifting away from legacy software infrastructure and standardizing on cloud-native applications – resulting in the need for new and more effective approaches to cloud-native application security. Based on feedback from deployments over the past 12 months, the company is making several predictions on the trends it sees enterprise organizations prioritizing in 2023. Application … More


Valeo and C2A Security partner to improve security for customers and modern vehicles

Valeo and C2A Security have unveiled a strategic collaboration to enhance Valeo’s cybersecurity offerings on their products in development and continuous operations. The new partnership addresses the industry’s need for streamlined and efficient cybersecurity. As cars become more software-centric and new automotive cyber regulations emerge, security increases in priority. Inefficient and manual cybersecurity can become a bottleneck for OEMs, Tier 1s, and other suppliers to create competitive products, making automated and scalable cybersecurity solutions necessary. … More


Keysight collaborates with Qualcomm to accelerate 5G non-terrestrial network communication

Keysight Technologies has collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to establish an end-to-end 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) connection. Based on this successful demonstration of call signaling and data transfer using orbit trajectory emulation, Keysight and Qualcomm Technologies aim to accelerate 5G NTN technology to provide affordable broadband connectivity in remote areas. NTNs based on 5G satellite-to-ground communication bring secure, reliable, and high bandwidth connectivity to remote areas that do not have terrestrial network coverage. Widespread 5G NTN … More


GuardKnox and Wind River join forces to bring new vehicle features to market

GuardKnox is collaborating with Wind River to enable developers to build secure containerized applications for software-defined vehicles of the future. The combination of GuardKnox’s SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) core framework and corresponding tools suite with Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) that is part of Wind River Studio will provide OEMs with another layer of flexibility for software distribution, decreasing development and deployment time leading to shorter time to market for the innovative automotive … More


Things to know and do before you switch from VPN to ZTNA

Will your organization fall apart if you don’t switch from a VPN to a zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution in the near future? I’m here to tell you it won’t. The reality of VPN vs. ZTNA For a while now, VPN has been the proven, go-to solution when thinking about the best way to provide secure connectivity and ensure safety of data in transit. In fact, many organizations today still use VPN when securing … More