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ThreatLocker announces new features to strengthen zero trust security

ThreatLocker has announced the launch of its newest software add-on; an in-cloud learning feature that will help businesses to strengthen their zero trust security posture. This feature comes as a complimentary add-on to ThreatLocker’s Allowlisting solution and will assist enterprise organisations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in making business-critical and timely decisions for their organisations. The official launch date for this in-cloud learning feature is September 9th, 2022. ThreatLocker’s Allowlisting is a solution that makes … More


Go-Ahead cyberattack might derail UK public transport services

One of the UK’s largest public transport operators, Go-Ahead Group, has fallen victim to a cyberattack. The Go-Ahead Group, which connects people across its bus and rail networks, reported it was “managing a cyber security incident” after “unauthorized activity” was detected on its network. This type of cyber strike on the UK’s transport system isn’t uncommon. Hackers have regularly been targeting the airline industry for some time. By design, the cyberattacks intend to cause interruptions … More


Arlette Hart joins Appgate as VP Threat Advisory Service

Appgate has named Arlette Hart as Vice President, Threat Advisory Services. Hart will lead the Appgate Threat Advisory Services team in helping organizations discover weaknesses in their defense before adversaries do through penetration testing, adversary simulation and specialized consulting services. She will report to President, Appgate Federal and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Leo Taddeo. “I’m thrilled to lead this team of experts in offense-oriented methods, systems and vulnerability research,” said Hart. “Appgate’s industry-leading Zero … More

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SecureAuth Arculix offers passwordless desktop SSO and continuous authentication

SecureAuth has released Arculix, an access management and continuous authentication platform. Driven by SecureAuth’s patented risk-based behavioral modeling engine, Arculix provides end users with a frictionless and passwordless digital journey. The platform takes into account an identity’s level of assurance based on user, device and browser trust that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to determine anomalous behavior. Arculix enables organizations to accelerate their Zero Trust initiatives by ensuring the right digital identities have … More


Skyhigh Security appoints John N. Stewart as Executive Advisor

Skyhigh Security has appointed John N. Stewart, angel investor and President at Talons Ventures, as Executive Advisor. Stewart will help shape the market product strategy for Skyhigh Security as it continues to evolve its Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio, which protects sensitive data regardless of where it resides. “Skyhigh Security’s business has experienced incredible momentum since its launch, reflected in the quality of talent that has joined the company over the last several months,” said … More


How Just-in-Time privilege elevation prevents data breaches and lateral movement

Are inadequate security policies for privileged access making you highly vulnerable to security breaches and ransomware attacks? In the weeks that followed the high-profile attack on the SolarWinds supply chain, it became clear that the threat actors infiltrated the company’s internal networks and cloud infrastructure through unrestricted privileged access. Once inside the network, they were able to move laterally in the system. This attack and many others reinforce the importance of an effective Privileged Access … More

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Palo Alto Networks unveils innovations in Prisma SASE to improve security posture for customers

With hybrid work well established as the norm for the post-pandemic workforce and vast amounts of sensitive data now stored in SaaS apps, the risk of SaaS misconfiguration poses a serious security threat to businesses. According to Statista, as of 2021 the average business now has over 110 SaaS applications (apps) that must be secured. Misconfigurations in SaaS apps are a common problem. To address this, Palo Alto Networks announced new innovations in Prisma SASE … More

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Hillstone Networks unveils new firewalls to help enterprises defend against advanced threats

Hillstone Networks has unveiled new models in the Hillstone Networks A-Series Firewalls, the A7600 and A6800, to help enterprises secure their expanding network edge, deliver network security capabilities, and drive sustainability with solutions in a compact 1RU form factor. According to IBM’s Cost of a Breach 2022 report, 83% of organizations studied have had more than one breach. Cyberattacks are not abating, and the cost, damages and recovery from a single breach continue to rise. … More


We need to think about ransomware differently

In this Help Net Security video, David Mahdi, Chief Strategy Officer & CISO Advisory at Sectigo, talks about how ransomware isn’t solely a malware problem, bad actors want access to your data, so it really is a data security and access problem. When we look at what ransomware does, it leverages users’ access within an organization to encrypt sensitive files (and often also steal). The authentication given to a user defines the level of damage … More


Lean security 101: 3 tips for building your framework

Cobalt, Lazarus, MageCart, Evil, Revil — cybercrime syndicates spring up so fast it’s hard to keep track. Until they infiltrate your system. But you know what’s even more overwhelming than rampant cybercrime? Building your organization’s security framework. CIS, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITrust, and the list goes on. Even if you had the resources to implement every relevant industry standard and control to a tee, you still couldn’t keep your company from getting caught up … More

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Remediant PAM+ strategy protects against credential compromise and lateral movement attacks

Remediant has unveiled Remediant PAM+, a strategy aimed to protect access and to accelerate enterprises’ zero trust initiatives. Remediant is at the forefront of the PAM+ trend with its agentless SecureONE product. The company has doubled ARR and doubled its deployments in the last twelve months, with more than half of these deployments delivering on functionality promised by legacy PAM vendors that were never met. Customers confirm that SecureONE stops lateral movement, frustrates red teams, … More

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Disk wiping malware knows no borders

Fortinet announced the latest semiannual FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Landscape Report which revealed that ransomware threat continues to adapt with more variants enabled by Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). Additional highlights of the report: Work-from-anywhere (WFA) endpoints remain targets for cyber adversaries to gain access to corporate networks. Operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) environments are both attractive targets as cyber adversaries search for opportunities in the growing attack surface and IT/OT convergence. Destructive threat trends continue … More