QuintessenceLabs’ new software daemon feeds high-speed true random to entropy-limited apps

QuintessenceLabs has announced the release of a new software daemon that directly addresses a common performance and security problem. qRand monitors entropy in systems, identifies when they are “entropy starved,” and delivers high-speed full entropy whenever it’s needed. Initially for use in Linux systems, qRand supplements entropy for special like /dev/random that provide randomness when requested. Indeed, /dev/random (and similar) only succeed when enough entropy is available, otherwise they “block,” degrading performance. Some applications counter … More

Egress releases new software to enhance protection against email data breaches

People-centric data security provider Egress has announced its latest releases, which use machine learning to improve sender and end user experience, and enhance protection against data breaches. The new software, Egress Risk-based Protection and Egress Smart Authentication, determine the actual risk of a data breach as information is sent and accessed via email, to ensure the right security is applied. Both solutions tackle a common problem with security tools: that one-size-fits-all approaches often leave users … More

Phishing, software supply chain attacks greatest threats for businesses

Attackers continue to use phishing as a preferred attack method, but have been forced to adapt their approach as anti-phishing tools and techniques are becoming more sophisticated. The phishing threat “Phishing attacks have become increasingly polymorphic, which means attackers don’t use a single URL, domain, or IP address to send mail, but make use of a varied infrastructure with multiple points of attack. The nature of the attacks themselves has also evolved, with modern phishing … More

Veridium releases new software-only platform for mobile biometric authentication

Veridium, a leading developer of user-centric authentication solutions, announced the availability of its new behavioral biometric, Veridium InMotion for VeridiumID, a software-only platform for mobile biometric authentication. Veridium InMotion utilizes user behavior analytics (UBA) to better protect users’ identities and prevent malicious activity before it’s too late. Veridium’s UBA framework identifies patterns of human behavior and applies statistical analysis to detect anomalies that could indicate potential threats. Veridium InMotion increases the reliability of all native … More

Riptide Software releases new penetration testing service

Riptide Software’s new penetration testing suite has been released. The continued growth of managed IT services has allowed Riptide to offer new cybersecurity services, such as penetration testing, to new and existing customers. The team has continued to bring on new employees and will continue to do so throughout 2019. “Protecting our clients against network intrusion and other cyber threats has become a high priority as the number and sophistication of attacks grows each year,” … More

Three reasons employee monitoring software is making a comeback

Companies are increasingly implementing employee and user activity monitoring software to: Ensure data privacy Protect intellectual property and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands Stop malicious or unintentional data exfiltration attempts Find ways to optimize processes and improve employee productivity. Modern user activity monitoring software is incredibly flexible, providing companies with the insights they need while offering the protection they demand. By examining three prominent use cases, it’s evident that employee monitoring software … More

Product showcase: Veriato Cerebral user & entity behavior analytics software

When it comes to identifying and stopping insider data security threats, actionable insights into people’s behaviors are invaluable. Employees involved in negative workplace events, contractors with access to critical systems and sensitive data, and departing employees all present elevated risks. Whether it’s a true insider exfiltrating data, or hackers leveraging compromised credentials to become an insider, behavior patterns can indicate both emerging and immediate risks to your security. Veriato Cerebral user & entity behavior analytics … More

Respond Software experiences explosive growth in adding expert capacity to cybersecurity teams

Respond Software, innovators in Robotic Decision Automation software, announced it grew customer acquisition 6Xs year-over-year in 2018. Additionally, its flagship product, the Respond Analyst, delivered the equivalent of 14 full-time security expert analysts on average to every Respond Software customer’s security team last year. The Respond Analyst’s ability to deploy quickly and increase the capacity of security teams appealed to a wide array of customers, including companies representing financial services, healthcare, construction, telecommunications, gaming, retail … More

Check Point and Ericom Software join forces to tackle browser-based attacks

Ericom Software unveiled the integration of Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solution with Check Point Software Technologies Advanced Network Threat Prevention. Combining Ericom Shield remote browsing technology with Check Point threat intelligence and edge security protection generates a defense that enables organizations to stay ahead of attackers, while maintaining user access to browser-based services and assets. As a defense against threats, Check Point leverages HTTPS inspection, sandboxing, threat extraction, application control, URL filtering and … More

Ixia launches new software for management of visibility solutions

Ixia has launched a new software solution for management of a wired, wireless, and/or virtual visibility solutions. The new Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) Centralized Manager supports network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches, and cloud visibility solutions via a single graphical user interface (GUI). Today’s network infrastructure features on-premise, cloud and private data center devices faced with increasing traffic volumes and escalating security threats. According to Cisco, annual global IP traffic will reach 4.8 ZB per … More