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Week in review: Snooping Tor nodes, Wi-Fi keyboards open to keystroke sniffing

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, reviews and articles: Industry collaborates on automotive cybersecurity best practices More than 50 automotive cybersecurity experts from around the world have participated in the development of these best practices to advance automotive cybersecurity capabilities. The effort began in early 2016 when the 15 automaker members of the Auto-ISAC formed a working group to examine all cybersecurity aspects of the motor vehicle ecosystem. SpyNote Android … More

Flashpoint dark web

Investigating the supply on 17 underground hacker markets

Have you ever wondered what kind of malicious offerings can be found on dark web “hacker markets,” who sells them and how widely they are available? Three researchers from Arizona State University have, so they scraped 17 such markets for six months for information about the tools and services offered, to create a general picture of the supply and demand in this particular industry. A combination of automated (scraping and data clustering) and manual (labeling) … More


Fraudsters loot W-2 data stored by Equifax

Equifax, one of the big-three US credit bureaus, has been targeted by fraudsters that search for W-2 data and use it for claiming fraudulent tax returns. But the company hasn’t been breached. Instead, in an approach similar to the one recently used to steal W-2 data from the ADP customer portal, the crooks misused the fact that not many users change default login credentials they have been assigned, and managed to access random accounts and … More


Sophisticated threats dictate future response strategies

Trend Micro released its annual security roundup report which dissects the most significant security incidents from 2015. The research confirms attackers are now bolder, smarter and more daring in attack vectors, cyberespionage efforts and cyber underground activity on a global basis. “The prevalence and sophistication of extortion, cyberespionage and expanding targeted attacks now dictate that organizational security strategies must be prepared to defend against a potentially greater onslaught in 2016,” said Raimund Genes, CTO, Trend … More

Flashpoint dark web

Deep and Dark Web: Complexity and escalating cybercriminal activity

Flashpoint released an annual research report that looks to uncover the growing complexity of illicit communities and the industrialization of cybercrime over the past year. In the report, researchers highlight prolific trends that pose the greatest risk to organizations and their critical assets. Malicious actors regularly congregate in the Deep and Dark Web to plan, execute, and profit from a range of illicit activity – from hacking, financial fraud, and intellectual property theft to terrorism … More


Week in review: The new Help Net Security, critical Glibc flaw, new issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, reviews and articles: Welcome to the new Help Net Security We rolled out a brand new version of Help Net Security. This is the 10th version of the site since we launched back in 1998, and it presents an ambitious and comprehensive overhaul that was months in the making. 3-in-1 Android malware acts as ransomware, banking Trojan and infostealer Why stop at asking ransom … More

How the threat landscape will change by 2020

McAfee Labs’ five year look ahead attempts to predict how the types of threat actors will change, how attackers’ behaviors and targets will change, and how the industry will meet these challenges over the next five years.Below-the-OS attacks. Attackers could look for weaknesses in firmware and hardware as applications and operating systems are hardened against conventional attacks. The lure would be the broad control attackers can potentially gain through these attacks, as they can conceivably … More

Week in review: DDoS attack on ProtonMail, 0-days found in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, interviews and articles:Surviving in the IoT world: Risks of smart home devicesInvestigating some of the latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) products, Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered serious threats to the connected home. These include a coffeemaker that exposes the homeowner’s Wi-Fi password, a baby video monitor that can be controlled by a malicious third-party, and a smartphone-controlled home security system that can be fooled by a … More

Sale of legitimate code-signing certs booms on darknet markets

In the underground cybercrime economy, many players have specialized in one or two skills and services. It should come as no surprise, then, that some have become experts at getting digital certificates from legitimate certificate authorities, which they go on to sell to those criminals willing to pay for them so they can sign their malware and make target machines “trust” it.According to researchers from security firm InfoArmor, there are many who are selling code-signing … More

Nearly 2,000 Vodafone UK customers’ accounts compromised, blocked

Customers of another UK telecom have had their information compromised by hackers, as Vodafone has explained that it was “subject to an attempt to access some customers’ account details between midnight on Wednesday 28 October and midday on Thursday 29 October.”“This incident was driven by criminals using email addresses and passwords acquired from an unknown source external to Vodafone. Vodafone’s systems were not compromised or breached in any way,” the company said in a statement … More

Top strategic IT predictions for 2016 and beyond

Gartner’s top predictions for 2016 look at the digital future, at an algorithmic and smart machine-driven world where people and machines must define harmonious relationships.“The ‘robo’ trend, the emerging practicality of artificial intelligence, and the fact that enterprises and consumers are now embracing the advancement of these technologies is driving change,” said Daryl Plummer, vice president, distinguished analyst and Gartner Fellow. “Gartner’s Top Predictions begin to separate us from the mere notion of technology adoption … More

T-Mobile customer data stolen from Experian already for sale

The personal info of 15 million T-Mobile USA customers stolen in the recently revealed Experian breach is possibly being already sold on the Dark Web.Irish fraud prevention company Trustev, which keeps an eye on data sale listings popping up on underground online markets, says that listings that offer “fullz” that contain the name, Social Security number, date of birth, driving licence number, email address, phone number, and physical address of US-based individuals, have been popping … More