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Aqua Security launches CNDR capabilities to detect patterns and respond with granular runtime controls

Aqua Security adds a new detection and response capability (CNDR) to its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), using real-time behavioral indicators to identify zero-day attacks from low-level eBPF events surfaced by Aqua’s open source project Tracee. The new detection capabilities, combined with Aqua’s runtime security controls, make Aqua the only vendor that can both detect and granularly prevent malicious activity from spreading without disrupting the production environment. Newly identified behavioral indicators CNDR leverages continually … More


ThreatMapper: Open source platform for scanning runtime environments

Deepfence announced open source availability of ThreatMapper, a signature offering that automatically scans, maps and ranks application vulnerabilities across serverless, Kubernetes, container and multi-cloud environments. Scanning runtime environments ThreatMapper is an open source platform for scanning runtime environments for software supply chain vulnerabilities and contextualizing threats to help organizations determine which to address and when. Taking threat feeds from more than 50 different sources, the comprehensive suite of ThreatMapper capabilities and features are available on … More


Fugue adds Kubernetes security checks for securing IaC and cloud runtime environments

Fugue announced support for Kubernetes security prior to deployment. Using policy as code automation built on the open source Regula policy engine, Fugue provides a unified platform for securing infrastructure as code (IaC) and cloud runtime environments using a single set of policies, saving cloud teams significant time and ensuring consistent policy enforcement across the development life cycle. With this release, organizations can now use Fugue to secure infrastructure as code for Kubernetes, Terraform and … More


Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.2 helps organizations increase resilience at the edge

Red Hat launched Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.2, the latest version of its agile cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Designed to help organizations succeed in a hybrid cloud world, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.2 delivers tighter integration with Red Hat OpenShift, so customers can run both new and traditional applications in parallel with improved network capacity, security features, storage, performance and efficiency. Organizations working towards digital transformation are often faced with balancing the management of both … More


Is the government’s response to cybersecurity threats enough for your organization?

With this year’s attacks against Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya, ransomware and its impact on infrastructure have been pushed to the forefront of American political consciousness. These cyber attacks brought pain to the public, driving a response from the White House. The response was followed more recently by memoranda from NIST and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) clarifying definitions, procedures, and timeframes for the national security effort. Cybersecurity teams must not mistake following this … More


ARMO adds MITRE ATT&CK framework to its open-source Kubernetes testing tool

ARMO released an expanded version Kubescape, an open-source testing tool for Kubernetes environments that is compliant with the standards set forth in the Kubernetes Hardening Guidance released by the NSA and CISA. Kubescape is one of the fastest-growing Kubernetes security tools among developers due to its easy to use CLI interface and flexible output formats. Just weeks after launching, Kubescape has become an immensely popular tool in the Kubernetes community, with more than 4000 stars … More


AWS ransomware attacks: Not a question of if, but when

Ermetic announced the results of a study about the security posture of AWS environments and their vulnerability to ransomware attacks. In virtually all of the participating organizations, identities were found that, if compromised, would place at least 90% of the S3 buckets in an AWS account at risk. As more and more data moves to the cloud, platforms like AWS are becoming an attractive target for ransomware operators. While Amazon S3 is considered extremely reliable, … More

Cohesity Helios integrates with Cisco SecureX to strengthen data security postures

Cohesity and Cisco have joined forces to integrate Cohesity Helios, a next-gen data management platform, with Cisco SecureX, a unified platform for simplified security experience. This integrated data protection solution with Cisco SecureX, based on Cohesity DataProtect, automates the delivery of critical security information to organizations facing ransomware threats, helping to accelerate time to discovery, investigation, and remediation. It empowers SecOps to collaborate easily and effectively with ITOps and NetOps to strengthen data security postures. … More


Finding the right mix: Leveraging policy and incentives to improve healthcare cybersecurity

When businesses are hit by a cyberattack, it can mean a disruption in operations, lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction because their personal information is exposed. But for the healthcare sector, the impact is far greater; cyberattacks can be a matter of life or death. Last year, a ransomware attack in Düsseldorf, Germany, disrupted a hospital’s ability to coordinate doctors, beds and treatments; halted surgeries and other procedures; limited hospital capacity and forced them to temporarily … More

VMware Edge enables organizations to manage edge-native apps across multiple clouds

Organizations are distributing workloads across multiple clouds while simultaneously extending out to the edge – pushing apps and services closer to where people, data and things connect to the networked digital world. VMware outlined how it is helping customers make sense of a more complex, multi-cloud environment and unveiled its vision for how it will help customers navigate the shift to the edge. It also introduced VMware Edge, a product portfolio that will enable organizations … More

VMware Tanzu provides developers with autonomy to build and deploy apps on any cloud

As organizations come to grips with the reality of a permanent digital-first world, the pressure to digitize and modernize operations remains high. While this modernization is imperative, it’s equally difficult; true digitization and transformation efforts are complex, extensive, and must happen without compromising a company’s ability to support ongoing business needs. Teams are challenged to build applications that are more reliable, secure, intelligent, and adaptive and must deliver them faster, at scale, and across any … More

Tigera now supports Calico Open Source on Amazon EKS Anywhere

Tigera announced support for Calico Open Source, an open-source technology for container networking and security, on Amazon EKS Anywhere, giving users more freedom of choice. “This is significant for the many organizations that have standardized on Calico or prefer to use Calico,” said Amit Gupta, vice president of business development and product management, Tigera. “Calico is the most widely adopted Container Network Interface (CNI) and now organizations using or adopting EKS Anywhere have flexibility of … More