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Checkmarx and Fishtech Group partner to help businesses fight software exposure risk

Checkmarx formed a strategic partnership with Fishtech Group to enable customers across North America manage software exposure at the speed of DevOps. Working together, Fishtech Group will become a reseller of Checkmarx’s Software Exposure Platform to help customers release secure software. “Checkmarx is helping to transform the software security industry by moving beyond traditional security testing to managing total software exposure across the entire SDLC,” said Barry Cooper, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications … More


Repairnator bot finds software bugs, successfully submits patches

Can a bot create valid, high-quality fixes for software bugs more rapidly than a human can, and get them accepted by human developers and permanently merged in the code base? A group of researchers from the University of Lille & Inria Lille (France) and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) have been researching the possibility for a while now, and their Repairnator bot, which is specialized to repair build failures happening during continuous integration, … More

Passware Kit: Forensic software recovers passwords for Bitcoin wallets

Passware announces Passware Kit recovers passwords for popular Bitcoin wallet services: (known previously as and Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin is decentralized peer-to-peer digital payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. When Bitcoin wallet passwords are lost or forgotten According to support, they cannot help their users regain access to their wallets if they have lost or forgotten their passwords. “This is because we don’t have access … More


Latest Building Security In Maturity Model reflects software security initiatives of 120 firms

Synopsys released BSIMM9, the latest version of the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) designed to help organizations plan, execute, and measure their software security initiatives (SSIs). The ninth iteration of BSIMM reflects data collected over a 10-year study of real-world SSIs across 120 firms. “Development, security, and operations teams need to align, and BSIMM9 provides data suggesting this is taking place through automation, particularly as software shifts to the cloud,” said Dr. Brian Chess, … More

Motorola Solutions adds new features to Ally cloud-based security software

Motorola Solutions announced new features for Ally, its cloud-based security software platform for enterprises in North America. Available now, the enhancements enable communication and real-time information-sharing for security teams. Created for private security companies as well as security teams at hospitals, schools, resorts, manufacturing plants and more, Ally streamlines the management, response and reporting of incidents ranging from an injured employee to more critical situations. “Safety and security are increasingly important in the private sector,” … More

Jungle Disk announces new software version including Google Cloud Platform support

Jungle Disk announced version 3.30 of its encrypted cloud backup and storage software, which now includes Google Cloud Platform as the default storage choice. With the new version of the software, small businesses will be able to take advantage of multiple cloud platform choices, increased performance, and cross-platform HIPAA and PCI compliant collaboration with encryption to store and secure business data. The addition of Google Cloud Platform in the new software version improves data recovery … More

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Software-defined networking is turning concern about security in the cloud on its head

In an era when enterprises always have to grapple with processing large amount of information through big data technology, security has emerged as the most important measure to accomplish their goals. Against this backdrop, software-defined networking is turning concern about security in the cloud on its head, enabling a winning model for protecting businesses, says GlobalData. Protecting a business network has traditionally meant plugging in a bunch of different security ‘appliances’, in each business location, … More


Number of smartphone users relying on software-only biometric security to grow 250%

A new report from Juniper Research predicts that the biggest shift in mobile payment security will be the move towards software-based methods, which rely on standard smartphone components. The research forecasts that users of these methods will increase from an estimated 429 million in 2018 to over 1.5 billion in 2023. Juniper believes that this will usher in an era where mobile payments authentication utilizes multiple biometrics based on people’s device usage patterns. Biometrics shift … More

NEXT Biometrics to provide software customization with FingerCell algorithm

NEXT Biometrics announced it has purchased a source code license for the FingerCell algorithm from Neurotechnology. The algorithm allows developers of solutions incorporating NEXT Biometrics fingerprint sensor technology to customize their own products for performance and market. “NEXT is very pleased to offer this outstanding software solution to support our customers in developing innovative biometrics systems and devices,” said Ritu Favre, CEO, NEXT Biometrics. “The software license from Neurotechnology helps customers quickly tailor their products … More


Enterprises as modern software factories: Infusing security throughout the app dev process

The DevOps methodology is ready to take the next step in its evolution. The first instance incorporated an operational approach to application development to create in-house, custom apps in a fast-paced, iterative environment. The next step must now insert security at each point of the model. It’s well known that using a modern software factory approach, like DevOps, can improve an enterprise’s overall speed and agility. The focus is on innovation and producing applications that … More


Should we add bugs to software to put off attackers?

A group of New York University researchers are testing a new approach to software security: adding more bugs to it instead of removing them. The idea is to “drown attackers in a sea of enticing-looking but ultimately non-exploitable bugs” and waste skilled attackers’ time. This approach is aimed at disrupting the triage and exploit development stages of the attackers’ workflow by introducing many chaff bugs (the name is a nod to the strips of foil … More

Aviatrix software-defined cloud routing solution adds security measures for AWS VPCs

Aviatrix announced a new security capability for its AVX SD cloud routing solution. The AVX virtual private cloud (VPC) egress security feature makes it easy to both discover and control internet traffic leaving Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPCs, allowing organizations to secure egress traffic against internal threats and external attacks. The AVX VPC egress security capability also enables organizations to comply with internal practices and industry regulations such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, which … More