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Contrast Security partners with Secure Code Warrior to deliver security training for developers

Contrast Security announced its integration with Secure Code Warrior to deliver just-in-time security contextual micro-learning modules to enhance developers’ skills to easily fix vulnerabilities without the need of a security team. Contrast’s innovative Security Trace format pinpoints exactly where a vulnerability appears in the code and provides line-of-code insight. The integration then provides just-in-time “how-to-fix” help via micro-videos and interactive contextual courses that are specific to the code that is being fixed or the vulnerabilities … More


July 2021 Patch Tuesday forecast: Don’t wait for Patch Tuesday

There’s been lots of excitement around the recently announced print spooler vulnerability CVE-2021-34527, commonly referred to as PrintNightmare. The excitement stems from the fact that this vulnerability has a CVSS score of 8.8, is present in ALL Windows operating systems, has been publicly disclosed with known exploits, and allows an attacker to easily execute remote code with system privileges. This vulnerability comes from functionality that allows users to install printer drivers on their systems. The … More


What you need to know about transatlantic data transfers

Where does data live and who can access it? This seemingly simple question is, in fact, incredibly complex in the cloud era, as servers often reside abroad and regional data rights clash with international government surveillance efforts. This friction is evident on both side of the Atlantic after last year’s court decision that Facebook’s transfer of personal data from the EU to its headquarters in the US directly breached the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), … More


62% of consumers believe hyperscale computing will have a positive impact over the next five years

A majority of consumers believe hyperconnectivity driven by hyperscale computing will positively impact them within five years, according to a report from Cadence Design Systems. The survey was conducted to determine consumer awareness and impressions of hyperconnectivity and hyperscale computing and their impact on people’s lives. Many consumers have a basic knowledge of hyperscale computing Three key themes consistently emerged when speaking with consumers about hyperconnectivity: confidence, convenience and collaboration. Manufacturers should focus on increasing … More

Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN platform allows critical applications to adapt to real-time conditions

Infovista launched its next generation Ipanema SD-WAN platform, designed to deliver different workloads and applications across conventional Wide Area Networks and multiple cloud service providers. The Ipanema SD-WAN platform delivers the truly software-defined benefits of allowing critical applications to dynamically adapt to the real-time conditions of the network while prioritizing the prevailing business imperatives. It provides the robust foundation for any managed network service, leveraging high levels of automation established between multiple cloud instances and … More

Thales offers cybersecurity solutions and services to secure connected cars

Car manufacturers require reliable connectivity and cybersecurity solutions to bring more convenience and secure services for drivers, passengers and automotive players. To build securely connected solutions and meet the requirements of new regulations such as UNECE WP29 , car makers can rely on Thales. With more than 20 years’ experience in automotive connectivity and cybersecurity, Thales is supporting them in the delivery of the trusted car of the future. To offer users a safe and … More

ADVA FSP 3000 ConnectGuard protects data against cyberattacks from quantum computers

ADVA launched an optical transport solution secured by post-quantum cryptography (PQC). The FSP 3000 ConnectGuard optical encryption solution now protects data against cyberattacks from quantum computers that could break today’s cryptographic algorithms. The quantum-safe security technology relies on a hybrid key exchange system, combining PQC algorithms with classical encryption methods. Built for crypto-agility, the solution is ready for software updates in the future, ensuring it delivers the most robust network protection now and for decades … More

Edgecore Networks releases aggregation router to address 5G deployment challenges

Edgecore Networks released a new open router product family. The AS7926-40XKFB 100G Aggregation Router solution enables carriers to upgrade their network infrastructure to address the challenges of 5G deployment and the tremendous traffic growth from the network edge to the core. With the introduction of 5G mobile networks, carrier and cloud service providers are upgrading their network infrastructure to address the significant growth in bandwidth consumption driven by innovative new services and increased users. The … More

Zimperium acquires whiteCryption to enable app protection for mobile and IoT

Zimperium has broadened its portfolio of mobile application protection solutions by acquiring whiteCryption. Zimperium acquired whiteCryption from an investment group led by Intertrust, the pioneer in trusted computing and digital rights management (DRM) technology. Zimperium will continue to support current whiteCryption customers and will integrate whiteCryption’s solutions into Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), creating the world’s most advanced mobile application protection solution. Zimperium MAPS helps enterprises build secure mobile apps that are natively resistant … More

NanoLock Security appoints David Stroud as GM of Europe and APAC

Accelerating its push to aggressively grow global deployments and its market presence worldwide, NanoLock Security expanded its executive team to add deep utilities and security expertise with several new appointments including David Stroud who has joined NanoLock as GM of Europe and APAC. Stroud, who will be based in NanoLock’s UK office, is an industry-recognized leader with over 15 years of deep international experience, along with direct expertise in the energy and metering sector – … More


Identity management and zero trust: Where to get started

The past year has taught us all a few things, from how much we value our health to what we take for granted regarding IT. The impact of the last year should be obvious, but the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report laid it out clearly. During the past year, privilege abuse was the biggest cause of data breaches by far, and phishing, ransomware and use of stolen credentials all went up. David Smith and … More


Finding the right SD-WAN in a crowded market

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) have become a staple for large organizations, helping them better communicate and interact with each other across the globe. But despite having a smaller presence and reach, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have also started to take advantage of this technology. Why SD-WAN, and why now? SMBs have typically been more contained and less distributed—geographically speaking—for a long time. This always meant they didn’t need to invest in a WAN … More