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Malicious actors targeting the cloud for cryptocurrency-mining activities

Trend Micro announced a report revealing a fierce, hour-by-hour battle for resources among malicious cryptocurrency mining groups. “Just a few hours of compromise could result in profits for the perpetrators. That’s why we’re seeing a continuous fight for cloud CPU resources. It’s akin to a real-life capture-the-flag, with the victim’s cloud infrastructure the battleground,” said Stephen Hilt, Senior Threat Researcher at Trend Micro. “Threats like this need joined-up, platform-based security to ensure the bad guys … More

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Forescout Continuum Platform manages the risk posture of all network-connected assets

Forescout unveiled the Forescout Continuum Platform, an automated cybersecurity platform that continuously manages the risk posture of assets across an enterprise’s digital terrain, providing complete coverage of IT, OT, IoT and IoMT devices. Modern enterprises in all industries – from healthcare and government to manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and agriculture – are experiencing a constantly fluctuating environment. This change, including device lifecycle, applications, people, device decay, software failures and acquisitions, drives misalignment with an organization’s … More

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Thales opens Cyber Security Operations Center in Morocco to strengthen its cybersecurity services

Thales is opening a new Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) in Morocco, the sixth in its international network. This center will provide real-time protection against cyber-attacks in the country and across the African continent as a whole. The digital transformation of African societies, as illustrated by the extensive use of mobile payments across the continent, and the rise in teleworking due to the health crisis, have had a major impact on Africa’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks. … More


CISA adds Spring4Shell to list of exploited vulnerabilities

It’s been almost a week since the Spring4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2022-22965) came to light and since the Spring development team fixed it in new versions of the Spring Framework. There have been reports of scanning, exploit attempts and attempts to deploy a web shell on vulnerable systems, but it seems that a successful exploitation has yet to be documented. The consensus amongst the thread and everybody I talk to in private is there are no incidents … More


Log4Shell exploitation: Which applications may be targeted next?

Spring4Shell (CVE-2022-22965) has dominated the information security news these last six days, but Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) continues to demand attention and action from enterprise defenders as diverse vulnerable applications are being targeted in attacks in the wild. Attackers in the wild exploiting Log4Shell Log4Shell is widespread because Apache Log4j – the logging library that it affects – is widely used. While its exploitability depends on the Java version, the Log4j version (only Log4j v2 is vulnerable) … More

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WhiteSource releases free tool to detect and remediate Spring4Shell vulnerability

WhiteSource launched WhiteSource Spring4Shell Detect, a free command-line interface (CLI) tool that quickly scans projects to find vulnerable open source libraries for CVE-2022-22965, also known as Spring4Shell. Spring4Shell is a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Spring, one of the most popular open-source frameworks for Java applications in use today. While we are still learning about this vulnerability, its impact is likely on par with that of Log4j and it is considered extremely critical with … More


Dragos appoints Dawn Cappelli as Director for OT CERT program

Dragos announced the appointment of Dawn Cappelli as OT CERT Director at Dragos. Cappelli will be responsible for launching and leading Dragos’s OT Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), an upcoming community resource center that will be available exclusively for industrial asset owners and operators. Cappelli is a highly respected and globally recognized security leader with extensive expertise in industrial automation and manufacturing. Prior to Dragos, Cappelli served as Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer … More


Vulnerabilities and cyberattacks that marked the year 2021

Rapid7 announced the release of a report examining the 50 most notable security vulnerabilities and high-impact cyberattacks in 2021. On any given day, security professionals must prioritize and address viable threats from an overwhelming number of reported vulnerabilities. Researchers analyze thousands of vulnerabilities each year to understand root causes, dispel misconceptions, and share information on why certain flaws are more likely to be exploited than others. From this research, the team creates a report of … More

Infosec products of the month: March 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past month, featuring releases from: Actiphy, Anomali, AvePoint, Ciphertex Data Security, Contrast Security, CRITICALSTART, CybeReady, Dasera, Deepfence, Dtex Systems, Elastic, Endace, Enzoic, ExtraHop, Imperva, MetricStream, Nebulon, NICE Actimize, Ostrich Cyber-Risk, Palo Alto Networks, Perimeter 81, PKI Solutions, Progress, Rapid7, Reciprocity, Secret Double Octopus, SEON, Sonrai Security, SpyCloud, Swissbit, Veeam Software, Veriff, and VMware. Enzoic’s automated credentials monitoring in Active Directory detects unsafe passwords Enzoic for … More

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Orca Security adds attack path analysis capability to improve the effectiveness of security teams

Orca Security announced Attack Path Analysis and Business Impact Score for cloud-native applications. The new capability automatically combines cloud risks and insights, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and trust privileges, to surface the most critical attack paths leading to an organization’s crown jewels. Security teams can now easily visualize organizational risk through an interactive dashboard rather than chasing siloed alerts. This approach eliminates alert fatigue, reduces time-to-remediation, and helps avoid damaging data breaches. “Orca has given us … More

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Week in review: Spring4Shell vulnerability, attackers exploiting patched RCE in Sophos Firewall

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and interviews: Spring4Shell: No need to panic, but mitigations are advised Security teams around the world got another shock on Thursday when news of disclosure of a PoC for an unauthenticated RCE zero-day vulnerability in Spring Core, a massively popular framework for building modern Java-based enterprise applications, began circulating online. Beware of old and new tax-themed scams and schemes April 18 marks the … More


Data Theorem offers security notifications within AWS Security Hub to prevent data breaches

Data Theorem announced it is running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Hub to provide better security alert consolidation from its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). This work helps AWS customers gain even better insight from AWS Security Hub to see API, cloud, and web application exposures found by Data Theorem’s Analyzer Engine. The primary benefit is to give AWS customers unified alerts in order to respond quickly to potential data breaches. AWS Security Hub … More