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Loft partners with Docker to help users manage virtual Kubernetes clusters

Loft Labs partners Docker so that Docker Desktop users can now set up and manage virtual Kubernetes clusters. Recently, Docker announced the launch of an extensions API (application programming interface) called Docker Extensions that enables partners to extend Docker Desktop capabilities with additional capabilities for developers. With this announcement, Loft introduces an extension for open source vcluster that makes it easy to create and manage virtual clusters in Docker Desktop. “This brings together two hugely … More


Codenotary Auditable Change Management enables organizations to manage licensing fees

Codenotary releases Auditable Change Management (ACM), the software that enables organizations to maintain record of the changes in their application infrastructure to manage licensing fees and achieve an operating expense (OPEX) reduction. Until now, organizations were subjected to substantial licensing fees with much of the license remaining unused to allow for “headroom” to avoid violating license fees for maximum usage. With ACM, organizations do not need to pay for maximum VMware vSphere configurations – for … More


Using real customer data in testing environments creates unnecessary risk

A new study polling 1,000 software developers and startup employees found 29% of companies use unprotected production data (real customer data) in testing environments when testing and troubleshooting their company’s software — increasing the risk of exposure in the event of a data breach. Unprotected production data is defined as data that is not de-identified or generated synthetically, according to The study found 45% of respondents said their companies have faced a major data … More


Fortress Information Security and NetRise form a partnership to extend XIoT offering

NetRise and Fortress Information Security form a strategic partnership. This partnership gives Fortress Information Security’s global customers access to the firmware binary analysis platform. The NetRise team’s experience in data science, machine learning; and software reverse engineering expands Fortress customers’ ability to identify and catalog risk across a much larger set of devices and images. NetRise gains access to a robust route to market for power, oil and gas and manufacturing clients that Fortress serves, … More


Honeywell appoints Vimal Kapur as President and COO

Honeywell’s Vimal Kapur, current President and CEO of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT), has been appointed to the role of President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective immediately. The presidents of all Honeywell Strategic Business Groups will report to Kapur in his new role, while Kapur and all functional leaders will continue to report to Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk. Kapur, 56, has over three decades of experience across various Honeywell businesses and, as … More


Strata Identity hires Granville Schmidt as Principal Architect

Strata Identity reported that Granville Schmidt has joined the company as Principal Architect and member of the Office of the CTO. He will be responsible for innovating on and scaling Strata Identity’s cloud-native identity orchestration platform, reporting to Topher Marie, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. “Granville is a proven technologist with extensive experience designing cloud-scale architectures that incorporate advanced security, compliance, and privacy capabilities,” said Topher Marie, Chief Technology Officer of Strata Identity. “His expertise … More

Veracode enhances its cloud-based platform for the European market

Veracode enhanced its Continuous Software Security Platform in Europe. Companies can now secure their software across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) with the added capabilities of dynamic analysis and API scanning, complementing Veracode’s static analysis, software composition analysis and manual penetration testing tools. The Veracode European Region, a cloud-based instance, allows customer data to stay resident in the EU to meet policy requirements for cloud computing. Demand for a SaaS-based software security solution that … More


Kubernetes security: Shift-left strategies and simplifying management

Kubernetes (K8s) is undoubtedly on the rise. According to the State of Cloud Development report by SlashData, this open-source container orchestration platform is already being used by 31 percent or around 5.6 million backend developers worldwide. Also, a survey by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation reveals that 69 percent of enterprises are already using Kubernetes in production. This rising popularity only means that organizations should already be paying attention to the cybersecurity implications of having … More

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Uptycs releases new CDR functionality to help organizations detect malicious behaviors

Uptycs released new cloud detection and response (CDR) capabilities for detecting and remediating sophisticated attacks against cloud infrastructure. The new CDR feature will help organizations detect malicious behaviors such as discovery, privilege escalation, remote code execution, and data exfiltration in their AWS cloud environment. Attackers that have cloud credentials typically need to discover what is in the environment and escalate their privileges before they can achieve their goal, whether stealing data, installing coin mining software, … More

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NetDiligence Breach Plan Connect updates provide senior managers with cyber incident response plan

NetDiligence updates their cyber incident response plan solution Breach Plan Connect. Breach Plan Connect (BPC) is a solution for senior managers to develop a cyber incident response plan to help oversee and coordinate their organization’s response to a cyber incident. BPC users can set up an incident response plan within minutes and easily customize it to best serve their particular organization. This cloud-based software solution is a favorite among many cyber insurance providers, in part, … More


CircleCI launches support for GitLab SaaS developers

CircleCI released support for GitLab SaaS customers. Now, joint customers can enjoy interoperability between tools from GitLab, The One DevOps Platform for software innovation, and CircleCI. Software development teams using GitLab can now build, test, and deploy on CircleCI, and access CircleCI’s speed, automatic test-splitting, and the largest array of resource classes and compute options anywhere. Founded in 2011, CircleCI has always been at the forefront of software development. Serving thousands of companies across the … More


Mirantis acquires to improve software delivery hub for modern applications

Mirantis has acquired, that is the ZeroOps application delivery hub built by developers to free them from cloud deployment, migrations, and operations work. The company was founded in 2017 to improve the developer experience by fully automating application and infrastructure operations and integration tasks for application builders. is the creator of the open source project Lagoon, an application delivery platform, available on GitHub under Apache License 2.0. Lagoon is a cloud-native platform for … More