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Bugbear Climbs to Second Place in The List of Most Frequently Detected Viruses by ActiveScan

· Panda Software has made its PQREMOVE disinfection application available, free of charge, to all users . · The number of users affected by this new virus is gradually growing, as it is difficult to identify and runs itself automatically. MADRID, October 2, 2002 A virus that appeared this week, Bugbear, is becoming of increasing concern as it gradually infects more and more computers. In the last few hours, this worm has climbed to second … More

Snapgear Safe From Microsoft PPTP Vulnerability

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – October 2nd, 2002 – SnapGear Inc., a leading supplier of Internet security products, announced that their VPN Firewall appliances are free from issues recently discovered in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) PPTP software. Phion Information Technologies has reported a security vulnerability in the PPTP (Point-to-Point-Tunneling-Protocol) service that ships with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The problem is that a specially crafted PPTP packet can cause a buffer overflow and overwrite kernel memory. An … More

Tanatos – A Worm with a “Trojan” In Its Pocket

A new multi-component virus gathers steam Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, announces the detection of a new Internet worm called Tanatos, which is currently spreading via email and local are networks and is busy hijacking confidential information from infected computers. Presently Kaspersky Labs has already received confirmation of Tanatos infections in the UK and other countries. Tanatos is a Windows attachment about 50 KB in size (it is packed by the UPX compression … More

Hacker Attacks Possible as E-mail Worm Disables Antivirus Programs and Firewalls

Panda Software’s Virus Laboratory today reported a new e-mail worm “Bugbear” that attacks files used by antivirus programs and firewalls. Once this worm has infected a computer system it stops antivirus programs and firewalls from running and leaves the computer defenseless against other viruses and potentially devastating attacks.Panda Software, a leading international developer of computer security software, reported that W32/Bugbear reaches computers in an e-mail message which is very difficult to recognize. Bugbear randomly makes … More

Weekly Virus Report – Look at 3 Trojans and 2 Slapper Versions

This week’s virus report looks at three Trojans and two variants of Linux/Slapper The first Trojan we will refer to today is Bck/RBackdoor, which, by default, opens communication port 4820 and assigns the password “redkod” to communications. When Bck/RBackdoor reaches a computer, it goes memory resident and waits for a Telnet connection -or a connection carried out with a similar program- to be established. Furthermore, Bck/Rbackdoor inserts an entry in the affected computer’s Windows Registry … More

Panda Software Reports on Variants B and C of the Linux/Slapper Worm

Panda Software’s Virus Laboratory has discovered two variants of the Linux/Slapper worm, reported by the European antivirus developer last week. The new worms, called Linux/Slapper.B and Linux/Slapper.C, are very similar to their predecessor, although they differ in the number of the UDP port they use to carry out attacks on affected computers and the Linux distributions subject to infection. The three worms use a known buffer overflow vulnerability found in the OpenSSL component of Apache … More

Panda Software Weekly Virus Report

The past week’s virus report looks at two very different worms and Nimda, which despite being a veteran virus (it appeared a year ago), continues to infect users computers. W32/Blink is a worm programmed in Delphi which spreads through e-mail and the MSN Messenger application. In fact, it mails itself out to every contact in the Address Book in a message with variable characteristics and an attached file with the PIF extension. This is a … More

Bull Evidian Adds Ubizen Professional Services to its List of Web Security Resellers

Ubizen adds Bull Evidian’s web access control, single sign-on and business continuity software to its portfolio of best-of-breed third party productsParis, September 19, 2002: Bull Evidian, the secure management software subsidiary of Bull, and Ubizen®, the principal provider of Managed Security Solutions for global businesses, today announced that Bull Evidian has added Ubizen to its list of web security resellers.Ubizen will offer Bull Evidian’s PortalXpert web security software and SafeKit business continuity software as part … More

Security Patches for 602Pro LAN SUITE 2002, Squirrel Mail 1.2.7 and BRU Workstation 17.0

Some of the vulnerabilities we add to our list don’t have vendor replies inside them. These are some of the patches released after the vulnerability was disclosed to the BugTraq mailing list. Multiple 602Pro LAN SUITE 2002 Denial of Service Vulnerabilities Date: August 3, 2002 (Updated August 20, 2002) Author: Stan Bubrouski Product: 602Pro LAN SUITE 2002 Summary: Denial of Service attacks in webserver and telnet proxy Solution: Both problems have been resolved in the … More

First Comprehensive Intelligence Solution to Combat Cyber Attacks Delivered by Check Point and SANS Institute

Integration of SmartDefense and Storm Center Unveiled with National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 17, 2002 – Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, and the SANS Institute, a cooperative research and education organization for security professionals, today announced a collaboration that integrates Check Point’s SmartDefense® with SANS Internet Storm Center to enhance Internet security by providing organizations and government agencies with the first comprehensive intelligence solution … More

Klez.I Preys on the Unwary

Madrid, September 16 2002 — From April thru August 2002, the Klez.I worm topped the list as the most virulent malicious code affecting users’ computers, according to results obtained by Panda ActiveScan, the free online antivirus. And contrary to popular belief, this prevalence is not down to any highly sophisticated programming, but due largely to exploiting ordinary users’ lack of security savvy. Klez.I in fact takes advantage of two basic factors: – A vulnerability detected … More

HNS Coverage from RSA Conference 2002 Europe

Here are the news from the conference as they are released: Scope on Attix5 secure backuping software Bridicum receives 4.2 million Euros investment How the press spreads FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) Gemplus digital signature solution awarded Wireless Security Threats NetScreen opens new EMEA offices RSA Conference – The Exhibitors RSA Conference 2002 Grand Opening News from the RSA Security press conference Microsoft CTO talks about security and open source. What security? RSA Conference 2002 … More