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Cloudflare partners with Yubico to help customers in adopting a hardware key security model

Cloudflare has announced a new offering to make physical security keys the most accessible and economical solution for customers to better secure their business and employees. Cloudflare customers will be able to purchase Yubico’s security keys, at a “good for the Internet” cost. A zero trust security model means that no one is trusted, by default, regardless if they’re inside or outside of a corporate network. As such, verification is required from everyone trying to … More


Top issues driving cybersecurity: Growing number of cybercriminals, variety of attacks

Fortifying cybersecurity defenses remains a work in progress for many organizations, who acknowledge their shortcomings but have yet to commit the necessary resources to the effort, according to new research from CompTIA. While a majority of respondents in each of seven geographic regions feels that their company’s cybersecurity is satisfactory, CompTIA’s “State of Cybersecurity” shows that a much smaller number rank the situation as “completely satisfactory.” Nearly everyone feels that there is room for improvement. … More

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Illumio Endpoint prevents breaches from spreading across endpoints

Illumio announced Illumio Endpoint, a reimagined way to prevent breaches from spreading to clouds and data centers from laptops. Hybrid work has expanded the attack surface, introducing new threats and making organizations more vulnerable, so it’s become increasingly important for employees to have secure access to applications and data wherever they are located. Unlike other Zero Trust Segmentation solutions, Illumio Endpoint lets your policy follow your teams’ laptops wherever they work, whether at home, in … More

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Spectro Cloud Palette Edge enhancements boost security in edge Kubernetes environments

Spectro Cloud announced new Palette Edge features, including secure “immutable” stack and new hardened edge Kubernetes distribution. Kubernetes at the edge has spurred the interest of businesses around the world as they seek to enhance competitiveness and agility. To date, however, K8s at the edge has failed to realize its true potential. Why? A study by Dimensional Research found 72% of Kubernetes users effectively said: “It’s too challenging to deploy and manage Kubernetes on edge … More


Zscaler acquires ShiftRight to tackle numerous security challenges

Zscaler announced it has completed its acquisition of ShiftRight, a provider of closed loop security workflow automation. ShiftRight’s workflow automation technology is currently being integrated into the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform to automate security management for the growing influx of risks and incidents organizations are experiencing. This integration will provide a simple, sophisticated solution to reduce incident resolution time dramatically. “I am excited to welcome the ShiftRight team into the Zscaler family,” … More


65% of companies are considering adopting VPN alternatives

Despite high awareness of VPN risks, remote work forced many companies to rely more heavily on legacy access methods during the pandemic. At the same time, cybercriminals continue to take advantage of long-standing security vulnerabilities and increased attacks on VPNs, according to Zscaler’s VPN Risk Report. “As evident in several high profile breaches and ransomware attacks, VPNs continue to be one of the weakest links in cybersecurity. Their architecture deficiencies provide an entry point to … More

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Netography upgrades Fusion platform to address encryption and multi-platform gaps

Netography announced further innovation to its Netography Fusion platform, delivering scalable, continuous network visibility and control required by security operations center (SOC) and cloud operations teams. Netography Fusion enables organizations to significantly reduce cyber threat risks and costly downtime in real-time with improved security and business context, as well as powerful remediation automation capabilities through alerts, custom detections, and integrations. The platform is the only security product that secures the Atomized Network—including legacy, on-premises, hybrid, … More


Elevate Security partners with Booz Allen Hamilton to combat advanced cybersecurity attacks

Elevate Security and Booz Allen Hamilton announced a strategic partnership that aligns Booz Allen’s cybersecurity consulting services with Elevate’s human cyber risk quantification and mitigation software to address the human element of cybersecurity risk. Booz Allen’s Commercial team will leverage Elevate’s vast cyber risk intelligence capabilities to deliver rapid risk assessments and provide deep visibility to organization-wide internal cyber risk. Additionally, Elevate will power the Booz Allen Commercial team’s Dynamic Cyber Trust solution, which adapts … More


Votiro collaborates with Owl Cyber Defense to prevent file-borne threats from entering secure networks

Votiro announces partnership with Owl Cyber Defense to ensure secure file transfers into isolated government ministry networks. Through this collaboration, Votiro’s CDR solution will integrate with Owl’s hardware-enforced data diode and cross domain solutions to ensure secure file transfers into isolated government ministry networks. Attacks on government ministries have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Earlier this year, researchers voiced concern over an influx of targeted attacks on military industrial complex enterprises and … More

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Businesses find remote work security risks less daunting than before

After two years of the pandemic, confidence in addressing certain security risks and threats arising from hybrid and remote work has improved among businesses and organizations around the world. When it comes to secure access to applications, data, and systems, 84% of IT professionals this year said they have some degree of confidence in their current user access security systems to enable remote work securely and easily, compared to 56% in 2021, according to a … More

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Cloudflare announces Zero Trust SIM to help organizations secure mobile employee devices

Cloudflare announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM, a solution that secures every packet of data leaving mobile devices. With the Zero Trust SIM that Cloudflare is developing, organizations will be able to quickly and securely connect employee devices to Cloudflare’s global network, directly integrate devices with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, and protect their network and employees no matter where they are working from. Additionally, Cloudflare will be launching Zero Trust for Mobile … More

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Fortinet introduces new and enhanced AIOps capabilities across its entire networking portfolio

Fortinet announced enhanced AIOps capabilities across its entire networking portfolio, including the artificial intelligence-based network operations management for 5G/LTE gateways. When combined with the latest AIOps enhancements to Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN and Wired/Wireless LAN portfolio, network operations teams have access to even more dynamic insights and event correlation across their entire network, making FortiAIOps the most complete AIOps network management platform in the industry. Growing urgency for AI-enhanced network automation With accelerated digital innovation and … More