Fun with Automatic Tellers

Preface: This is not a particularly easy scam to pull off, as it requires either advanced hacking techniques (TRW or banks) or serious balls (trashing a private residence or outright breaking & entering), but it can be well worth your while to the tune of $500 (five hundred) a day.

Laws that will be broken: Credit Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Mail Fraud, Theft Over $200, Forgery, and possibly a few others in the course of setting the scheme up.

The first step is to target your victim. The type person you are looking for is rich. Very rich.

Now, don’t go trying to hit on J.P. Getty or Johnny Carson or someone who carries a high name recognition. This will just get you into trouble as everyone notices a famous person’s name floating across their desk.

Instead look for someone who owns a chain of hog feed stores or something discreet like that. We targeted a gentleman who is quite active in the silver market, owning several mines in South Africa and not wanting this to be widely known (he had no desire to be picketed.)

Next step, take out a p.o. box in this person’s name.

Now comes the fun part, requiring some recon on your part. You need to know some fairly serious details about this person’s bank dealings.

1) Find out what bank he deals with mainly. This isn’t too difficult as a quick run through his office trash will usually let you find deposit carbons, withdrawal receipts, or *anything* that has the bank name on it.

2) Find out the account number(s) that he has at the bank. This can usually be found on the above-mentioned receipts. If not, you can get them in TRW (easier said than done) or you can con them out of a hassled bank teller over the phone (Use your imagination. Talk slowly and understandingly and give plausible excuses [“I work for his car dealership, we need to do a transfer into his account”].)

2a) [optional] If you can, find out if he has an ATM (Automatic Teller) card. You don’t need to know numbers or anything, just if a card exists. This can also be ascertained over the phone if you cajole properly.

3) Armed with this information, go into action.

a) Obtain some nice (ivory quality) stationary. It doesn’t have to be engraved or anything, but a $5 or $10 investment to put a letterhead with his initials or something on it couldn’t hurt. But the most important thing is that it look good.

b) Type a nice letter to the bank notifying them of your address change. Some banks have forms you have to fill out for that sort of thing, so you need to check with the bank first (anonymously, of course). You will have to have a good copy of his signature on hand to sign all forms and letters (again, trash his office).

c) Call the bank to verify the new address.

d) IMMEDIATELY upon verifying the change of address, send a second letter. If he already has an ATM card, request a second card with the business name engraved in it be sent for company use. If he doesn’t have an ATM card, the letter should request one for account number xxxxxx. Ask for two cards, one with the wife’s name, to add authenticity.

e) Go to the bank and ask for a list of all ATM’s on the bank’s network. Often the state has laws requiring *all* machines take *all* cards, so you’ll probably be in good shape.

f) Await the arrival of your new card. The PIN (personal identification number) is included when they send out a card. After picking up the card, forget that you ever even *knew* where the p.o. box was, and make sure you didn’t leave fingerprints.

g) Begin making the maximum daily withdrawal on the card (in most cases $500/day), using a different machine each time. Since many of these machines have cameras on them, wear a hat & jacket, or a ski mask to be really paranoid. To cut the number of trips you have to make in half, be at an ATM a few minutes before midnight. Make one $500 withdrawal right before midnight, and another one right after. This cuts down on the number of trips, but police or bank officials may spot the pattern and start watching machines around midnight. Use your own judgement.

Conclusion: Before using the card, make sure that all fingerprints are wiped from it. Usually the first hint you will have that they have caught on to your scam is that the machine will keep the card. Also, avoid using machines in your own town unless it is a big city (Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas, etc.

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