Authentify Introduces Landmark Authentication Service to Protect Against Internet Fraud

mVPN Licenses Authentify|Register(TM) to Provide Secure Registration Process for Digital Certificates

CHICAGO, April 2 /PRNewswire/ — Authentify, Inc., an emerging provider of Internet identity solutions, today introduced a first-of-its-kind product, Authentify|Register. The company also announced that leading middleware provider mVPN, LLC has integrated Authentify|Register into its mPKI Platform(TM). The integration enables mVPN to provide a crucial layer of security for its e-business customers by providing them an enhanced process for the secure deployment of digital certificates.

Authentify|Register is an automated solution that enables organizations to perform real-time, two-factor user authentication during an Internet session via a standard Web browser and telephone line. Authentify synchronizes an Internet session with an automated, outbound telephone call. During this call, a keypad entry from the user is required and a voice recording or other customized voice application is collected. This not only acts as a strong deterrent to a would-be fraudster, but it also allows Authentify to collect a strong audit trail of the entire transaction. Some potential applications for this technology include registering for online banking services, enrolling for a digital certificate, conducting an online trade, accessing a secured corporate network, participating in an online auction or conducting business in an e-marketplace.

Authentify|Register provides instant scalability and expedites the deployment of a secure authentication process. This unique technology, which is designed for organizations who wish to provide a critical level of protection within their existing security strategies, virtually eliminates Internet-related fraud and integrates seamlessly with an organization’s existing security, e-commerce and operational infrastructures.

“Identity authentication is critical to the advancement of e-business and is a security component that is woeful in the majority of today’s online transactions,” said Peter Tapling, Authentify president & CEO.

“Authentify|Register moves beyond password and PINs in order to reach behind the computer and “touch” the individual behind an e-business transaction. mVPN recognized this need and together we have built a world-class solution for access to VPNs. It is our objective to have organizations view Authentify as a trusted collaborator in the race to eliminate Internet fraud entirely.”

mVPN, a leading provider of turnkey security solutions for the enterprise, is using Authentify|Register to assist in the secure deployment of digital certificates. mVPN’s product, the mPKI Platform, offers seamless digital certificate distribution to end-users through a secure hosting Certificate and Registration Authority and proprietary Web-based management interface. The solution provides security, deployment, lifecycle management, and control capabilities that enable e-business applications for mVPN customers.

“mVPN needed to efficiently and securely validate large numbers of individuals from remote locations in a real-time, hands-free environment,” said David Croston, mVPN president. “We were looking for a partner who understood the global nature of our business and could scale to our volume. Authentify provides us with an Internet security technology that completes our vision for the solution. Authentify’s technology easily integrates with, and is a key component of, our highly-secure platform.”

“There is a definite need in the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) space to ensure user identities during an automated digital identity enrollment process,” added Tapling. “The level of non-repudiation in a transaction is increased by assuring identities during this process, and by capturing an audit trail of the entire transaction. According to research firm Gartner, Inc., deployments of PKI products and services, one of the catalysts for e- business, are expected to surpass $1.3 billion by 2003. With the debut of Authentify|Register, we provide an unsurpassed way for organizations such as mVPN to maximize the impact of this evolving market.”

About mVPN, LLC

mVPN is a leading provider of turnkey security solutions for the enterprise. Its mPKI Platform offers seamless digital certificate deployment to end users through a secure hosted Certificate and Registration Authority and proprietary management interface. This solution provides IT consultants, e-commerce service providers, hardware integrators and enterprises with a robust security platform for e-business, VPN deployment, and Extranet authentication. mVPN is based in Rhode Island. For more information about the company, call 1-866-MPKI.COM or visit them on the Web at .

About Authentify

Authentify, Inc. provides Internet identity management products and services that enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively provide real-time user authentication during an Internet session. By leveraging the familiarity of telephone networks, Authentify ensures that deployment of e- Security is practical for business and easy for consumers. The company’s patent-pending process seamlessly integrates into existing online processes that have been developed for e-business, secure information access, and the distribution of security credentials. The Authentify solution provides a trusted, real-time mechanism for the management of digital credentials and username/password systems for employees, trading partners and customers, while also ensuring the availability of a comprehensive audit trail. Authentify is privately held and based in Chicago, Illinois. Visit Authentify on the Web at , or call 773-243-0300.

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