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Whitepapers and webinars

Webinar: Exposure management and your attack surface

Your business, attack surface, and threat landscape are not static—they are constantly changing. New vulnerabilities are disclosed hourly, new exploits for old vulnerabilities …

Breaking bad actors
eBook: Breaking bad actors

There’s never been a better time to deepen your skills in cybersecurity as the demand for experienced experts continues to grow. Learn how to break today’s bad actors in the …

ISC2 ebook cloud
eBook: 10 reasons why demand for cloud security is sky-high

Current demand for cloud security specialists far exceeds available talent. Especially for companies seeking protection in multicloud environments, professionals with …

Ultimate CISSP Guide
Download: The Ultimate Guide to the CISSP

The Ultimate Guide to the CISSP covers everything you need about the world’s premier cybersecurity leadership certification. Learn how CISSP and ISC2 will help you navigate …

ISC2 CISSP fundamentals
eBook: CISSP fundamentals in focus

From the technical tools that help manage access control to non-technical skills like collaboration, learn about the fundamentals required in cybersecurity – and how CISSP …

ISC2 eBook
eBook: Do you have what it takes to lead in cybersecurity?

Organizations worldwide need talented, experienced, and knowledgeable cybersecurity teams who understand the advantages and risks of emerging technologies. Aspiring leaders in …

eBook: Cloud security skills
eBook: Cloud security skills

Demonstrating a sound understanding of cloud security key principles and practices opens various professional opportunities. But first, you need the right mix of technical and …

eBook: Why CISSP?

As new cyber threats emerge daily in our connected world, there’s never been a greater urgency for cybersecurity professionals than now. What can CISSP certification do for …

Nudge Security
The CISO’s guide to reducing the SaaS attack surface

SaaS sprawl introduces security risks, operational headaches, and eye-popping subscription costs. Download this guide to learn how to implement a strategic approach to …

Whitepaper: Why Microsoft’s password protection is not enough

Microsoft’s Azure AD Password Protection, now rebranded as Microsoft Entra ID helps users create a password policy they hope will protect their systems from account takeover …

Whitepaper: MFA misconceptions

While a valuable tool in the cybersecurity toolkit, MFA is not immune to weaknesses. Read the “MFA Misconceptions” whitepaper to understand its limitations and how …

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