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Whitepapers and webinars

eBook: Defending the Infostealer Threat
eBook: Defending the Infostealer Threat

Enterprises’ increasing digital reliance has fueled an array of cybersecurity threats. One rapidly growing area is information-stealing malware known as infostealers, which is …

Report: The state of authentication security 2023

This survey set out to explore these challenges, to identify common practices, and to provide insight into how organizations can bolster their defenses. Key findings from the …

Ultimate CISSP Guide
Download: The Ultimate Guide to the CISSP

The The Ultimate Guide to the CISSP covers everything you need to know about the world’s premier cybersecurity leadership certification. Learn how CISSP and ISC2 will help you …

Active Directory
eBook: Keeping Active Directory out of hackers’ cross-hairs

Active Directory is a prime target for threat actors, and companies must act now to eliminate it as a threat vector permanently. Read the e-book to review: Active Directory …

cybersecurity career hacks
eBook: Cybersecurity career hacks for newcomers

Are you excited to pursue a cybersecurity career but unsure where to begin? Whether you’re a student, an incoming professional, or ready to work in a different field, the …

SaaS Offboarding Checklist
Guide: SaaS Offboarding Checklist

Download this template from Nudge Security for the essential steps of IT offboarding in the age of SaaS. This employee offboarding checklist covers the murky territory of …

Ultimate guide to Certified in Cybersecurity
Download: Ultimate guide to Certified in Cybersecurity

The ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about the entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification and how to get started with FREE training and exam through …

Webinar: The external attack surface & AI’s role in proactive security

The enterprise perimeter is now a massively decentralized IT landscape characterized by large-scale adoption of cloud platforms, digital services, and an increasingly tangled …

CIS Elements
How to get started with ongoing configuration assessments

There’s an old adage in business: if you’re not measuring something, you can’t manage it. These days, information technology (IT) and information security …

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