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Whitepaper: Why Microsoft’s password protection is not enough

Microsoft’s Azure AD Password Protection, now rebranded as Microsoft Entra ID helps users create a password policy they hope will protect their systems from account takeover …

Whitepaper: MFA misconceptions

While a valuable tool in the cybersecurity toolkit, MFA is not immune to weaknesses. Read the “MFA Misconceptions” whitepaper to understand its limitations and how …

ASPM deep dive
Guide: Application security posture management deep dive

Distinguishing real, business-critical application risks is more challenging than ever. A siloed, ad hoc approach to AppSec generates noisy false positives that overwhelm …

eBook: Defending the Infostealer Threat
eBook: Defending the Infostealer Threat

Enterprises’ increasing digital reliance has fueled an array of cybersecurity threats. One rapidly growing area is information-stealing malware known as infostealers, which is …

Report: The state of authentication security 2023

This survey set out to explore these challenges, to identify common practices, and to provide insight into how organizations can bolster their defenses. Key findings from the …

Active Directory
eBook: Keeping Active Directory out of hackers’ cross-hairs

Active Directory is a prime target for threat actors, and companies must act now to eliminate it as a threat vector permanently. Read the e-book to review: Active Directory …

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