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Expert Corner


What is flowing through your enterprise network?

Since Edward Snowden’s revelations of sweeping internet surveillance by the NSA, the push to encrypt the web has been unrelenting. Bolstered by Google’s various initiatives …


Are CISOs ready for zero trust architectures?

Zero trust is a concept that is gaining an increasingly large and dedicated following, but it may mean different things to different audiences, so let’s start with a …


US gas pipeline shut down due to ransomware

An unnamed US gas pipeline operator has falled victim to ransomware, which managed to encrypt data both on its IT (information technology) and operational technology (OT) …

Whitepapers and insight

Factbook: Healthcare IT practices and cyber preparedness

In 2019, at least 10 hospitals turned away patients due to a compromised ability to deliver care following cyber attacks. Less dramatically, in 2019 the industry suffered a record 40-plus million breached medical records. That’s close …