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OT Cybersecurity Summit 2024

This event will focus on the leading international standards and conformance systems that are being used to keep operational technology (OT) safe and secure in industries such as energy, manufacturing, building automation, and more. New developments within the ISA/IEC 62443 standards series will be highlighted and technical training and certification programs designed to help you implement the standards into your business operations and workforce will be reviewed. Professionals involved in the security process should attend … More

Nordic Blockchain Conference 2024

This event aims to enlighten, support and promote the vision of the Nordic Blockchain Association, whereas blockchain is the driving force for sustainability, education, and democracy in the technology sector. By hosting a yearly flagship conference supported by a monthly series of networking events across the Nordics, the Association is building a more transparent, inclusive future where blockchain is a trusted, equitable, and transformative tool that benefits society and the environment. As a professional network … More

DevOpsDays: Amsterdam 2024

Devopsdays Amsterdam brings all disciplines, such as development, operations, QA, InfoSec, management, and leadership, together to discuss culture, tools and skills to make better organizations and products. The first day will be a workshop day, focusing on hands-on activities, from coding to cooperation in several parallel tracks in smaller settings. The format of the following 2 days includes a single track of 30-minute talks in the morning, followed by Ignite talks (5-minute, auto forwarding slides). … More

Global Anti-Scam Summit Europe 2024

The goal of the Summit is to bring governments, consumer & financial authorities, law enforcement, brand protection agencies, and (cybersecurity) companies together to share knowledge and define joint actions to protect consumers from getting scammed. This event aims to fortify the global network of anti-scam forces by fostering collaboration. Together, these stakeholders can pool resources, share intelligence, and devise coordinated strategies to disrupt and dismantle the intricate networks perpetrating online scams. Only through concerted and … More

AI Risk Summit 2024

The AI Risk Summit brings together security and risk management executives, AI researchers, policy makers, software developers and other business and government stakeholders to delve into the risks of deploying generative and predictive AI tools in the enterprise, the threat from adversarial use of AI technology and deep fakes, and preparation for the inevitable compliance and regulations from policy makers. The event will drive the conversation forward with consequential dialogue and real-world examples that skip … More

European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS) 2024

This conference attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, military personnel, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of the cyber security community. It’s generally attended by participants from more than 30 countries.

PhilSec Cybersecurity Summit 2024

This cybersecurity event will host 800+ cybersecurity experts including the Heads of Information Security, Risk, Compliance, Forensics and Cyber Law from the leading public and private enterprises across the country. Join industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from both the public and private sectors as they collaboratively pave the way for a secure digital future.

Fortify India 2024

Gathering 250+ CISOs, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts, this summit is designed to shape a secure digital future, addressing crucial aspects of cybersecurity leadership, enterprise security, biometrics & identity, critical infrastructure and cyber-crime. Join Fortify India to form alliances, share knowledge, and chart a course toward a secure, thriving and digitally inclusive future for India—one that empowers individuals, organizations, and the nation as a whole. Why attend? Network with leaders – Connect with industry pioneers, … More

SANS Security Awareness: Managing Human Risk Summit 2024

Summit attendees can learn, connect, and share with thousands of fellow security awareness, behavior and culture professionals from around the world. The 2024 Summit will feature: Summit talks – The industry’s top practitioners will share their latest research, technologies, and case studies in managing human risk. Gain insight on the latest proven advances and approaches in communicating to, engaging and securing your workforce. In addition, learn how to better partner with and leverage your security … More

Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security 2024

The event brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners in human-computer interaction, security, and privacy.

The 6th International Conference on Science of Cyber Security – SciSec 2024

The conference is organized by the Technical University of Denmark(DTU). This new forum was initiated in 2018 and aims to catalyze the research collaborations between the relevant communities and disciplines that can work together to deepen our understanding of, and build a firm foundation for, the emerging Science of Cyber Security.

India Cloud Summit 2024

The summit brings together cloud innovators, technologists, and business leaders, to help them shape their future and deliver successful digital transformation. Attendees can share ideas, develop in-demand skills, and learn about cloud infrastructure and applications solutions that serve their unique roles and business needs.

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