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Fortify India 2024

Gathering 250+ CISOs, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts, this summit is designed to shape a secure digital future, addressing crucial aspects of cybersecurity leadership, enterprise security, biometrics & identity, critical infrastructure and cyber-crime. Join Fortify India to form alliances, share knowledge, and chart a course toward a secure, thriving and digitally inclusive future for India—one that empowers individuals, organizations, and the nation as a whole. Why attend? Network with leaders – Connect with industry pioneers, … More

SANS Security Awareness: Managing Human Risk Summit 2024

Summit attendees can learn, connect, and share with thousands of fellow security awareness, behavior and culture professionals from around the world. The 2024 Summit will feature: Summit talks – The industry’s top practitioners will share their latest research, technologies, and case studies in managing human risk. Gain insight on the latest proven advances and approaches in communicating to, engaging and securing your workforce. In addition, learn how to better partner with and leverage your security … More

Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security 2024

The event brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners in human-computer interaction, security, and privacy.

International Conference on Science of Cyber Security – SciSec 2024

The conference is organized by the Technical University of Denmark(DTU). This new forum was initiated in 2018 and aims to catalyze the research collaborations between the relevant communities and disciplines that can work together to deepen our understanding of, and build a firm foundation for, the emerging Science of Cyber Security.

India Cloud Summit 2024

The summit brings together cloud innovators, technologists, and business leaders, to help them shape their future and deliver successful digital transformation. Attendees can share ideas, develop in-demand skills, and learn about cloud infrastructure and applications solutions that serve their unique roles and business needs.

Billington CyberSecurity Summit 2024

Join over 2500 attendees and 200+ top speakers participating in more than 40 sessions and breakouts. The overall theme for this year’s conference will be Advancing Cybersecurity in the AI Age. As the title suggests, this year the organizers are putting special emphasis on the increasing impact that artificial intelligence (AI) is having on the cyber world at all levels. This includes an entire day of the conference focused on covering the AI topic from … More

Counter-Insider Threat Symposium 2024

The Symposium will bring together leaders and experts across the private sector and federal government to discuss the current insider risk environment, as well as the technologies and policies necessary to disrupt and dismantle those threats and safeguard sensitive information. As organizations of all sizes continue to face data breaches and unauthorized disclosures because of insider threats, it has become increasingly important to ensure sufficient investments are being made in advanced counter insider threat programs. … More


The conference offers an opportunity to familiarize with the latest trends and solutions in the field of information security. It is especially intended for security engineers, IT directors, security managers, system administrators, … Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the world’s leading IT and cyber security experts and attend their lectures. Learn about the latest challenges and solutions in the field of information security as the conference offers yoou new knowledge, ideas and experiences … More

ENISA Annual Privacy Forum 2024

The EU legal framework on personal data protection is key in an effort to better control the processing of personal data while ensuring an adequate level of protection. Even the best legislative efforts cannot keep up to speed with the pace of innovative technology and business models that challenge the way personal data is processed and privacy is protected across the EU and beyond; therefore, examining what is at stake and where threats thereto originate … More

Blue Team Con 2024

This is an annual in-person conference created for cybersecurity defenders, inclusive of anyone interested in safeguarding organizations. Join more than 750 community-minded defensive cybersecurity experts for information sharing, relationship and career building events, and defense-focused talks held by some of the industry’s leading cybersecurity minds.

FinCrime & Cybersecurity Summit Frankfurt 2024

The event brings together senior leaders from financial institutions and regulators from across the EU and DACH regions for 1 full day of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking. Expect powerful insights from high-calibre speakers on the latest topics and trends that are affecting your institution, helping you transform your tech capabilities, reduce the risk of financial crime, and meet your regulatory obligations.

GoSec 2024

For over 20 years, GoSec has brought together cybersecurity experts from various sectors to encourage knowledge sharing, discussions, training, and networking that strengthen the cybersecurity community. The goal is to mobilize all cybersecurity professionals towards a common purpose: the continuous improvement of our field. Discover the latest innovations and share knowledge with renowned experts through conferences and interactive workshops. Whether you choose to join on-site or virtually, GoSec 2024 offers networking opportunities and access to … More

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