Cyber Secure Virtual Conference 2020

The impact of cybersecurity breaches is no longer constrained to the IT department. The frequency and sophistication of ransomware, phishing schemes, and data breaches have the potential to destroy both brand health and financial viability. This online event is for executives, leaders, and managers across industries who are responsible for creating a strategic and tactical cyber-resilient organization. Presented by expert stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and startups, the program is designed to offer practical guidance on … More

QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020

QuBit is a Cybersecurity Community Event connecting the East and West and it is already the 7th year on the cybersecurity market in CEE region. Based on the success in Prague, QuBit expanded further and brought educational conference also to SEE region. QuBit strive to bring together and build a cybersecurity community of like-minded fellows. Our mission is to create a community of knowledge and information sharing for the industry’s experts and professionals through networking … More

Legal Cyber Security Expo 2020

This event is dedicated to helping law firms, independent solicitors and Global organizations defend themselves against the increasing threat of cyber attacks. This exhibition will run virtually as part of LegalEx, Europe’s largest legal event specifically designed to help the most ambitious businesses evolve and expand. Over two innovation-filled days, this virtual exhibition will also house the latest systems and services that all law firms, teams and organizations should implement to minimize the risk of … More

Computer Science in Cars Symposium (CSCS) 2020

The IT event which began in the year 2017, aims at bringing together the likes of scientists, engineers, business representatives and everyone who shares a passion for solving the myriad of complex problems of in-vehicular technology and its application in automation, driver/vehicular safety and driving system security. Purpose Despite the industry and academia making great advances every year, the vision of a fully autonomous driving system that is safe and secure is a work-in-progress. The … More

Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) 2020

The conference brings together cutting-edge researchers, with a broad cross-section of security professionals drawn from academia, industry, and government, gathered to present and discuss the latest security results and topics. With peer reviewed technical papers, invited talks, panels, national interest discussions, workshops, and professional development and training courses, ACSAC continues its core mission of investigating practical solutions for computer and network security technology.

Singapore FinTech Festival 2020

Since its inception, SFF has championed the challenging topics that our industry faces, from financial inclusion to green technologies and sustainability, and this year SFF will celebrate our raison d’etre – People and Talent. This year’s FinTech Festival will shine a spotlight on: The pioneers who have blazed new trails and made a difference The rising tech stars with the potential to shape the post-COVID financial sector, and Individuals who have overcome obstacles to create … More

World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS) 2020

This is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practical implementation of security on the Internet and Computer Networks. The inability to properly secure the internet, computer networks, protecting the Internet against emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and sustaining privacy and trust has been a key focus of research. The WorldCIS aims to provide a highly professional and comparative academic research forum that promotes collaborative excellence between academia and industry. The … More

The Virtual AI Summit New York 2020

Discover latest advancements from tech giants realizing true ROI from AI through interactive product demonstrations, bespoke workshops and roundtables and live speaker Q&As.

Cyber Security Summit Belgium 2020

The summit will bring together a targeted group of 100 Cyber and Security professionals to discuss the most pertinent issues affecting the security and safety of the digital space. This summit is a unique event at which interaction and learning from the experiences of others is key. In addition to a high-quality online programme, there are various activities where interaction and one-to-one contacts are central. Sharing knowledge and connecting people are important success factors in … More

CANS 2020

The International Conference on Cryptology And Network Security (CANS) is a recognized annual conference, focusing on all aspects of cryptology, and of data, network, and computer security, attracting cutting-edge results from world-renowned scientists in the area.

International Conference on Consumer Electronics (IEEE ICCE) 2021

ICCE 2021 is the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society’s annual conference that will take place in conjunction with CES. ICCE 2021 will bring together top professionals from industry, government, and academia from around the world. The conference will provide networking opportunities for participants to share ideas, designs, and experiences on the state-of-the-art and future direction of consumer technologies. It will feature a comprehensive high-quality technical & experiential program dealing with a mix of traditional and contemporary … More

FloCon 2021

The conference focuses on using “big data” to solve difficult security problems. Its practical, practitioner-oriented sessions feature online training, presentations, and keynote speakers from the security and data analysis community. Interactive panels, chats, and breakout sessions bring attendees into the action. If you’re new to FloCon, this is a great chance to learn about data-driven security from real-world practitioners in industry, government, and academia. If you’ve attended FloCon before, you’ll find the content, training, and … More