Tripwire Enterprise now collects digital forensic data to support incident response

Tripwire Enterprise now features the ability to collect digital forensic data in the event of a data breach. “Tripwire Enterprise monitors systems in real-time for changes that could be indicative of a breach,” said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. “When a security breach is suspected, Tripwire Enterprise’s new Incident Response Rules can be used to collect in-depth data on what happened on a system to speed and support incident … More

Dragos Announces $37M in Series B funding for ICS cybersecurity threat detection and response

Dragos raised $37M in Series B funding. The new investment comes at a time of growth in the ICS cybersecurity market, and demand for Dragos’ asset identification and threat detection software. The round was led by Canaan, with participation from existing investors as well as Emerson, National Grid Partners and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL). With the investment, Joydeep Bhattacharyya, Partner at Canaan, joins the company’s board of directors. “Industrial equipment is one of the last … More

EZShield launches Mobile Defense Suite

EZShield protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through the Mobile Defense Suite. “Mobile devices positively influence and impact our personal and business lives, but they are also a gateway to identity theft and corporate data breaches,” said Rich Scott, Chief Commercial Officer at EZShield + IdentityForce. “Today, we are redefining how we all think about identity protection. And, how Information Technology (IT) and Information Security (InfoSec) stakeholders can further pave the way to drive and defend … More

Sixgill backstops security with blockchain data integrity for IoE applications

Sixgill unveiled its blockchain or distributed ledger-based solution for sensor network data integrity. Sixgill Integrity is a ledger-agnostic solution and is designed from the ground up to solve the fundamental need for an end-to-end, real-time sensor data authenticity system. With Integrity, organizations are assured that their emitted data, transmitted data, ingested data, and acted-upon data are the same. Sixgill is taking a fresh approach to fundamental industry challenges of data security and authenticity: Cloud processing … More

Eurofins Digital Testing launches Cyber Security Division

Eurofins Digital Testing launched a new Cyber Security Division to serve the media and entertainment industry, Internet of Things providers, and other key markets. Concurrently, the company announced the appointments of Marcel Mangel, Erik Rutkens, and Sean Walls as Managing Directors of Cyber Security, overseeing a team of nearly 100 security experts around the globe. Today, media and entertainment companies in particular face numerous security threats. These span their internal enterprise software applications and hardware, … More

ThreatConnect expands TIP capabilities with new automation

In an effort to address the growing threat intelligence market need for automation, ThreatConnect has extended its product offering to include Playbooks in its TC Analyze product. Built for analysts, by analysts, TC Analyze provides a place to see teams’ tasks, analyze data, and connect all available security tools. TC Analyze with the Playbooks feature increases threat intelligence platform (TIP) flexibility by adding automation to formerly disconnected security tools. Customers now have the ability to … More

Vade Secure launches IsItPhishing Threat Detection to help SOCs identify phishing URLs

Vade Secure launched IsItPhishing Threat Detection, an anti-phishing solution that helps Security Operations Centers (SOCs) identify and block targeted phishing attacks. Easily integrating with existing SIEM and SOAR solutions through a lightweight API, IsItPhishing Threat Detection delivers a real-time verdict on whether a suspicious URL is phishing or not. These verdicts can be leveraged in SOC workflows to accelerate phishing detection, response and resolution. Real-time phishing detection powered by machine learning To detect unknown, targeted … More

OpenStack Foundation board expands mission to host new open source projects

The board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) adopted a resolution advancing a new governance framework supporting the organization’s investment in emerging use cases for OpenStack and open infrastructure. These include continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), container infrastructure, edge computing, datacenter and, newly added, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). The board resolution authorizes the officers of the OSF to select and incubate Pilot projects. This new governance framework broadens the OSF’s mission to serve … More

Cequence Security announces application security platform to stop bot attacks

Cequence Security released Cequence ASP, an application security platform that provides a scalable defense against the growing number of bot attacks affecting today’s hyper-connected organizations. These financially-motivated attacks target externally-facing web and mobile apps, as well as API services that provide connections to other applications across their digital ecosystem. Attack objectives can include account takeover, content scraping, distributed denial of service, and much more. “From a bad actor’s perspective, geo-distributed bot attacks are relatively easy … More

Cryptowerk introduces blockchain-based technology to certify data integrity of digital assets

Cryptowerk introduced Cryptowerk Seal, a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) solution that creates a seal for any form of digital assets. The cloud service writes digital seals or “fingerprints” of the data to one or more blockchains at speeds of up to one million times per second, creating a tamper-proof chain of custody that can be used in large-scale enterprise applications. With the digital seal, every product, process and transaction can now be matched to its original to … More