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We run three (3) mailing lists: one is for Daily News, another is for the Weekly Newsletter, and the third is for alerting recipients when a new issue of our (IN)SECURE Magazine is released.

When you subscribe to any of these lists via our web site, you have to enter your email address and then finalize the subscription by clicking on a link in the confirmation email you receive soon after. This “double opt-in” process is used to prevent you getting subscribed to our newsletters against your knowledge/will.

We use Mailchimp for mailing list management – these are their policies: Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance.

The Daily News newsletter is sent once per day from Monday to Friday, the Weekly Newsletter is sent once per week, and the (IN)SECURE Magazine alert is sent once per calendar quarter.

We sometimes send promotional emails to these lists as well. When we do, we first carefully curate the content and will accept only promotional messages that would be of interest to our subscribers (content must be information security related and provided by a credible company). When we send these promotional emails, we absolutely never share your details with anyone and we never lease these lists to our clients or any third party company. We really care about privacy, did you know that Help Net Security web site is completely cookie and tracker free? Read our privacy policy to find our more.

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