Baltimore Technologies Launches SureWare Runner Enhanced E-security Hardware for Web Servers

HANOVER, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 23, 2001–

Baltimore SureWare Runner Provides Accelerated SSL

Connections for Secure E-commerce on All Web Servers

CeBIT 2001–Baltimore Technologies (NASDAQ:BALT) (LSE:BLM), a global leader in e-security, today announced availability of Baltimore SureWare Runner, the latest product in its next generation hardware security range. SureWare Runner provides enhanced security and performance for Web Servers utilising the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, accelerating the speed of connection and accessibility for customers using online services.

“Baltimore Technologies’ hardware e-security has been chosen by banks and governments worldwide to address their stringent security requirements. SureWare Runner, the latest edition to the hardware security range, not only provides robust security but improves the performance and output of Web servers enabling a ten fold increase on SSL sessions per second, depending on configuration. Overall, SureWare Runner accelerates the speed of connection while enabling confidentiality and authenticity of transactions,” commented Ralph Shaw, Director of Business Development Hardware at Baltimore Technologies.

SSL is the most widely deployed protocol for securing business transactions for online merchants, banks and Web sites requiring sensitive data to be exchanged over the Internet. However, the addition of SSL based security to web servers reduces the response times of online services, increasing the time taken for customers to transact business. Baltimore SureWare Runner is a highly scalable, highly secure, fault tolerant, Ethernet-based product providing accelerated SSL connections for web servers including iPlanet webserver and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). It has the processing power to set up and operate multiple SSL sessions per second and ensures that the processing of cryptographic operations does not cause degradation in the web servers performance.

The SureWare Runner is based on Baltimore’s FIPS 140-1 Level 4 certified module, ACCE and is capable of increasing both the security and performance of web servers. SureWare Runner can be connected to single or multiple Web Servers. A performance improvement is achieved through offloading compute intensive cryptographic operations from web servers to SureWare Runner. In doing so, the Web server can establish significantly more SSL sessions per second and can concentrate on delivering the requested information or services to client browsers.

Baltimore SureWare Runner is the latest module in Baltimore’s family of hardware e-security products, built on the companies extensive experience in supplying banks and governments which have the most stringent security requirements. By combining proven software-based security components with a fast, secure hardware platform, SureWare provides users with the most reliable, high-assurance security performance in its class. SureWare is built on a new technology called Advanced Configurable Crypto Environment (ACCE), developed by Baltimore Hardware Engineers, which enables a wide range of secure hardware products to be created from a common base, speeding integration and assuring a high degree of scalability.

Baltimore SureWare Runner is available now both directly from Baltimore Technologies and through its network of TrustedWorld partners. SureWare Runner ranges in price from US$11,000 upwards. More information on this product offering is available at

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Baltimore Technologies develops and markets security products and services to enable companies to develop trusted, secure systems for e-business, the Internet and mobile commerce. Its products include a wide range of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) products and services, wireless e-security solutions, cryptographic tool-kits, content security (MIMEsweeper products) security applications and hardware cryptographic devices. Baltimore’s global professional services organization offers a wide variety of consulting, training and deployment support to its customers worldwide. Baltimore Technologies markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through the TrustedWorld partner program. TrustedWorld includes many of the world’s leading technology companies and a wide variety of global, regional and local business alliance partners.

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