PGP Security Delivers Mac Client Support for Intel VPN Products

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 17 /PRNewswire/ — PGP Security, a Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA) company, today introduced Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client software that will enable Intel VPN Gateways to support the Mac Operating System (OS). PGP Security’s award winning VPN client technology paired with Intel VPN Gateways provides Mac OS users with a secure encrypted tunnel to transfer information among partners, employees and customers across organizations and locations.

“Organizations are increasingly relying on the Internet to help improve every aspect of their business operations, and VPNs further that effort, enabling them to securely conduct everyday business over the Internet,” said Brian Finkel, VPN product line manager at Intel Corporation. “PGP Security’s Mac OS-based VPN client technology complements our product line by delivering interoperable solutions for today’s mixed client OS environment.”

VPNs are used by organizations of all sizes to enable private communication with partners, employees and customers, providing a secure tunnel for the transfer of information. In an increasingly global work environment, it is essential to business growth to be able to quickly collaborate across locations and organizations. VPNs offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to do so. Interoperability with various platforms is also essential as collaboration occurs across various servers and network architectures; a solution must work with existing infrastructures that may vary from one location to another.

“In today’s complex network environment it is imperative that we offer products that provide the flexibility to work with existing infrastructures to secure the privacy of Internet communications,” said Jeff Jones, vice president of marketing at PGP Security. “Working with Intel, we are able to offer our customers solutions that enable the growth of global business.”

PGP VPN Suite can reduce network and remote access costs by up to 80 percent by harnessing the power and low cost of Internet connectivity. PGP VPN Suite offers flexible gateway-to-gateway, client-to-gateway, and client-to-client options that create secure, encrypted tunnels between corporate offices, remote users, and business partners. PGP Security’s VPN technology received the “Editor’s Choice” award at this year’s Macworld awards because of the enhanced features provided for Mac clients and its interoperability enabled by the IPsec network encryption standard for VPNs. The VPN technology is now compatible with Intel’s VPN Gateways, providing a secure environment for Mac OS users to transfer private information between employees, customers and partners.

Intel’s scaleable family of VPN gateways allow customers to select the performance level necessary to meet their specific requirements. The gateways are fully compliant with the IPSec 1.1 industry security standard, and include an ICSA firewall. For information about Intel’s VPN gateways, as well as third-party VPN gateways based on Intel’s product line, visit .

PGP Security, a Network Associates company, is a worldwide leader in products and services focusing on solving privacy and data confidentiality issues, and has a strong history of setting security industry standards. PGP Security’s breadth of security products, including firewall, encryption, intrusion detection, risk assessment and VPN technologies, address the full range of security and privacy issues, anywhere information is accessed, transmitted or stored. PGP Security’s products secure over seven million users and include several of the industry’s well-known security brands, including Gauntlet Firewall and VPN, PGP Data Security, CyberCop Scanner, and PGP e-ppliances. PGP Security’s COVERT research team identifies and works to resolve serious vulnerabilities before attackers are able to exploit them. The findings are incorporated into the product offerings, ensuring protection from the latest vulnerabilities.

For more information and an evaluation copy of PGP Desktop Security, visit .

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