PitBull LX Intrusion Prevention to Support Intel’s Itanium Processor

Argus Announces Industrial Strength Security for Industrial Strength Platform

SAVOY, Ill., April 16 /PRNewswire/ — Argus Systems Group, Inc., an international vendor of Internet security and intrusion prevention systems, today announced its pending support of Intel Itanium-based enterprise servers with its PitBull LX intrusion prevention systems. PitBull LX for the Itanium-based platform is to run on the Linux 2.4.x operating system kernel and is estimated to be available in Q3 2001.

The security provided by the PitBull LX intrusion prevention system allows enterprise administrators to rapidly create and deploy web-facing e-business server environments cost-effectively and with proven, robust security. PitBull LX is designed to protect web-facing servers from malicious attacks to alter data and web pages, steal proprietary information or monetary assets, violate consumer privacy protections, launch denial of service attacks, and otherwise tamper with system and data resources. Simple to install, PitBull LX supports a totally revamped, completely intuitive security policy. Security administration has been greatly simplified and is totally non-intrusive.

Intrusion prevention systems based on operating system-level security like PitBull LX are increasingly recognized as mandatory elements of secure and responsible e-business systems by leading experts such as the National Security Agency, the Gartner Group, and other independent industry analysts. With PitBull technology now available for additional Linux versions, customers will be able to implement highly secure e-business systems that are flexible and adaptive.

“The Itanium processor will take Intel into high-end mission critical environments,” said Randy Sandone, president and CEO of Argus Systems Group, Inc. “By their very nature, those environments demand high assurance security solutions. PitBull LX on the Itanium-based platform gives a compelling performance and security advantage for customers using Itanium-based solutions.”

PitBull LX on Red Hat Linux was recently awarded the title of Best Intrusion Defense and Response product by eWEEK magazine. PitBull LX on Red Hat 6.2 was also subjected to a global assault during eWEEK’s OpenHack event, during which the product sustained 5.4 million hack attempts over a 16-day period. PitBull LX demonstrated the strength of its security mechanisms in protecting real world environments by successfully defending itself from all attacks.

“Intel’s Itanium processor is designed to provide high performance for security applications like PitBull LX,” said Lisa Hambrick, manager, Itanium Processor Family Marketing. “We will continue to work with Argus to facilitate better e-Commerce security for end-customers.”

About Argus Systems Group, Inc.

Argus Systems Group, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Savoy, Ill., offers a full suite of e-business security solutions and applications. Argus is committed to providing state-of-the-art security solutions for emerging next economy environments. Argus supplies the only ITSEC certified trusted platform available to support multiple platforms, from desktop to mainframe, in a networked configuration. For more information about Argus Systems Group, visit the Company’s web site at http://www.argus-systems.com .

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