PointSecure Inc. Completes Acquisition of OpenVMS System Monitoring and Detection Intrusion Software

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 29, 2001–PointSecure Inc. announced today that it has acquired all rights to the System Detective AO, System Detective IS and ChalkTalk products from Network Catalyst Inc. Through this acquisition PointSecure clients will include Fortune 500 companies in the banking, manufacturing and technology sectors. “The acquisition of these products will allow us to provide mature and proven products to our customers that audit, secure and detect intrusion of their valuable business data,” said Rod Endo, PointSecure founder and CEO.

Throughout the past ten years, these products have won many awards and had great success. OpenVMS is an attractive market for security products as users understand the stability and reliability of running OpenVMS for their mission critical applications. Because today’s computer systems are so complex and powerful, companies run the risk of misuse or abuse of their systems, as well as face the challenge of utilizing the maximum potential of those systems. “At PointSecure, we are committed to providing products to our customers that will help them compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing global market,” said Endo.

System Detective AO

System Detective AO is a rules-based automated tool designed to enforce user accountability on OpenVMS by recording terminal activity, taking privileges, restricting access to images, and managing unattended, inactive terminal sessions. Unlike other tools, System Detective AO works on an exception basis.

System Detective IS

System Detective IS is an interactive event driven tool for monitoring the terminal sessions of one or more OpenVMS users without their knowledge. It is designed to home in on specific activities associated with an interactive process on the host system and can be invoked with a specific user in mind, or the operator can select or browse a complete menu of all the interactive users on the system. System Detective IS is an image that is invoked via the System Detective AO console or from a DCL command line interface.


ChalkTalk is an interactive help-desk assistance tool that is designed to monitor and assist users who are having difficulty executing applications or interfacing with DCL. ChalkTalk can be invoked with a specific user in mind or by browsing a complete menu of all the interactive users on the system.

About PointSecure Inc.

Headquartered in Houston, PointSecure Inc. is a leading distributor of point security products for global enterprise companies. PointSecure strives to provide world-class marketing and support to their customers. In today’s rapidly changing global market, our products will fill areas of need that will allow businesses to secure their mission critical systems. The Company is a member of the Compaq Solutions Alliance. Further information is available at www.pointsecure.com or by calling 713/868-1222.

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