Proginet SecurPass Supports LDAP Internet Directory Standard

Password Synchronization Extended To LDAP-Compliant Directories

GARDEN CITY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 1, 2001–Proginet Corporation (OTCBB:PRGF; CDNX:PRF.U), a leader in password management software and Internet file transfer software, announced that its SecurPass(R) password management software product supports LDAP (Light Directory Access Protocol), the Internet standard for accessing inter-network directory services that has been universally endorsed by leading industry players. Proginet’s responsiveness to the needs of today’s global enterprises with SecurPass support of LDAP significantly expands the Company’s reach into the security market, estimated at $3 billion, comprised of increasingly Internet-dependent enterprises.

In recent years, the Internet Engineering Task Force’s search for a solution to outdated directory protocols led to the creation of LDAP. LDAP is expected to provide a common method for searching e-mail addresses on the Internet, eventually leading to a global white pages. LDAP support now is being implemented in Web browsers and e-mail programs to enable users to query LDAP-compliant directories.

Directory Interoperability Forum (DIF), an organization formed in 1999 to speed development and deployment of directory-enabled applications that run across a variety of computing platforms, was founded by IBM, Novell Inc., Oracle Corp., Data Connection Limited, Lotus Development Corp. and ISOCOR. Proginet was among the charter member organizations of DIF. In August 2000, DIF merged with The Open Group Directory Program.

According to Dr. Christopher J. Harding, Open Group Executive Director for the Directory Interoperability Forum, “Directories are an essential part of the infrastructure necessary to conduct e-business. The Directory Interoperability Forum enables and promotes open and interoperable directories and directory-enabled applications based on open standards. This makes directories more usable, ensures that any applications written to use an open directory can run with any directory without regard to the supplier, and makes it easy for software developers to create those applications. The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the commonly accepted means for applications to access directories over the Internet, and is used by the major directory product vendors.”

James F. McShane, Chief Technology Officer at Proginet, stated, “SecurPass with LDAP support enables enterprises to greatly extend their enterprise security management, allowing e-business application password management to be integrated with existing enterprise and legacy systems.”

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