Protect Data Supplies Security Applications to EDB Teamco for NOK 11.3 Million

STOCKHOLM, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 14, 2001–Protect Data AS, a subsidiary of Swedish IT security company Protect Data AB, has been given an additional order for password calculators from EDB Teamco, worth a total of approx. NOK 11.3 million. An order worth NOK 2.5 million was effected in 1999, and the rest of the order will be delivered in stages throughout 2001. The password calculators from ActivCard are central to the security solutions that are in use at several of EDB Teamco’s partner banks, including Fokus Bank, the Sparebank 1 group and the Eika group.

One of Protect Data’s focus areas is the banking sector, and it is experiencing major demand for its IT security applications within this segment.

Since the beginning of the cooperation between Protect Data and EDB Teamco (formerly EDB Novit) in 1997, use of the internet at EDB Teamco’s customers has increased dramatically. EDB Teamco anticipates further increase in internet customers throughout the year, and the agreement with Protect Data has been entered in order to handle the increase.

The password calculators from ActivCard allow certain identification of the customer by the bank. Protect Data’s commission includes adaptation, clearing and supply of the security calculators to EDB Teamco.

“The partnership between EDB Teamco and Protect Data has allowed us to participate in the building of several Norwegian internet banks. We see this as a positive confirmation of our expertise and our range of IT security products and solutions,” explains Carl Rosvall, CEO at Protect Data AB.

In Norway, Protect Data AS has focused keenly on sale and integration of security solutions for the Norwegian banking sector for quite some time. At present, these solutions are integrated at EDB Fellesdata/EDB Teamco and the Norwegian Banking Central Clearing House (BBS), as well as several other banks, including Fokus Bank, the Sparebank 1 group, the Eika group, K-bank and Parat 24.

“We are experiencing keen interest among Norwegian players in the industry, and believe that the ever-increasing focus on the development of secure solutions for electronic banking services is also creating a growing market in Norway. The security question has proved to be decisive, both for the banks themselves and for their internet customers. Our Swedish parent company’s major orders with ForeningsSparbanken are another example of our possession of attractive expertise and excellent security solutions for this segment,” added acting President, Frank Horntvedt at Protect Data AS in Norway.

Protect Data AS is a Norwegian subsidiary of the Swedish group, Protect Data AB, which is a Group that offers IT security solutions for major companies and organizations. The company offers, access control and encryption systems for PCs and smart phones, anti-virus systems, firewalls, user identification systems, secure VPNs, content control and systems for secure transactions. The subsidiary Pointsec Mobile Technologies develops access control and encryption systems for desk-top and portable computers, palmtop computers and smart phones. The subsidiary Protect Data Konsult tailors security solutions, which increase clients’ competitiveness and business. Protect Data is the market leader in its business area in the Nordic region and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Slovakia, the UK and the USA. Protect Data has 160 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Attract 40-list. Visit our website at:

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