Rainbow and iVEA Provide Internet Security Products in New Microsoft Technology Center

CryptoSwift eCommerce Accelerator and iKey Security Token Provide Real-Time Security Solutions for eCommerce and Network

MOUNTAIN VIEW and IRVINE, Calif. – March 26, 2001 – Rainbow Technologies, Inc., (Nasdaq: RNBO), a leading provider of high-performance security solutions for the Internet and eCommerce, and iVEA Technologies, a Rainbow Technologies company, today announced that Microsoft Corp. will feature Rainbow’s iKey workstation security solution and iVEA’s CryptoSwift eCommerce accelerator as critical components for the new Microsoft Technology Center – Silicon Valley (MTC-SV), opening today in Mountain View, California. Rainbow and iVEA products are currently used in MTCs in Waltham, Mass. and Austin, Texas. The MTC-SV is a working lab dedicated to the development and rapid deployment of eCommerce solutions to both startups and established business-to-business (B2B) companies.

The Microsoft Technology Center – Silicon Valley will provide Bay-area customers, system integrators, third-party developers and resellers with an environment dedicated to product development and focused consulting. The center will help businesses gain an edge on refining their solutions and rolling out their products in reduced time, at a reduced cost, and with higher levels of performance. Rainbow’s iKey allows users to test for two-factor authentication for accessing business-critical data and applications. The CryptoSwift eCommerce accelerator from iVEA provides MTC-SV users with a device for delivering fast, secure online transactions into high-availability, high-performance and scalable eCommerce infrastructures.

“Rainbow and iVEA Technologies, together, provide our MTC-SV customers with a reliable and secure means of transacting business on the Internet,” said Steve Baumann, E-Commerce general manager, Microsoft. “In today’s demanding eCommerce environment, it is critical that we offer our customers every technical advantage possible, especially in the area of security.”

“We are delighted to provide best-in-class security and performance products for Microsoft’s new Test Center – Silicon Valley,” said Walt Straub, president and CEO, Rainbow Technologies. “The selection of iVEA’s CryptoSwift by Microsoft for the MTC-SV further solidifies our leadership in the SSL acceleration market. We’re pleased that Rainbow’s iKey has been added as a means of providing two-factor authentication and as a means of deploying digital signatures for B2B transactions.”

About iVEA’s CryptoSwift

The CryptoSwift eCommerce accelerator from iVEA Technologies, facilitates secure transactions over the Internet and network environments by dramatically reducing response and performing as many as 1,000 transactions per second. CryptoSwift accelerates the public-key cryptographic functions of SSL, SET, SSH, IPSec and other widely used security protocols. CryptoSwift improves server-response time for secure connections by up to 90 percent and frees the eCommerce Web server to perform other tasks, especially during peak load and heavy traffic periods.

About Rainbow’s iKey

The iKey workstation security solution family currently features two authentication tokens developed by Rainbow Technologies. The iKey 1000 is a low-cost security token for B2C loyalty and branding, Windows 2000 security and public key infrastructure (PKI) applications. Rainbow also offers the iKey 2000, a physically secure token for B2B, enterprise security and other sophisticated PKI applications.

For online banking applications, the iKey can be used to grant customers with access to their accounts over the Internet to the bank’s Web server from remote client sites. Users can administer accounts, make payments, transfer funds and purchase financial services products online with complete authentication, integrity and non-repudiation.

About iVEA Technologies

iVEA Technologies, a Rainbow Technologies company, is a leading provider of high-performance Internet security solutions for eCommerce servers and network equipment. v iVEA’s cryptographic acceleration solutions are used by major OEM Web server companies and load-balancing appliance vendors in addition to customers in industries such as eBusiness, banking and financial services, technology communications, healthcare, higher education and government. CryptoSwift has won major industry awards for excellence, including a prestigious “Blue Ribbon Award” from Network World as the industry’s top cryptographic accelerator and an American Electronics Association (AEA) High Tech 2000 Award for “Innovative Product/Technology.”

Founded in 2001, iVEA Technologies is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices throughout Europe and Asia. iVEA also employs a strong network of leading distributors that sell the company’s products worldwide. For more information, contact iVEA at 1-877-274-4832, or visit our Web site at www.ivea.com.

About Rainbow Technologies

Founded in 1984, Rainbow Technologies is a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet and eCommerce. Rainbow applies its core technology to a variety of Internet applications from securing software, to the acceleration of secure communication for eCommerce and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Rainbow’s products include; secure Web server and VPN acceleration boards; anti-piracy and Internet software distribution solutions; PKI-based security solutions; voice, data and satellite security systems; and USB-based authentication tokens. The company’s Digital Rights Management group is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has offices throughout the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, China, India, The Netherlands, Brazil and Taiwan. A network of nearly 80 authorized distributors sell Rainbow products worldwide. For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.rainbow.com.

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