AtomicTangerine, SecurityPortal Unite Market-Leading Expertise, Products and Services to Form Information Security Powerhouse

AtomicTangerine, SecurityPortal Unite Market-Leading Expertise, Products and Services to Form Information Security Powerhouse


Combined Company to Offer Complete Range of Security Solutions

AtomicTangerine, a leading provider of information security services, today announced that it has joined with SecurityPortal, Inc., to form the most comprehensive solution available to help companies stay ahead of evolving security risks.

The combined companies provide complementary services, tools and resources in the security marketplace, forming — under the name AtomicTangerine — a unique provider of end-to-end solutions, from vulnerability assessment to monitoring of, and responses to, security threats both from the inside and the outside.

The combined company responds to the dramatic increase in vulnerability and financial risks involved in information security for businesses and society as a whole. As a leading authority on information security, AtomicTangerine will help companies adopt security solutions and measures that enable them to defend against new security risks, evolve their business models, and implement new technologies in a fast-changing and competitive digital economy.

“Information security is one of the most critical and difficult technology issues facing businesses today,” said Joe Deney, CEO of AtomicTangerine. “AtomicTangerine has the experience, intelligence and solutions to help companies proactively address the perpetually evolving security landscape and create a truly secure IT infrastructure. We envision AtomicTangerine as the nucleus of a global community of companies preparing for, and adapting to, the rapidly changing threats in the interconnected information economy.”

Information security threats, risks and losses have never been greater. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, hackers and viruses cost businesses worldwide $1.6 trillion in 2000 alone. AtomicTangerine gives Global 1000 corporations a complete range of on-land and online services, tools and methodologies, and comprehensive insurance policies to protect their IT investment in complex networks and eBusiness solutions.

AtomicTangerine will offer the following services and products:

— Security Assessment — review of infrastructure, identification of vulnerabilities, testing of defenses such as firewalls, evaluation of security against established metrics and competitors, and preparation of contingency plans, policies and procedures, staffing and implementation priorities

— Benchmarking: The comparison of a company’s security performance with the performance of their competitors or with generally accepted standards of due care

— Security Policy Development and Updating — creation of policies and procedures strong enough to protect an organization’s information assets, yet flexible enough to maintain business efficiency

— Security Incident Management — service that customizes security response processes to suit individual business needs and requirements

— Evaluation, Planning, and Implementation of Perimeter Defenses — analysis of hardware, software, and policies that protect organizations from external attacks, prioritization of desirable improvements, and installation and maintenance of appropriate systems

— Regulatory Compliance Assessment — reviews of systems, networks, policies, and procedures relevant to complying with regulations governing information security and privacy

— Management of Executive Programs — organization and logistics for invitational events to enable sharing of information and analysis of security issues and concerns

— SecurityPortal — the “focal point for security on the NET(TM)” — source of security intelligence, custom news, research, analysis and interpretation

— NetRadarEWS(TM) Early Warning System — a service providing customized alerts regarding new threats to information security and newly available security-related enhancements for hardware and software

— InfoSec U (ISU) — Web-based general security awareness training and certification-level courses written by security experts

In addition, AtomicTangerine in partnership with SRI International and Kent Ridge Digital Laboratories (KRDL) in Singapore, will offer companies high-end expertise, products, services and solutions that are based upon a 25-year foundation of information security intelligence and world renowned technology innovation.

AtomicTangerine’s unmatched breadth and depth of services enables end-to-end customizability, allowing businesses to design unique solutions to address specific needs. The company provides continuous hands-on involvement by a respected team of information security experts, to ensure that customers’ security grows in sophistication along with the evolving risk environment.

About AtomicTangerine

AtomicTangerine specializes in information security consulting and technology offerings both on-land and online for Fortune 1000 companies. A spin-off of SRI International, one of the world’s foremost technology innovation centers, the company has demonstrated worldwide leadership as a valued security resource and services provider. AtomicTangerine offers a complete range of security solutions including vulnerability assessment and management, security architecture and design, advanced technology implementation, public/private partnerships, executive programs, online training, products, and services. Online products include SecurityPortal ( — internationally recognized as the “focal point for security on the NET”), NetRadarEWS early warning system ( – e custom security alerts, and InfoSec University ( – online security training and awareness program. The SecurityPortal Web site serves a broad audience of more than 250,000 IS professionals each month, and contains more than 40,000 pages of security information, e-newsletters and specially focused digests. For more information contact Stephanie Clarke, director of Corporate Communications, at 415/901-4857 or visit

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