Internet Security Systems Ships RealSecure 6.0, Delivers Unmatched Levels Of Scalability and Ease of Management for Powerful Intrusion Protection

RealSecure 6.0 Marks First Phase of ISS’ RealSecure Protection System For Servers, Key Component of ISS’ New Pervasive Protection Platform

ATLANTA, May 21 /PRNewswire/ —

Internet Security Systems (ISS) (Nasdaq: ISSX), a leading provider of security management solutions for the Internet, today announced a significant new version of its leading network and server-based intrusion detection solution, RealSecure(TM) 6.0. Delivering powerful new scalability capabilities critical to securing digital assets and ensuring business continuity, the latest version of RealSecure sets a new standard in enterprise intrusion protection.

RealSecure 6.0 also forms the foundation for ISS’ RealSecure Protection System for Servers — one of the first offerings under ISS’ RealSecure Protection Systems strategy announced today ( ). RealSecure Protection System for Servers signals the industry’s first convergence of intrusion detection and security assessment technologies into one system for enhanced accuracy and simplified management. ISS’ new pervasive protection platform — RealSecure Protection Systems for desktops, servers and networks — will meet the growing demand for security effectiveness, and provide organizations with a smarter, easier-to-use and more manageable protection system to protect digital assets across the enterprise. This new system also complements ISS’ recently shipped server-based security assessment solution, System Scanner(TM).

“RealSecure 6.0 serves as a critical milestone in the first phase delivery of ISS’ new RealSecure Protection Systems for Servers,” said Nancy Blair, vice president of enterprise solutions for Internet Security Systems. “Customers are demanding that intrusion detection reach the next level of effectiveness. As the pioneer and market leader in the network intrusion detection market, we are empowering our customers to more easily and efficiently monitor, detect and respond to enterprise security risks through our continued innovation in information protection solutions.”

About RealSecure Protection System for Servers (RealSecure 6.0)

Based on RealSecure 6.0, RealSecure Protection System for Servers is the first solution to provide a truly scalable architecture for intrusion detection network and server sensors. Its unique multi-tiered enterprise architecture delivers powerful new, management capabilities that significantly lessen the burden of security administration, management and operations as well as reduce the total cost of ownership.

Scalable, Sensor Management

RealSecure now provides more flexibility in the relationship between intrusion detection components including: network and server sensors (for attack monitoring and response) and managers (consoles that collect and report data).

New, advanced functionality enables the simplified management of multiple RealSecure sensors simultaneously from any RealSecure console.

Event Collector

A new component called the Event Collector delivers a more robust communication flow and new remote management capabilities. Event Collector also provides increased reliability, eliminating the need for database synchronization. RealSecure Protection System for Servers delivers significant new scalability and functionality, enabling up to five Event Collectors (each handling up to 50 security events per second) that can send events to a single Enterprise Database, all independent of the number and state of the Consoles.

Event Management

RealSecure helps customers more efficiently deal with the large amounts of data that the system generates through enhanced management of console alerts. New features enable the active sorting and organizing of data on the console, increasing the ability for organizations to respond to important security events. RealSecure also includes new attack investigation capabilities through saved report criteria and the automatic tracking of missed events.

Client-Server Architecture

RealSecure allows multiple security operators to access intrusion detection data by supporting a client-server architecture. By spreading incident response decision-making across multiple operators, customers can protect even more of their enterprise network than ever before.

Enterprise Database

RealSecure now provides customers with increased reliability and more flexibility in the retention of their intrusion detection data through support of Microsoft MSDE and Microsoft SQL 7.0 databases.

Other Features

* Other new features of RealSecure 6.0 include: Multi-homed sensors: The ability to have multiple sensors (either network or server) on the same host.

* Group operations: The ability to manage groups of sensors.

* Simplified key administration

* Basic role-based access

About ISS RealSecure Intrusion Detection

RealSecure intrusion detection provides comprehensive protection across servers, networks, and high speed, highly switched enterprise environments. RealSecure utilizes diversified sensors to continuously monitor networks and systems, automatically intercepting and responding to security breaches and internal abuse before systems are compromised. RealSecure Network Sensor monitors network traffic for attack signatures, while RealSecure Server Sensor performs real-time intrusion monitoring, detection, and prevention of malicious activity at the host level. X-Press Updates(TM), from ISS’ renowned X-Force(TM) research and development team, ensure RealSecure maintains a current defense against newly developed methods of attack and misuse.


RealSecure 6.0 will be available this week. Evaluation copies are also available. For more information call 888-901-7477.

A white paper on ISS’ RealSecure Protection Systems strategy is available for free download at .

About Internet Security Systems (ISS)

Internet Security Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of security management solutions for the Internet, protecting digital assets and ensuring safe and uninterrupted e-business. With its industry-leading intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment, remote managed security services, and strategic consulting and education offerings, ISS is a trusted security provider to more than 8,000 customers worldwide including 21 of the 25 largest U.S. commercial banks and the top 10 U.S. telecommunications companies. Founded in 1994, ISS is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with additional offices throughout North America and international operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. For more information, visit the Internet Security Systems web site at or call 888-901-7477. Internet Security Systems, RealSecure, System Scanner, X-Press Updates and X-Force are trademarks of Internet Security Systems, Inc. All other companies and products mentioned are trademarks and property of their respective owners.

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