Heracle Leading The Market With PKI Secured ‘mBroker’ Wireless Stock Trading Application


GLS Securities Limited First Customer to Employ Heracle’s

New Mobile e-Cert-Secure Stock Trading Application

Heracle Technologies Limited, a Hong Kong-based Secure Wireless Application Services company, announced today the launch of its new Mobile e-Cert-compatible wireless mBroker application.

The new wireless PDA stock trading application allows investors to securely trade stocks, manage their portfolios, and receive Hang Seng Index updates wirelessly.

The latest version of mBroker, expected to be available in November of this year, is secured by Diversinet Corp.’s advanced wireless Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. With the inclusion of Diversinet’s security, mBroker can now support “Mobile e-Cert” digital certificates, launched on October 8, 2001, by Hongkong Post. Hongkong Post Mobile e-Certs enable advanced wireless security features, such as user/server authentication and digital signatures.

The support for Mobile e-Certs in its stock trading application will give Heracle customers added value and attract stock brokers to subscribe to its service. Additionally, support for the new Mobile e-Certs will position Heracle as a pioneer in secure PDA trading.

GLS Securities Limited, a Hong Kong brokerage firm, will be the first customer to employ Heracle’s new Mobile e-Cert-compliant mBroker application to conduct secured mobile stock trading over PDAs.

“The security core of Heracle’s new mBroker application is Diversinet’s wireless PKI security,” said Nick Darwish, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Diversinet Corp. “This allows for the secure transfer of data between a user’s wireless PDA and the use of Mobile e-Certs to enable digital signatures and verify the identity of both the user and the server during trading transactions.”

“mBroker came out at the right time — it is the key to breakthrough in the competitive e-commerce environment. By providing the most secure and advanced technology for clients, our corporate image will be enhanced significantly as well as their confidence in GLS,” said Andy Yeung, Director of GLS, which is the first broker firm subscribing to mBroker in Hong Kong.

“Heracle’s mBroker is targeted at broker firms who are looking for a cost effective means to compete in today’s environment,” said Ivan Chung, Technical Manager of Heracle. “With the additional support of Mobile e-Certs, brokerage firms can now offer their clients a unique, value-added service.”

Heracle has joined efforts with Hongkong Post, Diversinet, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and mobile operators to promote Mobile e-Certs and its application.

About Heracle Technologies Limited

Heracle Technologies Limited is a Hong Kong-based wireless technology company that focuses on bringing wireless solutions to the finance industry. mBroker, the company’s first proprietary wireless stock trading service, allows PDA users to get real-time stock quote and place order at anywhere. On top of cost efficiency, transaction via mBroker is totally secured by using the Mobile e-Cert issued by the Hongkong Post. For more information about Heracle, please visit www.heracle.com.

About Diversinet Corp.

Diversinet is a leading developer of advanced wireless security software, enabling mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) services with its wireless security infrastructure solutions. Diversinet’s client/server security software facilitates digital signatures, authentication and encryption with PKI products specifically designed to perform optimally in wireless environments and devices. In October of 2001, Diversinet enabled the launch of the first public Certification Authority in the world to offer mobile individual and business certificates for consumer use. For more information on Diversinet, visit the company’s web site at www.diversinet.com.

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