InfoExpress and Alcatel Announce Security Technology Alliance

Enterprise security pioneer joins Alcatel’s Technology Partner Program to safeguard corporate networks

Mountain View and Calabasas, Calif., December 17, 2001 — InfoExpress, a pioneer in remote access security, today announced that it has joined Alcatel’s Technology Partner Program to provide a secure, integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) and firewall solution with Alcatel’s Secure VPN Clients to safeguard corporate networks.

InfoExpress’ enterprise personal firewall, CyberArmor, was tested and certified interoperable with Alcatel’s Secure VPN Client software on a wide spectrum of hardware platforms. CyberArmor detects when the Alcatel Secure VPN Client is active and then dynamically applies the appropriate customized security policy.

“As part of Alcatel’s Technology Partner Program, InfoExpress brings a higher level of protection of corporate information in large mobile enterprises,” said Joelle Gauthier, Alcatel vice president of Network Infrastructure Marketing. “InfoExpress’ enterprise personal firewall software, CyberArmor, combined with award-winning Alcatel’s Secure VPN Gateways and VPN Clients ensures that corporate security policies are enforced across the mobile workforce.”

“With security threats to corporate networks increasing due to the rise of high-speed connections and ever-larger remote access user needs, security has to be implemented strategically and comprehensively,” said Stacey Lum, president and CEO of InfoExpress. “Knowing that CyberArmor and Alcatel’s solutions are certified interoperable provides administrators with a level of assurance that control over security is centralized where it belongs, and threats stopped at the point of entry.”

CyberArmor is a centrally managed “distributed firewall” that enables corporations to extend policy-based security to remote users who access corporate networks through risky Internet and broadband “always-on” connections. The CyberArmor Suite gives systems administrators critical configuration and remote management tools that provide powerful and flexible control over security policy implementation without the need for end-user intervention.

CyberArmor and Alcatel VPN Client were successfully tested and certified interoperable on Windows NT(R), Windows(R) 2000 and Windows(R) 98 operating systems.

InfoExpress’ CyberArmor

CyberArmor works with InfoExpress’ and other VPNs to detect and block attacks against mobile PCs, using the appropriate level of security at all times. CyberArmor detects where the system is located and what the user is doing, then enforces a security policy appropriate to the current situation. Backend software components allow administrators to centrally manage remote systems running CyberArmor. CyberArmor’s Policy Manager customizes installations and maintains client settings and policies. The personal firewall’s CyberServer logs security violations and lets administrators view and diagnose PC configurations. CyberArmor pricing starts at $59 per seat.

Alcatel’s VPN Client

Alcatel’s VPN Client is part of Alcatel’s Secure VPN Solution that allows remote and mobile users to securely access their corporate networks from any place in the world. The Solution consists of a) Alcatel’s industry-leading Secure VPN Gateway product family (713x), b) its scaleable Secure VPN Management Suite (563x) that integrates with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-compliant X.500 directories and c) its Secure VPN Client for Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and ME). For more information on Alcatel’s Secure VPN Solutions, visit

About Alcatel

Alcatel (NYSE: ALA) builds next generation networks, delivering integrated end-to-end voice and data networking solutions to established and new carriers, as well as enterprises and consumers worldwide. With sales of $29 billion (EURO 31 billion) in 2000 and 110,000 employees, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries. For more information, visit Alcatel at

About InfoExpress

InfoExpress is a leader in secure remote access and personal firewall solutions. InfoExpress develops and markets the enterprise personal firewall CyberArmor(TM) Suite, the remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite, and the remote access VPN VTCP/Secure. Recent news releases and other information are on InfoExpress’ homepage at InfoExpress is headquartered at 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: +1 650-623-0260; Fax: +1 650-623-0268; Email:

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