Network-1 Introduces CyberwallPLUS 7.1 Release for Windows XP and Enhanced Policy Management

Windows XP Release Also Adds Windows 98 Support

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 27, 2001–

Host Intrusion Prevention Software Secures Laptops on the Move

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSSI), a technology leader in distributed intrusion prevention solutions for servers and workstations, announced today the introduction of CyberwallPLUS 7.1, the latest version of its advanced Internet security solutions. In addition to providing official support to Windows XP and Windows 98, CyberwallPLUS 7.1 enhances an organization’s control over its security policies, whether centralized, distributed, or present on standalone machines.

CyberwallPLUS 7.1 protection is available in two versions: CyberwallPLUS-SV Server Edition for Windows application, infrastructure and database servers, and CyberwallPLUS-WS Workstation Edition for the protection of mobile, remote, and network-connected Windows clients. These advanced, host-based software security products integrate the robust access control and stateful packet inspection usually found only in expensive perimeter solutions but with added intrusion prevention capabilities. CyberwallPLUS-CM 7.1’s central policy management provides for scalable control of enterprise solutions.

“Each host requires its own network defense,” said Murray Fish, President and CFO of Network-1. “The need for a coordinated multi-layer defense has become increasingly apparent to enterprises over the last few months, underscored by a series of recent distributed denial-of-service attacks starting with Code Red, Nimda and continuing with the recent terrorist threats.”

“CyberwallPLUS is specifically designed to protect enterprise hosts whether they are inside or outside the enterprise perimeter, whether wireless, stationary or mobile. Because of the complex interactions of enterprise assets, security tools must enable the enterprise to determine who develops, deploys, maintains and monitors enterprise-wide security policies and whether this control should be centralized or decentralized. CyberwallPLUS meets this need for a robust, mobile, intrusion prevention solution and couples it with flexible policy controls for enterprise management,” Fish concluded.

New Features of CyberwallPLUS-7.1

— NewSupport for Windows XP and Windows 98.

CyberwallPLUS now provides the same server and workstation support for the new Microsoft Windows XP series of operating systems as it does for the Microsoft Windows 2000 family. Windows NT4 support for both server and workstation continues. The addition of Windows 98 and Windows 98/SE workstation support extends CyberwallPLUS’ coverage from the corporate desktop to include the personal desktops and laptops used in the enterprise as well.

— New Auto-Detect Policy for Mobile Users

Employees who travel and work beyond the traditional office environment still require robust security when using Internet dial-up and high-speed access, such as DSL or a cable modem. However the security requirements for home, office, or on-the-road may differ. With auto-detect policy, the security policy can be tailored to fit the user’s specific environment, and change dynamically as the user moves from office to home or any remote location. As a result, more stringent security measures can be enforced when the user is in a “high risk” environment, such as a home DSL connection. Conversely, policy can be configured to give users access to internal network resources, only when they are connected inside the corporate firewall. Securing the end-user machine in accordance with its current address protects local data and applications; prevents its use as a launch pad for Distributed Denial of Service attacks by “jailing” malicious code; and secures it against being used as an entry point to the corporate network by hackers.

— New Authentication for Enhanced Policy and Configuration Control

Control of security policies and configurations may be centralized, distributed, or standalone to match the organization’s security requirements. CyberwallPLUS now allows multiple authentication methods to control access to and authorization of policy changes via local, remote, or central configuration management interfaces. This provides more control over which users can access sensitive security policy data.

— Other significant features that increase CyberwallPLUS’ attractiveness in the mobile user and enterprise management include expanded group management functions and user interface improvements in central management. Upgrades from CyberwallPLUS 6.x are available.

CyberwallPLUS 7.1 integrates multi-layered techniques to provide stringent intrusion prevention. The first line of defense is fine-grained packet filtering. Stateful packet inspection works dynamically with the firewall to open and close ports, severing connections that have transmitted malformed packets or those demonstrating unexpected states. Intrusion detection techniques, including rate-based attack detection and signature profiling, are used to stop attacks and to “jail” code associated with misuse attacks.

About Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc.

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSSI) is a leader in server and workstation intrusion prevention software, combining the benefits of firewalls and intrusion detection directly on critical servers, desktops, and mobile computers. Distributed intrusion prevention protects against abuses by those with “insider access” and provides multiple layers of defense against breaches by outsiders. Leading edge companies are using CyberwallPLUS as an integral component of their “defense in depth” security strategies. Additional details about the Company and its products are available at:

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