Trend Micro Delivers New Antivirus and Content Filtering Solution for Internet Gateways

InterScan Messaging Security Suite for SMTP stops and contains virus outbreaks even before virus signatures are available

Cupertino, Calif. – November 14, 2001 – Trend Micro Inc. (NASDAQ: TMIC, TSE: 4704), a worldwide leader in network antivirus and Internet content security solutions, today announced the availability of Trend Micro InterScan® Messaging Security Suite for SMTP Version 5.0. InterScan Messaging Security Suite stops and contains email-borne viruses using its advanced content-filtering technology and the antivirus expertise of TrendLabsâ„?, Trend Micro’s worldwide research and support organization.

“Timing is everything during a virus outbreak,” says David Rowe, Trend Micro’s executive vice president of Marketing. “Providing containment of an attack of a new variant like Code Red or NIMDA will have a huge benefit to the enterprise because it effectively quarantines a new infection while the cleanup effort takes place.”

InterScan Messaging Security Suite for SMTP Version 5.0 provides the following key benefits:

Policy-based Content Security: Enables administrators to filter potentially malicious content by providing a set of comprehensive filters to screen content based on email characteristics such as the message header, subject, body, and attachment. Additionally, InterScan Messaging Security Suite can be used to protect valuable company information, prevent non business-related email from consuming network bandwidth, and hinder the transfer of inappropriate content that could create legal liabilities by enabling customers to develop individualized email usage policies for various departments, organizations, or individuals.

InterScan Messaging Security Suite also includes the architecture for a new capability called Outbreak Prevention Policy. This new service will provide additional safeguards against new virus infiltration by automatically retrieving virus-blocking content-filtering policies from TrendLabs. Upon discovery of a new email-borne virus, TrendLabs virus and security response team will immediately create a prevention policy designed to contain the virus until a solution is generated to clean and eradicate it. Trend Micro will work with early adopters of this trial service to define appropriate permissions and structure policy updates that meet with those permissions. Those adopters using this capability will be able to evaluate it on a trial basis at no cost.

Special Handling of Mass-mailing Viruses: InterScan Messaging Security Suite can reduce the risks associated with denial of service attacks on internal messaging systems, protect valuable messaging resources, and reduce the time spent in cleanup after a virus outbreak by deleting mass-mailing viruses and the emails that carry them at the Internet gateway, before they can do damage.

“As viruses become more complex, antivirus products must evolve to deal with these new threats on the horizon,” says Chris Christiansen, Vice President of Internet Infrastructure and Security Software at IDC. “By combining highly advanced, policy-based antivirus and content filtering into one solution, InterScan Messaging Security Suite is definitely a step in the right direction.”

Since Trend Micro’s introduction of InterScan VirusWall in 1996, Trend Micro continues to dominate the market and develop innovative Internet gateway antivirus solutions to protect organizations from viruses and other malicious content. A recent IDC report confirms that Trend Micro is the leader in the Internet gateway virus protection category with 63% market share worldwide.

Pricing and Availability

InterScan Messaging Security Suite is now available worldwide as a download from Trend Micro’s Web site and has a suggested retail price of $6469.00 USD for a 250-seat license. It will be available through Trend Micro’s network of value added resellers in December. To facilitate evaluation and implementation, the Outbreak Prevention Policy service will be free of charge to all InterScan Messaging Security Suite customers until the first shipment of the next update of this product. For more information, please visit the Trend Micro Web site at or call Trend Micro’s Customer Service Center at 1-877 TRENDAV (North America only).

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated is a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. The Tokyo-based corporation has its North American headquarters in Cupertino, CA, and business units worldwide. Trend Micro products are sold directly, through corporate, value-added resellers and managed service providers. For additional information and evaluation copies of all Trend Micro products, visit or

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