Authenex ASAS To Support Microsoft ISA Server

Authenex’s Two-Factor System Makes ISA Server-Based Systems as Secure as the National ATM Network

May 7, 2002 – Oakland, Calif. – Authenex, a leading developer of strong authentication and encryption applications, today announced that the Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS) supports Microsoft’s enterprise firewall, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. ASAS adds an enhanced level of security to ISA Server systems, giving users the security of two-factor authentication in a solution that’s as intuitive and easy to use as an automated teller machine.

ASAS delivers value-added functionality to ISA Server by seamlessly integrating Authenex’s highly-secure two-factor authentication technology with Microsoft’s remote dial-in access (RAS) and virtual private networks (VPN) solutions. ISA Server already supports clear-text username/password combinations, MS-CHAP and digital certificates. Together, ASAS and ISA Server allow VPN and remote dial-in users to benefit from an additional layer of security via Authenex’ unique challenge and response technology, which protects against “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

“Microsoft ISA Server fits into a key point in the network infrastructure, that of the firewall and caching server,” said Henry Hon, Vice President of Business Development at Authenex. “By securing the log-in process with the Authenex system, we can deliver a network authentication solution for mid-size enterprises that is safe, easy and effective, and offers IT managers superior control over their firm’s Internet access.”

ASAS integrates easily with ISA Server on both client and server side. The client-side component is an easy-to-install module that loads transparently. The server-side component consists of A-Guard software that can be used with Microsoft Internet Authentication Service (IAS) RADIUS server to deliver a complete RADIUS based user authentication solution.

“Guaranteeing secure, fast Internet connectivity is critical to keeping employees productive, regardless of where they’re working,” said Guy Friedel, Business Development Manager for ISA Server at Microsoft Corp. “Authenex’s ASAS technology, coupled with ISA Server, provides a set of solutions that make it easy for organizations to use and to secure access to corporate networks.”

ASAS is based on the A-Key, a proprietary chip-based authentication token that is smaller than a typical house key and is plugged directly into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of any personal computer, laptop, thin client or other terminal device. The system uses two-factor authentication – something you know (a Personal Identification Number) and something you have (the USB token) – to provide a stronger level of authentication than the standard user ID and password.

Once inserted into the USB port, the A-Guard (authentication server) initiates a unique challenge-response exchange with the key, utilizing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the next generation of strong encryption approved by the US government. The A-Key and the A-Guard server share a secret consisting of an ID Pad with 256 8-bit addresses and 16 symmetric AES keys that are used to internally solve a puzzle. Once matched, the user is then positively identified and connected to the system.

About ISA Server

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 is an enterprise firewall and Web cache server that enables IT administrators for businesses of all sizes to provide controlled, secure and fast Internet access for their organization. Building on the security and manageability of the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform, ISA Server provides a sophisticated multi-layer enterprise firewall and a high-performance Web cache to control, secure and accelerate business on the Internet. ISA Server is part of the Microsoft Windows .NET Platform, geared to empower companies of any size to Internet-enable their businesses and to allow developers to build products for the next generation of services that will be available on the Web. For more information on ISA Server, or to download an evaluation version of the product, go to

About Authenex

Authenex offers the most secure, flexible and affordable two-factor authentication system available in today’s market. Flexible enough to support remote VPN, LAN, Internet-based and event-based authentication needs, the Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS) ensures a user’s identity before allowing access to sensitive data, network resources or Internet transactions. Authenex also offers EDSKI (Exchange Dynamic Symmetric Key Infrastructure), a new encryption model that combines encryption with secure file transfer using a hardware authentication token to enable an extraordinarily strong encryption solution. Together, ASAS and EDSKI provide organizations with a powerful technology platform dedicated to ensuring a trusted environment for sensitive information exchange. For more information, call 510-568-6558 or visit Authenex on the Web at

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