Norman And Fujitsu Siemens Increase The Standard Of Security On Home Computers

Norman is offering a complete security solution with anti-virus and personal firewall software to customers of Fujitsu Siemens Computer. Norman Virus Control and Norman Personal Firewall will be pre-installed on Fujitsu Siemens home computers in the Nordic countries. Fujitsu Siemens is therefore one of the first vendors to offer both anti-virus and personal firewall software integrated with their home computers, and with a right to updates for three years. The Nordic agreement between Norman and Fujitsu Siemens runs from July 2002 for a two-year period.

Fujitsu Siemens is the largest supplier of home computers in the Nordic countries, and from July 2002, most of these home computers will be equipped with the three-year security package from Norman. The anti-virus and personal firewall software will be installed in all Nordic languages and users will have the right to a three-year free update of the software. The list price on the software to be pre-installed on the home computers is NOK 1.900. The value of the agreement is dependent on the production volume, and there is an option to extend this agreement to cover other regions.

– A higher security standard is a matter of taking responsibility. We must now take responsibility to ensure that home computers have the level of security that customers require. Together with Norman, we are launching a new concept for the consumer market where security and safety are in focus. People who buy a Fujitsu Siemens computer shall be sure they are making the most secure choice, says Trond-Arne Myrvang, sales director of Fujitsu Siemens Computers Norway.

Norman’s Virus Control and Personal Firewall software are a complete security solution for the consumer market. Norman Virus Control works in an almost invisible way for the user and with an automatic update of all components through the Internet. Norman Virus Control has received several awards for its ability to detect and repair computer viruses. The latest was the 100% award in June 2002 from the international magazine Virus Bulletin.

Norman Personal Firewall protects the computer against unauthorised users when the computer is connected to the Internet. The firewall also contains parental control, which allows you to both set a time control and restrict the users from surfing on e.g. websites containing illegal or inappropriate material.

– This is a new milestone within security for the consumer market and is also an important strategic agreement for Norman. We have been selected to be a security partner to Fujitsu Siemens and to be involved in the continuing process of securing consumers against malicious code, says Henning Hansen, CEO of Norman ASA.

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