VSpace CSA Goes Solo – Launches New Corporate Security System

Michael Vaughn, former Chief Software Architect for VSpace, Inc., announces the release of a new high-end secure application for American Corporate use to aide in their defense against terrorist network attack and data surveillance.

VSpace (Department of Defense contractor (Gov/Mil Code: 1TRS5) is an innovative leader and North American supplier of software, hardware and support products for the IT industry, specializing in the INFOSEC, COMSEC and INFOWAR arenas.

“A security application should not be limited to protecting data through the use of strong encryption, but should be expanded to take responsibility in protecting the system from attack. Today’s applications fail miserably when it comes to system security. They leave their ports wide open with no underlying code to handle intrusion. System administrators often forget that a firewall will not protect a port that is actively seeking connections,” says Mr. Vaughn when asked about his philosophy on security.

Amontillado is the first of a new line of applications that adhere to this philosophy. A proof of concept secure chat system, Amontillado demonstrates how a secure application should perform. Designed to be Win32 compatible, Amontillado showcases advanced near-military features such as:

Triple-Pass 3DES Strong Encryption
Triple-Pass 3DES File Transfer Capabilities
Triple-Password Encryption Algorithm
FIPS Approved SHA-1 for Data Integrity
Unique Transaction Keys (Passwords change with each message sent)
Client Authentication (Connection AND Data Arrival Events)
Secure Encrypted Ports (No clear text is transmitted)
Active Intrusion Detection (Proprietary Surveillance Notification)
Intruder Blocking
Buffer Overflow Protection
Password Protected GUI (Password Protected Program Launch)
3DES Encrypted Database

Amontillado is currently available for Home and Corporate use only in the United States and Canada. An export license has been applied for.


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