Snapgear Launches Into Controller Market

Secure industrial control applications made possible with Snap Gear security expertise.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – October 21st, 2002 – SnapGear Inc., a leading supplier of Internet security products and OEMable solutions, has announced a strategic move into the embedded control marketplace by launching a series of versatile and secure control platforms.

Miles Gillham, vice president of marketing at SnapGear Inc., said “We have been successful in producing custom engineered security appliances with secure Internet connectivity for corporate customers for several years now. Each system is a little different in terms of interfaces and capabilities, but the common thread is a need for hardened firewall protection and privacy of communication. We see integrated connectivity growing in the industrial market and remote control via Internet connectivity becoming a requirement through scalability and cost-reduction. In an era of terror it is essential not to make control mechanisms insecure. We bring strong encryption and VPN communications technologies such as SSL, SSH and IPSec into the equation.”

SnapGear Inc. employs teams consisting of security experts with CERT and Defence Force backgrounds, embedded Linux experts, and seasoned electronics engineers. Present customers range from global telecommunications giants through to Small to Medium Enterprise end users. Snap Gear’s devices are used to provide managed VPN services right through to purpose-built solutions for industrial and commercial applications involving MP3 audio, multi-device monitoring, government regulatory monitoring. Diverse verticals are supported such as nuclear power, petrochemical, sports wagering, and more.

Professor Rick Stevenson, CEO of SnapGear Inc., said “Over the years we have brought together a unique combination of talents which has allowed us to be a success in infrastructure security markets. We are now applying this core expertise in concert with our flexible custom design capability to address emerging security requirements in the control industry.”

About SE1100
Announced at the Chicago Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Conference, the SE1100 is the most recent addition to the Snap Gear platform family. The unit combines secure control, monitoring and data logging capabilities in a compact single-board system. With 32-bit microprocessor, Ethernet, serial, and general-purpose I/O interfaces combined with embedded Linux it is highly adaptable and easily programmable. The SE1100 is immediately able to run thousands of pre-existing applications offering faster time to market for SnapGear Inc.’s customers.

The SE1100 is suitable for SCADA, control and telemetry in applications such as water, wastewater, gas, petroleum, manufacturing, weather monitoring and environmental monitoring, where flows, pressures, temperatures, and levels are measured, recorded and controlled.

The SE1100 is available for evaluation. For further information on the unit please visit The SE1100 is part of a large family of reference designs. Further information can be found at

About Snap Gear, Inc.
SnapGear Inc. produces Snap Gear VPN Firewall Appliances designed to provide Internet security and privacy of communications for small to medium enterprises. SnapGear Inc. also does complete custom engineering and provides turnkey development, design, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for a variety of customers across the globe. For more information on Snap Gear products and services please visit

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