Strengthening Security for Small Businesses With Safe@ 3.0

SofaWare Technologies launched Safe@ 3.0, bringing enterprise-class security to the small businesses and consumers. The complete suite of Safe@ solutions, including Safe@Home, Safe@Home Pro and Safe@Office, is available immediately on security appliances from Celestix, Intrusion Inc, NEC Communication Systems, Nokia, VPN Dynamics and on SofaWare’s S-box security appliance.

Safe@Home protects home users and home office users with a Safe@ Stateful Inspection firewall, Safe@Home Pro provides remote workers with secure VPN remote access to company resources and Safe@Office protects small businesses and branch offices and delivers secure site-to-site and remote access secure VPN connectivity.

Newly released Safe@ software make it easier for users to manage their own network security, or subscribe to outsourced security services. Adi Ruppin, founder and managing director of SofaWare said: “With Safe@ 3.0, we’re continuing our commitment to make Internet security as easy to use as possible, and delivering a powerful suite of Internet security software products that delivers enterprise-class security without the enterprise price tag. Whether it’s a business of one person, working from a home office, or a small business that needs to protect a growing number of desktops and deploy advanced technologies such as virtual private networks, SofaWare delivers the complete spectrum of security software offerings and accompanying management tools to meet current and future needs.”

SofaWare Safe@Office web interface screenshot

New features in Safe@ 3.0 include:

  • More Secure And Robust Connectivity — AES encryption enables stronger, faster encryption of data traveling through the VPN, VPN UDP encapsulation option provides unhindered secure connectivity in any network environment, and support for industry-standard X.509 VPN digital certificates
  • Windows 2000(R) Interoperability — users can now use their Win2000/XP built-in virtual private network (VPN) for site-to-site VPN, in conjunction with the Safe@Office VPN capabilities
  • Secure Remote Web Management — enables Safe@ appliances to be remotely and securely configured from anywhere via the Web, enabling businesses to manage their security even while on the road
  • Visual Network Display — provides administrators with a graphical way to view computers connected to Safe@-enabled security appliances, simplifying network and security management
  • Attack Tracking — helps businesses or consumers track the domain name of attackers and determine from where an attack may be originating through comprehensive reports

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